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Benefits of CBD Oil CBD Recipes

CBD Infused Lemonade Spritzers For You

CBD infused Lemonade Spritzers

There is nothing refreshing like ice cold drink on summer days. Lemonade Spritzers with Basil is the best refreshing drink which you can enjoy poolside. If you want to stay fresh and hydrated during work hours then this drink is the best option for you. When you use CBD in Lemonade Spritzers then you will have a number of medical benefits. It will keep you keep going through the hot summer days.

In this article, I will tell you the benefits of CBD and complete recipe for CBD infused Lemonade Spritzers, so let’s begin with understanding CBD.

What is CBD?

CBD is cannabidiol which is found in different strains of the hemp plant. CBD is found in the tiny hair of hemp flower known as trichomes. CBD chemical compound has no strain of THC which makes it beneficial in medical use. CBD has anti-inflammatory and pain reducing properties which make it useful for reducing post pain injuries.

Full Spectrum CBD oil from ThoughtCloud is the best food supplement which has health benefits. CBD oil from ThoughtCloud is organically grown and fully lab-tested for purity. This is extracted through the CO2 extraction process which makes it completely non psychoactive in nature. You can use this oil just by dropping a few drops of it in your drink or food.

CBD infused Lemonade Spritzers

What are the Medical Benefits of CBD?

CBD has holistic healing abilities with no side effects. It has shown a positive effect in treating several medical conditions. Nowadays you will see that there is a number of CBD products available like cream, serum, oil, bath bombs, and e-juice. All these products have different medical benefits like using CBD cream can reduce acne, blackheads, and pimples. CBD infused creams are considered the best anti-aging alternative.

CBD e-juice is used in vape pens to get quick relief from pains and it is very effective in improving your sleep quality. Apart from all these products, you can consume CBD oil and tincture orally.

Some of the medical benefits of CBD are relief from anxiety, bipolar, stress, chronic pain, migraine, nausea, insomnia, and other neuropathic pain.

Ingredients and cooking instruction for CBD infused Lemonade Spritzers

  • CBD Infused Lemonade Spritzers, drink
    CBD Infused Lemonade Spritzers

    Six to eight lemons

  • One cup of sugar or any other substitute like honey or maple syrup
  • Five cups of sparkling water
  • One bunch of basil
  • Few drops of Full Spectrum CBD oil

Cooking instruction for CBD infused Lemonade Spritzers

  1. Take a pan and heat one cup of water with one cup of sugar over moderate heat.
  2. Keep mixing the sugar until it is dissolved in water completely
  3. Take the lemon and strain out its juice
  4. Mix the remaining water, lemon juice, syrup, and CBD oil in the heated water-sugar mixture.
  5. Use the fresh basil leaves and lemonade to serve in the glass


Benefits of CBD infused Lemonade Spritzers drink

Benefits of CBD Lemonade Spritzers,CBD infused Lemonade Spritzers
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  1. Regular consumption of CBD Lemonade Spritzer drink can reduce symptoms of chronic pain
  2. A higher dose of CBD reduces panic attack and anxiety
  3. It helps to improve your sleep time
  4. It can elevate the mood and level of energy between the working hours.
  5. It can be the best alternative for alcohol
  6. CBD Lemonade Spritzers drink reduces the pain caused by menstrual cramps
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Final Verdict On CBD Infused Lemonade Spritzers

CBD infused Lemonade Spritzers is very easy to make, all you have to just follow the given instruction and your drink is ready. After reading this article you must have understood that Full Spectrum CBD oil from ThoughtCloud is the best food and drink supplement. Use of CBD oil will improve your healthy lifestyle very effectively.

In the end, if you have any suggestion or query related to this article then feel free to comment in the below section.


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