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Hemp CBD Oil contusions

Using CBD Pain Balms To Treat Contusions

A little injury or wound if not treated immediately can lead to severe problems. The pain of the injury may decrease slightly but remain there for a long period of time making our lives more difficult. One such most common sports-related injury is a Contusion.
Contusions can come like a simple skin contusion and may get severe to muscle and bone contusions and internal organ contusions. Today, we will tell you about these contusions and how can you treat them using an organic and magical remedy called CBD Pain Management Balm.

What Is A Contusion?

When blood leaks out of an injured blood vessel or capillary and spreads in surrounding areas, it results in a contusion. A contusion causes pain and swelling near the injury. This may result in a hematoma or a lump over the injury which is a collection of blood in the areas surrounding the affected blood vessel.
Severe contusions can also lead to swelling and bleeding beneath the skin. Depending on the severity of tissue damage, you may also suffer from a broken bone, sprain, torn muscle, or a dislocated joint.

Types Of Contusions

In simple words, a contusion is just a bruise but it may be severe leading to bone or muscle contusions. Based on these, the different types of contusions affecting your body are:

Contusions On Bones

Contusions On Bones,CBD Pain Balms Treat Contusion
 Image Source

A bruise is usually accompanied by discolored spots on your skin. But this bruise can also happen on your bones, which is termed as a Bone Contusion.

Our bones comprise tissues and blood vessels. Any injury to these tissues can result in a leakage of blood from one or more blood vessels in the surrounding areas. When such leakage happens, it is referred to as Bone contusions.

Major causes of bone contusions can be an accident, injury while playing a sport, or falling very hard can result in bone contusions.

Major symptoms of bone contusions are swelling and tenderness near the affected area, trouble in bending or moving, severe pain that lasts longer than normal bruise pain.

Contusions on Muscles Or Skin Tissues

Contusions on Muscles Or Skin Tissues,CBD Pain Balms Treat Contusion
Contusions on Muscles Or Skin Tissues Image Source

Injuries to your muscles or skin tissues can be considered soft tissue contusions. These types of contusions are easy to diagnose as they have some distinct characteristics. These include:

  • Discoloration of the affected skin. Your skin turns red, green, blue, or black.
  • Sometimes there can be a small lump or projection over the affected area
  • Pain gets worse when any pressure is applied to the affected area.

Contusions of muscles are usually more painful than skin contusions. Major causes of muscle contusion can be a twisted ankle or bumping into something or falling, anything can lead to muscle contusions.

How Do You Treat A Contusion?

RICE Treatement,CBD Pain Balms Treat Contusion
RICE Treatment Image Source

Most of the contusions heal over time. Soft tissue contusions can take a few days to a couple of weeks to heal. Whereas, bone contusions can take usually a month or two to heal. It all depends on the severity of the injury.

Following the RICE principle is suggested by doctors to heal contusions. RICE includes:

Rest: Rest is the best option when it comes to treating contusions. In order to reduce the pain and swelling, it is advised to rest as much as you can.

Ice: Applying an ice pack covered with a cloth on the affected area can help in reducing the inflammation. You can apply ice for 15 minutes, three to four times a day. Make sure, you cover the affected area with a cloth or towel before using ice as direct contact may result in skin irritation and develop an ice burn.

Compression: In order to reduce swelling, compress the affected area with a bandage or wrap. Wrap it in a way that it does not affect your blood circulation.

Elevation: It is important that the level of your affected area is above your heart. Keep a pillow below the affected area to keep it elevated whenever you sit or lie in your bed.

Anti-inflammatory pills, an increase in calcium and vitamin D are also advised if the contusion is severe.

How Can CBD Help In Treating Contusions?

As we all know, the anti-inflammatory drugs given to treat pain and swelling come with some adverse side effects. Therefore, you cannot depend on them for treating your contusion. One amazing and organic alternative which can be used to help you with contusions is CBD Pain Balm.

CBD is well-known for its interaction with our Endocannabinoid System thus helping in treating many health issues. The ECS helps in regulating various body functions such as pain, anxiety, mood, appetite, and many more.

Infused with Devil’s claw, Birch, Boswellia, St John’s wort, Arnica oil, Eucalyptus oil, EV Olive Oil, CBD, and many other herbal ingredients, this balm is applied to the skin for reducing swelling and pain associated with contusions, aches, sprains and many other pain-related issues.

Moreover, being Full Spectrum, this balm combines the effect of different cannabinoids such as CBN or cannabinol, CBC, CBG, or cannabigerol along with CBD or cannabidiol and works in an entourage effect to give you maximum relief.

Benefits Of CBD Pain Balms In Treating Contusions

CBD Pain Balms Treat Contusion

The various benefits of CBD Pain Balms in treating Contusions can are:

Reducing Inflammation:

Contusions can lead to the development of inflammation in the injured area. Inflammation is good but when its too much can slow down the recovery process.
Various studies have stated that CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory remedy and helps to reduce the swelling of the affected area. Applying CBD Pain Balm on the affected area can help the swelling to die gradually.

Relieving Pain:

As we read above, contusions whether muscle or bone contusion can lead to severe pain that may last longer. Applying CBD Balm on the injury can give you an isolated relief in the pain within the next 20 to 40 minutes. This is due to the pain-killing properties of CBD and other cannabinoids present in the Full Spectrum Pain Management Balm.

Speed Up Bone Healing:

Severe contusions can sometimes lead to the breaking of bones. When your bones break, they result in a fracture which is really painful and takes months to heal. It has been found that a combination of CBD and CBG can result in faster healing of bones. Thus, applying CBD pain balm daily can trigger bone formation and strengthen the tissues which connect broken bones.

Treat Contusions Effectively With CBD Pain Management Balm

Contusions can affect one’s life adversely. It may result in acute pain as well as inflammation. Moreover, a severe contusion can take time and a lot of patience to heal completely. Using Full-Spectrum Pain Management Balm along with the RICE principle can reduce your pain and inflammation effectively. It will also make your bones stronger and less prone to such injuries. Being non-psychoactive and safe, you can easily apply this pain balm daily to the affected area. Just apply a liberal amount of balm on the affected area and rub it gently. We will suggest you do a patch test before starting with actual usage.

We hope you found this article on CBD Pain Balm for Contusions informative. Please drop your suggestions and questions in the comment section below.

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