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CBD Market Is Ready For An Exponential Growth

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The global projections for the CBD or cannabidiol industry are slated at $2.1 billion by 2020. This corresponds to almost 700% booming growth, out of which CBD oil sourced from hemp stands at $450 million. This CBD market growth is, however, not similarly distributed across the world and also varies about product types.
The hemp derived CBD is estimated to strike at $22 billion by the end of 2022 as projected by the analysts of the cannabis industry the Brightfield Group. This data firm has analyzed that the sales of Hemp CBD had reached $170 million around 2016 and the annual growth level at a compound 55% for five years will lead to a market touchdown of billion-dollar.

You can follow the link to know more about the CBD study conducted by the analysts of the cannabis industry, Brightfield Group.

CBD For Different Ailments

CBD Market
CBD Market

The non-psychoactive cannabinoid, CBD located in cannabis has been seen to assist in almost all ailments from PTSD to autoimmune disorder MS, epilepsy, and stress without making you intoxicated. Earlier, CBD items used to be located at dispensaries only with some doctors advising it for different ailments, but by 2018, it was on the racks of food outlets, beauty joints, cafes and offices of physicians and ready to strike at $591 million in 2018.
Do you know that now CBD products can be used in a face mask, skin treatments, bug bites and also for topicals? Women make a bid for it for endometriosis and their PMS just like OTC medications.

Hemp-derived CBD has a lower than 0.3% THC proportion which is the psychoactive component linked to marijuana and is frequently used for different medical ailments. Hemp oil is more accessible compared to marijuana-extracted CBD, that can be marketed where there is approval of marijuana.

Nonetheless, a rising market provides the best opportunities for both the market leaders as well as the investors. A study of the CBD product ranges, the market participants, the consumers, the regions and its extensive application like for epilepsy and seizure treatment and control of cancer pain all point to its prospects.
Above all, these forecasts and statistics only help to restore confidence in entrepreneurs and shareholders.

CBD Market Infiltration

Business strategies devised by various industrialists and the investors are generally based on a detailed study. The projected growth based on geographical areas can help in the understanding of local operations or seeking local collaborators.

One such market that can be explored is China which shows upward growth potential.
Though at present cannabis is unlawful inside China, but industrial hemp, as well as CBD oil, are permitted for medicinal use. Almost ten million of the Chinese population suffers from epilepsy disorders and can immensely gain from the therapy of CBD oil. Though there is a supply of pharmaceutical drugs in China, the government is also promoting organic products such as cannabidiol for curing a wide gamut of ailments.

Housing a population of greater than 1.4 billion and an inclination towards natural remedies, China appears a vast market. This explains why CBD firms for instance PotNetwork Holding (POTN) has initiated its market penetration strategy in China. Besides, following its global expansion plans, POTN has begun their global distribution and would invade the Latin American market targeting Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador.

The Major Market Players

The major market contenders are also ENDOCA, Medical Marijuana, UK company Irsodiol and Gaia Botanicals, but the smaller contenders also could have a piece of the global cake. But, about market hold and infiltration, the major market players can easily build up their roots.
A market boom on a long-term basis also hints at an increased competition with different companies vying for their market share. Competition has its positives as it results in superior products and lower rates because companies compete among themselves for customer and brand loyalty.

CBD Market In U.S

The financial researcher and cannabis industry analyzer in the U.S., Greenwave Advisors, holds that within two years, CBD business in the U.S would alone lead the $2.1 billion mark. A major contributor towards CBD market growth and rising demand is the manner in which it is applied in products from cosmetics to eatables, beverages, and healthy nutrients. The surging popularity of CBD-infused health products has solely made possible an industry that can match up the huge cannabis market.
Also, the market is turning hugely global due to the US-based firms eyeing the foreign markets and nations where this natural phytocannabinoid derived from cannabis called CBD has been accredited.


CBD has surfaced as a primary booster of growth inside the cannabis industry due to it being non-psychoactive and as an agent of health benefits. Most significantly, it enjoys legal protection and has revolutionized the manner in which present-day users and brands view cannabis. Its use in an increased sphere of edibles and beverage items has spiked the field of legal CBD items to reach a $1.6 billion around 2012 as predicted by the Brightfield analysts.