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CBD oil for pain management

How Can CBD Oil Relax Your Muscles?

Have you ever been through that muscle spasm while working out, resting, or when you are in a deep sleep in the middle of the night? Or the muscle injury you suffer from when you fall down? These spasms and injuries are really painful and last for seconds, and minutes and sometimes lead to damage to tissues or bones. As we all know CBD has proved a lot beneficial in the treatment of various diseases but do we know that CBD can also act as a natural muscle relaxant? Yes, CBD has medical applications that can help you relax those strange and painful Muscle injuries. In this article, we will talk about the benefits of CBD oil for Muscle pain and know about CBD oil for pain management.

CBD oil for pain management
Full Spectrum CBD


Muscle Pain and the science behind it

Before we go into the subject matter of CBD as a muscle relaxer, let us know how pain affects our bodies. The neurons in the Central Nervous system of our body contain pain receptors. These pain receptors get active when any tissue of our body is damaged or affected by an injury.

CBD Oil for pain management,CBD oil as Muscle relaxant

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The signals transmitted through these neurons travel up to the brain giving us the sensation of pain. This happens instantaneously thus we feel the pain as soon as we suffer an injury. Usually, muscle relaxers and painkillers are used to treat these muscle pains. Muscle relaxers are not the same as painkillers.

The painkiller deceives people into believing that there is no pain. They function via the Central Nervous system of your body. Thus affecting your pain and not the muscles directly.

On the other hand, Muscle Relaxers work differently. These instead of functioning on your CNS, function at the actual site of muscles thus stopping nerve transmissions in the muscles. So these directly affect your muscles and not your brain.

Now the question arises as to what role does CBD plays in managing this muscle pain. We are all aware of CBD helping to reduce pain in your CNS but whether it works on your muscles or not is a doubtful thing. So now we will try to answer these questions and know how CBD works as a muscle relaxant.

What are these Muscle Relaxers and what do they do?

So Muscle relaxers work on the actual site of muscles interrupting the actual nerve transmission from reaching your brain.
These muscle relaxers are usually prescribed to treat back pain, neck pain, or muscle spasms. They are also prescribed to reduce chronic pains, anti-anxiety, or sleep medications.

Some of these work directly on your muscles while others relax the muscles through CNS.

These muscle relaxers are useful things but still possess some side effects. These side effects include Drowsiness, Blurred Vision, fever, liver problems, etc.

How CBD Oil as Muscle Relaxant?


CBD Balm For Pain
CBD Balm For Pain

After understanding muscle relaxants and their significant side effects, we will now discuss How CBD works as a muscle relaxant.
CBD is a natural muscle relaxer. CBD is one of the most beneficial cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. It can be considered a fantastic compound for its anti-inflammation and anti-bacterial properties.

Pain is a feeling or sensation that occurs when some injury has harmed your body. As soon as you get an injury or tightness or spasm, your brain signals your muscles to contract.

Here the body naturally produces the endocannabinoids that help in the contraction of muscle tissues. It’s during this time when CBD comes into action. It acts with your endocannabinoid receptors and aids the communication between the neurons and muscle groups. CBD signals them to relax.

Let us see how CBD has helped people:

Linda D.
My husband uses this on his tired and sore muscles, he said it helps him a lot!

Autumn Hayes
I absolutely love this! It has been a game-changer for my sore muscles and totally helps alleviate some pain from my scoliosis. I really love how it relaxes my body and I feel less stressed and totally at ease! This CBD is amazing!

Amazing!!! This CBD helps me to calm down if I am anxious and uptight, and it soothes sore muscles and body aches and pains. I will be using CBD for the rest of my life!

So why CBD oil?

Full Spectrum Flavored CBD Oil (multiple flavors)
Flavored Full Spectrum CBD Oil

So you must be thinking as to why we are boasting so much about CBD oil. Is it that effective? Since it is extracted from cannabis, will it not make me high? And why CBD oil for pain management?
So let us first clear the confusion of getting high on CBD. No, CBD will not make you high. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid which means it does not make one high. THC, on the other hand, is the psychoactive cannabinoid that is responsible for getting us stoned or high.
CBD oil is an organic compound that is extracted from the Hemp plant and Hemp contains 0.3% of THC content that does not make you high. When CBD oil is extracted from hemp, it’s 100% THC-free.

CBD is well known for its medicinal and therapeutic benefits and is the most natural way to receive these benefits without getting high. Thus, it is highly beneficial that you use CBD oil for pain management.


Wrapping Up!

So we come to the conclusion that CBD oil is really helpful in relieving muscle pain and spasms. It has so many health benefits and is also an organic compound. People are loving this cannabinoid and switching over to CBD from painkillers and other muscle relaxers.
Make sure that you do proper research before buying CBD oil for your muscle spasms. You must check this CBD Buyer’s Guide for more. Hope you liked this article. If you have any suggestions or questions, drop them in the comments section below!

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