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How CBD Can Improve The Quality Of Life

The research around CBD has been going on for over a decade and right now, it is at its peak. Because of all the benefits that CBD possesses, it has quickly become one of the most popular forms of natural medicine to improve the quality of life. Until a few years ago, it was difficult to obtain CBD products in most parts of the world. However, over the last few years, the United States and many other countries around the world have legalized the use of CBD, along with its sister cannabinoids CBG, CBN, and CBC.

With a variety of products like oil, capsules, edibles, and vapes, consuming CBD is easy and effective. Since its legalization, many brands have invested in this business both online and offline. Getting CBD products is now as easy as buying a pair of jeans from your favorite online store!

Read on to learn more about the most common CBD products and how CBD can help change the quality of your life, including real testimonies from users of ThoughtCloud CBD products.

Some Common CBD products:

Here are some of the most common CBD products widely available for use:

CBD oil:

Buy Organic CBD Oil
Buy Organic CBD Oil

CBD oil is the oil derived specifically from the hemp plants as hemp plants contain a very minimal amount of THC. CBD oils can be directly applied to the skin or taken orally depending on what kind of oil you are looking to purchase.

CBD Capsules:

CBD Capsules
Buy CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are a great way to take CBD. It is a familiar way of consumption, gets absorbed quickly, and is helpful for knowing exactly how much CBD you’re consuming.

CBD Face Masks :

CBD Face Masks
Buy CBD Face Masks

CBD is useful for treating skin conditions like acne, inflammation, and rashes. For such conditions, CBD face masks can help moisturize dry and flaky skin. To help users with all skin types, ThoughtCloud CBD face masks are available in different types – dry skin, sensitive skin, and acne-prone skin.

CBD Balms:

CBD Balms
Buy CBD Tropicals

CBD balms are often used to manage pain. These balms have been proven to be very effective for joint and muscle pains, but can also be used for sprains and bruises.


CBD Vape
Buy CBD Vape

For people who prefer smoking, CBD vapes are a great way to consume CBD.

CBD for pets:

Buy CBD for Pets
Buy CBD for Pets

A lot of CBD oil brands offer pet tinctures that have been known to help with animals that suffer from anxiety. Although the research around CBD for animals is still in its early stages, there are plenty of customers who can vouch for its benefits.

How can CBD help in improving your quality of life?

While the quality of life depends on many different factors, CBD can help address certain issues in your life. Here are some of the many ways that CBD can improve your quality of life.

Improving sleep patterns:

If you have trouble sleeping, it can lead to feeling fatigued all day, which may affect productivity and cause health problems. CBD can help you calm your mind and put you to sleep. A lot of CBD products are specifically designed to help with sleep problems. With the help of these products, you can regulate your sleeping patterns and get the rest you need to stay active, healthy, and ultimately improve the quality of your life.

Reducing stress and anxiety:

Stress and anxiety in your everyday life can have a serious negative impact on life quality. One thing that CBD has been popular for is the effect it has on reducing anxiety. CBD products have been used to tackle stress and anxiety for years and has proven to be highly effective at calming the mind.

CBD quality of life

Treating skin conditions:

If you have skin conditions like acne, inflammation, or rashes, you may start to lack self-confidence and be socially conscious. CBD contains anti-inflammatory qualities and can help deal with skin conditions and improve the overall health of your skin. This can have a huge positive impact on your quality of life.

Managing pain:

Another thing CBD is very popular for is its ability to manage and reduce pain. Although CBD is widely used for joint and muscle pain, it can also be used for sprains and bruises. This can also be very effective in improving your day-to-day activities and positively impact the quality of life.

Boosting energy:

When you have little or no energy, it can become very difficult to get things done. Small doses of CBD throughout the day can help boost energy levels and make you more productive and efficient.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Gabrielle Loren had to say about her experience with our CBD products:


She got into CBD products to take care of some medical ailments and was diagnosed with thyroid issues a little over a year ago. “I was put on medication to balance my thyroid as I was going from hyper to hypo”, she says. She was also facing heart palpitations. The symptoms were pretty similar to COVID-19 symptoms – sleepiness, fatigue, and brain fog. She used CBD products to be able to nap through the fatigue. “I also used CBD when I had an allergic reaction to the medications I was put on because I had hives all over my body”. She used the medications for 3 weeks and the pain had reached her joints. She was unable to lift her arm over her waist. Again, CBD products came to her rescue.

Her favorite ThoughtCloud product is their Full Spectrum CBD in Coconut Oil. She uses it to relax and sleep and for her anxiety. Recently, she also explored different flavors such as lavender and vanilla. Another product she likes is the High CBC Full Spectrum Formula for gut health and brain functioning. “Gut is the second brain of the body. If your gut isn’t right, then you are not right, most likely.”

She believes that during this time of covid where people are not getting out of the house and having any physical activity, doing things that are good for your body are important right now, to keep your health and immune system up.

Everybody has a different system. Some products that work for one person may not necessarily work as well for someone else. Our products have been made keeping this in mind and the wide spectrum of products are suitable for everyone.

Here’s another CBD user, Sakra, talking about ThoughtCloud’s CBD products:

For her, CBD changed her life. She used to go regularly to the doctor for her methadone prescription. A friend got her a Full Spectrum CBDbottle to use. After that, she didn’t go to the doctor for 4 days – and people did not believe her! “The withdrawals from methadone are really bad. You can be bad for weeks. But for 4 days, I felt fine and it was because of CBD. It’s literally like a miracle.”

“I was prescribed 30mg of methadone at the time I tried CBD, and It took about 3 weeks until I felt my body was completely fine because I’ve been using CBD every day, and that works.” She then completely stopped taking methadone and never went back at all. Doctors say there are very rare cases where someone completely gets off methadone. Some people have been continuing to take it even after 30 years. “I want people to know that CBD works.” “I’m hoping that someday, eventually, we can get access to give sick people CBD in hospitals”, she says. She is grateful for CBD and wants to share its benefits with the world!

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