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Benefits of CBD Oil CBD Recipes

Beat the Summer Heat With These CBD Infused Fruit Popsicles

As the summer temperatures start to roar, we start making changes in our day to day lives. Sunscreen becomes a necessity, cool shakes and refreshing snacks become our saviour in this heat. Remember those childhood days, when enjoying a frozen pop on a scorching summer day was all that we could ask for? Imagine reliving those summer days again and this time with a healthier frozen popsicle. Yes, you read that right. Get a dose of healthy and cool CBD infused popsicle this summer and bid a happy goodbye to summer blues.

Today, we have put together a few healthy homemade CBD popsicle recipes that you can try this summer. In each of these recipes, we have added an incredible health supplement called Cannabidiol or CBD. This supplement is well-known for its amazing therapeutic properties and is extremely beneficial for your health. These CBD popsicles are delicious and act as a lifesaver during summers. But before we move forward with the recipes, we would tell you something about CBD and how it is helpful for your well-being. Take a look.

What Is CBD Oil?

What Is CBD Oil?,CBD Oil benefits

If you are aware of the benefits of CBD, you are welcome to skip this part and jump directly on the recipes. But, if you are here for the first time, we would suggest you read further.

CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the common cannabinoids found in the cannabis-based hemp plant. CBD is completely non-psychoactive which means it will not make you high at all. This is because the hemp plant contains the least percentage of THC (high inducing cannabinoid) which is not enough to get you high.

A number of researches and studies have been done since the last few years which explain the therapeutic and medical applications of CBD in treating a variety of health issues.

CBD is well known for its anxiolytic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, antibacterial properties and much more.
Researchers say that there are Endocannabinoid Systems present in our body. This system helps our body in maintaining homeostasis by regulating various body functions such as pain, sleep, appetite, mood, and immune system. CBD, when consumed, interacts with the receptors present in our Endocannabinoid System and provides relief in various acute as well as chronic health issues.
These health issues include:

1. Acute and Chronic Pain
2. Anxiety and Depression
3. Sleep Issues
4. Inflammation
5. Epileptic Seizures
6. Arthritis
7. Nausea and Vomiting
8. Diabetes
9. Cardiovascular diseases
10. Brain-Related disorders
11. Bacterial Infections
12. Bone Related Problems
13. Skin Problems such as Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema and more.

Now when you are aware of CBD and its amazing benefits in relieving a number of health issues, let us move to our CBD infused popsicles recipes.

Refreshing CBD Popsicles Recipes

Try these rejuvenating and refreshing CBD popsicles recipe and give your summers a cool start.

Recipe 1: Coconut Berry CBD Infused Popsicles

CBD Popsicles

This coconut berry CBD Popsicles recipe gives a refreshing taste of Strawberry blended with coconut milk and the inclusion of CBD makes it a healthy treat for your loved ones.

Servings: 10

Strawberries-3/4 cups
Blueberries- 3/4 cups
15-oz can full-fat coconut milk- 1
Vanilla Extract- 1 tsp
Local Honey- 3 tablespoons
ThoughtCloud’s Full Spectrum CBD Oil: 15 ml


1. Blend coconut milk, honey, vanilla, CBD oil, strawberries and blueberries together in a blender or food processor.

2. Blend the combination until completely smooth. If needed use a silicone spatula to scrape the sides.

3. Now, pour the smooth mixture in popsicle moulds and leave about 1/2 inch of space on the top.

4. Now toss in a few slices of strawberries and blueberries at the top for extra colour and texture.

5. Place the popsicle in the freezer for at least 6 to 8 hours or until the mixture is completely frozen. Your healthy and delightful popsicles are ready to be served.

Recipe 2: CBD Infused Ginger-Lemonade Popsicles

CBD popsicles,hemp pops

On one hand, Lemon is a citrus fruit which can be highly refreshing in summers. On the other, Ginger can help with nausea as well as motion sickness that usually happens around summers. Moreover, isolate CBD when infused in this popsicle adds to its benefits and makes it a lot healthier.

Servings: 10


2 1/4 cups of warm water
2/3 cup of local honey
15 ml of Isolated CBD Oil by Thoughtcloud CBD
Fresh juice of 2 1/2 lemons
2- inch piece of fresh, peeled ginger
Lemon Zest to garnish


1. Collect all the juice of ginger by grating the peeled ginger over a bowl

2. Add warm water, honey, ginger and CBD Oil together in a large mixing bowl. Mix it until the honey is dissolved.

3. Allow the mixture to rest until cold and use a fine strainer to strain a mixture into a large measuring cup.

4. Now pour the final mixture in the popsicle moulds and leave 1/4 inch space at the top.

5. At the top, sprinkle some lemon zest for garnishing.

6. Place the popsicle moulds in the freezer for at least 6 to 8 hours or until the mixture is completely frozen. Serve these popsicles to your children and make their summer vacations a bliss.

Recipe 3: Green Machine CBD Breakfast Popsicles

CBD Popsicles

This popsicle includes fresh fruits, dry fruits vegetables and CBD. All these fruits and vegetables are a must during summers as they help a lot in beating the summer heat.
Servings: 6


Freshly diced pineapples: 2 cups
1 1/2 bananas
Spinach- 1/2 cup
Almond or coconut milk – 2/3 cup
15 ml of Full Spectrum CBD Oil by Thoughtcloud CBD


1. Add pineapple, banana, spinach, milk and CBD oil in a blender.
2. Blend all the ingredients until you get a completely smooth mixture. You can combine the mixture with the help of a silicon spatula or scrape the sides when required.

3. Now pour the mixture into popsicle moulds and leave about 1/4 inch of space at the top.

4. Toss in a few slices of diced pineapple at the top for added customization.

5. Freeze the mould for 6 to 8 hours or until completely frozen. Your Green Machine is ready to be served.

Make This Summer A Bliss With These Healthy CBD Popsicles

Even after the scorching heat, such delicious and fresh treats make summers the best season for us. And when infused with healthy supplements like CBD oil, these treats become a lot healthier. They not only keep us cool but also help in relieving other health problems such as pain, mood issues, sunburn and much more. Moreover, you can also customize these popsicles as per your likings.
We hope you liked these recipes on CBD Popsicles. If you have tried any of these recipes or want to share any other recipe with us, let us know in the comment section below. We would love to read your comments.

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