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CBD oil for Glaucoma

Know All About How CBD Oil For Glaucoma Is Effective

We often think that deteriorating vision is a fall out of old age. With the onset of old age, our eyes pick up health issues like Glaucoma or Cataract.  Seeking alternative therapies that are preventive and helpful in treating age-induced eye diseases can be a sensible option. Fascinatingly, CBD oil for Glaucoma has emerged as an impressive alternative.

Glaucoma or eye ailments like the age-linked macular degeneration often become acute if it advances. In fact, the “National Eye Institute” has predicted a grim prospect for eye wellness in general. Furthermore, glaucoma has impacted almost three million population of America. Out of 3 million, almost 2.7 million in the age bracket 40 and above suffers from an open-angle form of glaucoma that is its most general type.

What Glaucoma Actually Is?

Glaucoma constitutes an eye ailment that impairs the optic nerve, that is a cluster of nerve tissues that sends information towards the brain from the eye. This results in loss of vision and is a major factor in irreversible blindness across the world. Often high pressure in the eye causes damage to the optic nerve. But it can also result from normal or even lower than average eye pressure. Lack of vision in glaucoma patients is due to the impairment of retinal fibers that form the optic nerve.

Since the beginning and advancement of glaucoma depends on intraocular pressure (IOP), the treatments recommended by ophthalmologists are directed towards the pressure. IOP is also linked with the deformities in the fluid quantity in the eye. From its front part, the pressure circulates inside the eye and results in extensive vision problems.

CBD Oil For Glaucoma

Why CBD Is Found To Be Effective

The naturally prevalent component located in the plant species cannabis sativa, CBD provides numerous medicinal advantages. Researches are still on regarding its medicinal benefits as it is zero psychoactive and unlike THC does not activate a ‘high’ feeling.  This Cannabidiol, when consumed in high doses, gives its users a mellowed relief.

For the CBD users, experiencing it appears more pleasant than the THC contained strains of marijuana. Besides its health-giving components is also the major reason for people turning to CBD oil for glaucoma and other eye wellness problems.

The Present Research on CBD Oil for Glaucoma

CBD oil for GlaucomaThe most prevalent variety of glaucoma is mainly open-angle glaucoma, that leads to slow peripheral sight loss. This can affect both the eyes as well and on progression can lead to tunnel vision. The other variant of glaucoma is chronic angle-closure that causes eye ache, vomiting, hazy vision, and sudden visual interruptions.

Though general eye care has improved with time, glaucoma drugs that are fast on providing instant remedy are few. Present glaucoma therapy range from prescription based eye drops, microsurgery to laser cure.

We all possess an endocannabinoid mechanism that plays a primary part in neuroprotection and swelling. On such a basis, scientists maintain that the production of cannabinoid derived medications such as CBD has much utility with regard to treating or inhibiting glaucoma. Along with the endocannabinoid system, the human body contains cannabinoid receptors.

The ocular tissues in our eyes also contain cannabinoid receptors called CB1 that control intraocular pressure. In fact, producing a cannabinoid sourced drug that is directed towards these tissues is an immediate concern for the researchers. When such a thing happens, the medication would probably decrease IOP and safeguard the retinal cells. In such a way, glaucoma management through CBD intake or from cannabinoid sourced medication can be applied.

Patients have expressed their satisfaction over the use of cannabis and CBD in addition to their present line of treatment. Generally, numerous persons treat glaucoma by consuming CBD even when it is not their primary therapy.

Cannabinoids like CBD is stacked with medicinal qualities and offer vasorelaxation that helps to augment the ocular flow of blood. Besides they also possess neuroprotective elements that decrease intraocular pressure.

In addition, the anti-inflammatory aspects of CBD offer therapeutic comfort to glaucoma patients and also in various inflammatory eye ailments. Glaucoma sufferers also experience acute pain and vomiting. Many persons have been able to control through an intake of organic CBD oil for glaucoma due to its anti-vomiting and healing qualities.

Evidence has revealed the efficacy of CBD for curing glaucoma. A study has revealed that the impact of CBD on an open-angle type of glaucoma has resulted in low IOP at the back of the eyes which is the main cause behind glaucoma. The same study circulated in the “International Journal of Pharmacology and Biopharmacology” also held that patients having hypertension felt the impact of CBD for a longer duration.

Though topical application like eye drops is effective, people are also resorting to vaping CBD for glaucoma or using it as a tincture.

Final Thoughts

In finality, the main reason for CBD’s positive effect on glaucoma is the receptors called CB1 located inside the ocular tissues that control IOP. If administered properly, CBD can probably decrease IOP and safeguard the retinal cells of the eyes.

The existing drugs on glaucoma do have its share of side effects. CBD being non-intoxicating is relatively safer and has minimal side effects compared to the THC within marijuana that makes one psychoactive “high”. Use CBD oil for glaucoma as a safer option to protect your eyes and stop it from further damage.