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CBD Hemp Flower For Migraines

Migraines are one of the most common chronic conditions humans experience. There are several kinds of medications that you can take to treat migraines. However, most medical professionals prescribe pharmaceutical medications that come with a considerable number of long-term side effects. This is why a lot of people are turning towards CBD hemp flowers to deal with the condition. According to studies, over 3.3 million people are living with this condition in the USA. If someone has at least 12-15 migraine days in a month, they are most likely suffering from chronic migraines. Migraines are caused due to a variety of factors like sleeping habits, lifestyle changes, and more.

This article will discuss the causes of migraines and which CBD hemp flower strains could help best reduce chronic pain.

What are the causes of migraines?

Listed below are some of the most common causes of migraines:

Hormonal changes in women: Fluctuations in estrogen before or during menstrual cycles, pregnancy, and menopause, often trigger headaches in many women. Some hormonal medications like oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy can also cause migraines.

Drinks: Alcoholic drinks (especially wine) and a lot of caffeine can cause severe migraines irrespective of gender.

Stress: Most of us regularly experience stress, which is one of the leading causes of headaches and chronic migraines.

Sleep pattern: Although this point may not be applicable for everyone in general, missing sleep, getting too much sleep, or jet lag can trigger headaches and migraines in some people.

Sensory stimuli: Bright lights and sun glare are often common reasons for migraines. Other factors like loud noise, strong smells (perfume, paint thinner, or second-hand smoke) can also trigger migraines in many people.

Physical factors: Intense physical exertion, including heavy workout sessions or sexual activity, can also cause headaches and migraines.

Weather changes: A change of weather or barometric pressure may also provoke headaches and migraines in some people.

Medications: Oral contraceptives and vasodilators like nitroglycerin also play a huge role in aggravating migraines.

Dietary habits: Skipping meals or fasting are also prevalent reasons for migraines. In addition to that, consuming aged cheeses and salty and unprocessed foods also triggers headaches and chronic migraines.

Food Additives: Added sweetener aspartame and the preservative monosodium glutamate (MSG), found in many food products, are also significant causes of migraines in many people.

Which CBD hemp flower strains are most effective for migraines?

Hemp Flower For Migraines
CBD Hemp Flower

Here are the five main strains of CBD hemp flower that are highly effective for chronic migraines:

Lifter CBD hemp flower:

Lifter hemp flower contains about 21% CBD and is the most viable for people suffering from chronic migraines. It also includes a slightly higher amount of Sativa. Meaning, consuming Lifter hemp flowers won’t make you drowsy. Instead, it will help reduce the pain and discomfort that comes in the way of your daily routine. Lifter hemp flowers also help promote sleep efficiency, making it further easier to deal with migraines. Lifter also contains some of the linalool, a compound found in lavender that helps create relaxation in the muscles. Another such combination, known as the limonene terpene, helps elevate mood, relieve stress, and boast antifungal and antibacterial properties. This Oregon-grown strain is easy to consume with tastes like astringent berries or tropical fruit.

Remedy CBD hemp flower:

Remedy hemp flower consists of 16% content and is used by many dealing with chronic pain, generating insomnia. CBD hemp flowers provide two values while working on migraines – relieving pain and providing a night of restful sleep. One of the primary terpenes in the Remedy CBD hemp flower is caryophyllene which also helps reduce pain. Caryophyllene is also very well-known for suppressing neuropathic pain. Suffering from migraines, people often experience such pain, and taking Remedy could prove to be extremely helpful. Other important terpenes in the Remedy CBD hemp flower include myrcene and humulene. Myrcene helps alleviate pain, improves sleep, and also acts as an effective analgesic agent. Humulene also acts as an analgesic agent, which is highly helpful in dealing with migraines.

Ceiba CBD hemp flower:

With about 14% CBD content, the Ceiba hemp flower is used by many to reduce chronic pain, including headaches and migraines. This strain is Sativa-dominant, which means it has microscopic snooze-inducing properties. It is popular among people who look for quick pain relief and a bit of a jolt to get their chores done. This strain contains evenly distributed terpenes that help treat pain as well as relax muscles and reduce inflammation. The primary terpene in Ceiba is myrcene, which shows high anti-inflammatory analgesic properties. It can also block the detection of stimuli and stop sensory neurons, which helps reduce pain.

Tangie CBD hemp flower:

Tangie hemp flower stands at 18% CBD content and is also high in caryophyllene. This gives it high anti-inflammatory properties, which act with analgesic effects against inflammation and neuropathic pain. Tangie CBD hemp flower contains bisabolol terpene, which reduces the production of cytokines that triggers an inflammatory response. For people who want to deal with chronic pain and inflammation, the Tangie CBD hemp flower is the most sought-after choice as it gives them the desired result in no time!

Frosted Lime CBD hemp flower:

Frosted Lime CBD hemp flower is a vibrant strain known for reducing chronic and nerve pain. It contains ocimene, which helps suppress the immune response causing inflammation. Ocimene is also responsible for the sweet, earthy aroma that contributes to its uplifting effects. Frosted lime also contains limonene terpene. It is also high in beta-caryophyllene, a potent inflammation killer, which enhances the effects of CBD when it comes to relieving tension.

Migraines are one of the most chronic conditions people go through, and many learn to live with the pain or spend their lives taking pharmaceutical medications that cause long-term side effects. Driven by various reasons, it is often challenging to deal with migraines by focusing on just one specific cause. This is why doctors and experts now recommend using legally available CBD hemp flowers, as CBD directly fights with most of the symptoms, with almost no side effects. With all the different CBD hemp flower strains mentioned above, it will be reasonably easy to pick one for your specific symptoms and deal with chronic pain instantly.

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