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CBD product sporting life

Try CBD Products to Enhance Your Sporting Life

From road cyclists, horse riders,down-hill bikers, to surfers and skaters, CBD can positively impact any athlete dealing with action sports or high-impact activities. These sports can be exciting to watch and more thrilling to play, but with these activities some aches and sores are unavoidable.

Experiencing relief can helps you return back to the game and be a winner. You must have seen the carbohydrate energy drinks during sporting events that give you that extra gush of energy. CBD energy shots are natural energy boosters loaded with vitamins, herbs, and mushrooms that aid in performance and counter fatigue. Made by ThoughtCloud, these CBD energy shots give you the extra punch to enhance your sporting activity.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a naturally present compound in hemp plants and cannabis. It has been show to treat inflammation, pain, and muscle soreness.

These are just some of the reasons why you should incorporate CBD into your lifestyle as well as your sporting activities. Research has revealed that CBD exerts biochemical and psychological effects that have the capacity to benefit athletes and boost athletic performance.

  1. CBD and Muscle Inflammation
  2. A Natural Analgesic that Manages Your Pain
  3. Enhances Your Sleep Quality To Improve Your Sporting Performance
  4. Improves Stomach Discomfort
  5. Handles Post Event Stress Better
  6. CBD Has Anti-Catabolic Properties
  7. A Better Alternative To NSAIDs And Opioids

CBD and Muscle Inflammation

CBD and Muscle Inflammation

When you put greater stress on your muscles during your workout or exercise, it is more likely that you can experience inflammation. This is the reason behind the aches and pain felt by athletes after an intense workout.

On the basis in which CBD interacts with your endocannabinoid system, you can find that adding CBD into your daily regimen helps in managing inflammation. This is due to the fact that the phytocannabinoid CBD can suppress inflammation by lowering the production of inflammatory cells- cytokines and help your over worked muscles recover speedily. To speak plainly, CBD attaches to CB2 receptors that work towards dialling down the response that your immune system sends after a grilling workout.

Full Spectrum CBD User Nicole L.

Love the product . Really relaxes me . I ususlly take it on an empty stomach no water no nothing for about an 1 hr after. Great for those who workout , im seldom sore after lifting. Helps with digestion and other intestinal issues, for me at least . Appetite is under control. Mental clarity is also increasing . I combine this with my intermittent fadting lifestyle and it works wonders ! Definitely hope to be a distributor one day ! Love all their products !

A Natural Analgesic that Manages Your Pain

CBD for pain and inflammation

Among the biggest advantages offered by CBD is its capacity to help in alleviating pain. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the body, removing free-radicals, regaining balance, and lowering inflammation. Regarding athletes who take part in acute exercise or high-impact movements, CBD can be an awesome natural option for pain relief.

While engaged in sporting activities injuries like knee injuries, sprains, rotator cuff injury, herniated discs, or shingles can occur. As our understanding of CBD in pain management constantly evolves, we have seen that CBD exercises its pain-alleviating effects through its different interactions and adjustment of the ECS, nociceptive (pain sensing) mechanisms, and inflammatory systems.

CBD influences the various receptor systems within our body and along with ECS, also impacts different cannabinoids. For instance, CBD can augment the anandamide level in the body which is a compound associated with pain regulation and perception, as well as enhance mood.

Enhances Your Sleep Quality To Improve Your Sporting Performance

Improved sleep is an effective way for an athlete or those undertaking sporting activities to gain more from extra training. Athletes taking CBD report a restful sleep during the night and experiencing a more relaxed sleep, one likely cause for this can be CBD curbing the reuptake of adenosine.
The anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic effects of CBD are attributed to its curbing of adenosine reuptake. By slowing down the reuptake of the adenosine neurotransmitter, CBD raises adenosine levels in the brain that modulates the activity of the adenosine receptor which exhibits a wide range of anti-inflammatory effects all over the body. Moreover, by soothing pain be it chronic or neuropathic, and lowering anxiety levels, CBD enhances your sleep quality.

Further, CBD was also found to enhance the symptoms of REM sleep behavior disorder(RBD), a condition that is linked with poor sleep and bad dreams. A review in 2017 also held that CBD can be effective in treating RBD as well as excessive sleepiness during daytime.

CBD Sleep cbn


Improves Stomach Discomfort

Inflammation within the small and large intestines can result in immense discomfort. GI distress is one of the main reasons athletes drop out of competitions that test endurance.

CBD is not a solution for stomach issues resulting from dehydration or overheating, but in the case you suffer from underlying inflammation problems that lead to gut distress during or post-exercise, CBD can be useful in subsiding your symptoms. There are also CB1 and CB2 receptors present in the colon. Colitis manifestations were curbed in mice when both CB1 and CB2 receptors were stimulated.

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Handles Post Event Stress Better

Mental as well as physical stress can influence your recovery after a sporting event or a workout. If relaxation after an event becomes hard or you need to unwind after the rush of adrenaline while competing, CBD products can be useful for you.

Evidence shows that CBD can alleviate signs of anxiety and tension. This helps to ease and unwind your body giving you the proper mindset to start recovery.


CBD Has Anti-Catabolic Properties

Research has indicated that CBD contains anti-catabolic properties, which means that it can help lessen lean muscle tissue breakdown and develop greater muscle mass. CBD has been found to reduce the amount of catabolic hormones within the body and controls the stress hormone cortisol, that disintegrates muscle tissue to replenish the body with blood sugar.

A Better Alternative To NSAIDs And Opioids

organic Alternative To NSAIDs And Opioids

Athletes or people participating in sporting activities who consume non-steroidal drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen (Advil) might not be as safe as earlier thought.

Whether your workouts and sporting events are long-term or short, constant use of NSAIDs can make you prone to a heart attack or stroke.

Several athletes have discovered the pain-alleviating potential of CBD is useful in reducing the use of NSAIDs for exercise-based pain with no side effects. In fact, there are no documented deaths resulting from cannabinoid-based products.

Likewise, Opioid pain drugs such as morphine or codeine are very useful for pain management but carry a huge risk of addiction and overdose-related death.

Cannabinoids may not be as effective compared to opioids for alleviating acute pain but can be effective for managing long-term pain on its own or alongside other medications with no chance of addiction or accidental deaths.

Final Thoughts On How CBD Products Can Enhance Your Sporting Life

Though CBD is not a banned compound for athletes competing or non-competing, a likely risk remains if the product does not subscribe to what it displays on the label. High content of THC or different prohibited substances puts you at doping risk. But ultimately, the responsibility lies on you to research and look for a credible CBD brand.

Above all, CBD offers great potential benefits for athletes.t speeds up recovery by being a pain reliever, sleep aid, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective agent. At the same time, it also has the capacity to boost athletic performance.

Moreover, CBD scores a bigger victory for athletes and sports lovers by lessening NSAIDs, prescription sleep aids, and opioids consumption.


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