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CBD Oil Dosage

How Much CBD per day is okay?

The emergence of CBD as a complete plant with rich oil that offers therapeutic alternative has altered the discourse about cannabis. Now, what matters is the way to utilise cannabis for the greatest therapeutic advantage as things have moved far away from issues like medical marijuana.

In fact, the plant Cannabis sativa though it contains a hundred cannabinoids that are harmful, it also possesses a compound that is very less psychoactive known as cannabidiol (CBD). Many therapeutic qualities linked with CBD derivatives have been detected by researchers currently, and one such effective product that has benefitted medicinally is CBD oil.

CBD generated in the Cannabis sativa comprises a phytocannabinoid that does not contain any psychoactive qualities.

The Curative Qualities Of CBD

CBD does not make its user feel high as it is non-intoxicating. Furthermore, CBD laden products are being used to cure a plethora of medical conditions ranging from acute pain, anxiety, cardiovascular ailments, diabetes, antibiotic-resistant impurities, multiple sclerosis and schizophrenia to name a few. Besides, clinical researches have also reinforced the

Anti-swelling, antioxidant, depressant and convulsion combating properties of CBD. Added to this list are also its anti-tumoral, lowering psychosis and neuroprotective aspects of this component from the cannabis plant.

Assessing The CBD Oil Dosage

With medical marijuana being accepted as legal by a growing number of states, the medical fraternity is still uncertain in matters of prescribed dosages. A CBD oil dosage schedule has been tried to be formulated by medical scientists for hemp medications and its derivatives like CBD but a standard dosage cannot be obtained as serving sizes varies from person to person.

The CBD stacked hemp oil is available in different concentrations and versions from capsule oils to tincture drops, lotions for topical applications to edibles like gnawing gummies or candies and even CBD vapors similar to e-cigs.

The best option is always to begin with minimum dosage and increase the quantity until you feel the expected result.


CBD Oil Dosage
CBD Oil Dosage

How Much CBD Per Day Is Okay?

CBD oil dosage is mainly based on an individual’s BMI or Body Mass Index and the reason for its intake.

  • Fluctuating CBD oil dosages or extracts varying from 1 milligram per day to quantity amounting to 1000 mg per day are recommended as safe.
  • We all, in fact, react differently to a standard CBD do. Self-medication should not be tried and a dosage should be devised under medical guidance.


In some regions across the globe, using or purchasing CBD is still considered illegal. A physician or a psychotherapist should be consulted prior to consuming any maximum dose. It is always suitable to stick to the legal process, for purchasing the finest and authentic CBD oil.

Manner Of Administration

  • Natural CBD or hemp oil in minimum doses can be taken orally as a nutritional supplement as it contains an abundance of good fats, Vitamins E plus A and numerous minerals.
  • CBD oil concentrates can be inoculated inside the skin, or topically applied and even supplemented to items of body care
  • For large consumption of CBD, CBD vaporization is a current technique and a versatile method through Vape pen or applying a CBD juice for vaping with the vaporizer of your choice.
  • CBD derivatives from ethanol are also present in different carrier oils such as olive oils or coconut.

But, high dosages of applying CBD oil can have its side effects. At times, there can be THC traces in CBD oil. By itself, CBD oil does not cause you any intoxication or “high” but can result in symptoms like dysentery, drowsiness, nausea, low blood pressure or xerostomia commonly called a dry mouth, eating disorders, psychotic impact only if there is a mixed dosage with THC or in case of an excess dose. This makes it mandatory for medical supervision.

Above all, clinical trials have been conducted by the Mayo Clinic and their findings have also been exchanged with regard to dosing conditions for acute pain, multiple sclerosis, Glaucoma, joint pain, Huntington’s ailment and Schizophrenia. They have also advised the relevant doses based on scientific studies, reports or opinions from specialists. The CBD oil dosage and length of treatment depend to a great extent on the ailment.

CBD Oil Intake For Certain Illnesses

Nausea And Indigestion

Often chemotherapy results in nausea, lack of appetite and digestion related issues. Various studies have revealed the potential of CBD to reduce vomiting. Placing 2-3 drops of CBD below the tongue can control tendencies of nausea developed due to chemotherapy or various cures. While the body accommodates to such treatment, you can modulate your dosage to heighten or lower the effects. Luckily, with CBD tincture, you carry zero chance of an overdose.

For boosting appetite in cancer sufferers: the dosage specified is 2.5 mg orally of THC including or excluding one milligram of CBD for a period of six weeks.

Pain Therapy

CBD has displayed its capacity to alleviate pain and nerve malfunctioning. Besides, it has also acted as an inflammation resistant for different cancer types. Cannabis oil administers pain relieving qualities that function by working on the brain receptors. You can apply cannabis oil in the form of tinctures or salves. In peripheral neuropathy cases, CBD applications can be bodily massaged and are also effective for muscular or joint aches.

For acute pain treatment, a 2.5 to 20 mg oral consumption of CBD for almost 25 days is recommended by Mayo Clinic and others.

Treating Epilepsy

CBD is being applied for epilepsy either through vaping, oral pills and concentrates or sublingual tinctures. The proportion of CBD compared to THC that have benefitted are higher CBD ratios of 20:1 besides, 30:1 in the CBD; THC equivalent.

As the pattern that is generally followed with regard to cannabis drugs, patients should begin with a lower dosage and raise the dosage incrementally after the passage of some weeks based on the outcome. Epilepsy is a life-threatening situation also and CBD usage should be always under a practitioner who is a cannabis expert.

However, for curing epilepsy a CBD oral dosage of 200-300 mg daily is suggested.

Movement Issues Related To Huntington’s disease

A recommended dose of 10 mg for every kg of CBD consumed orally every day for almost six weeks can successfully counter movement problems linked to Huntington.

Glaucoma Treatment Dosage of CBD

A single dosage amounting to 20 to 40 mg of CBD to be placed below the tongue is enough for glaucoma. Dosages exceeding 40 mg can, however, raise the eye pressure.

CBD  Dosage For Schizophrenia

Hemp oil has proved to be an effective therapy for schizophrenia after scientists have explored the benefit of CBD to alleviate psychotic effects. As CBD communicates with the endocannabinoid mechanism, it can reach areas susceptible to by this brain deformity such as cannabinoid receptors plus endocannabinoids. An oral dose of 40 to 1,280 mg on a daily basis has been recommended for treating schizophrenia.

The leading cannabis products testing lab CannLabs has held that there is no specified lethal dosage of CBD. Buyers should, in fact, go through the product inserts cautiously to determine the perfect CBD quantity and also consult a physician to this effects if there is any query.


To sum up, remember moderation is the key and always consult a medical practitioner for any query regarding instructions, intake or any overdose symptoms of CBD within your body.

A beneficial CBD oil dosage can range from a scanty few milligrams to a gram or even more. It is sensible to start with a small proportion of high CBD/ lesser THC oil if you are a starter or have no cannabis experience. You can always adjust the amount after observing the impact for some days. Cannabis compounds have the capacity to generate reverse effects with the low and greater dosage of the similar substance. The effect of CBD remains in the body for three to five hours.

A greater quantity of cannabis can sedate while little doses can stimulate. Likewise, an excess of THC can raise anxiety and mood swings. Though CBD is bereft of negative side effects, nonetheless, a high quantity of CBD can be less beneficial therapeutically compared to a moderate dosage. Actually, with regard to cannabis treatment, the saying that less is adequate holds good.