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Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD Hangover Shot (Benefits and Research)

When your stomach hurts after drinking, try a CBD Hangover Shot. When your head is pounding from last night’s fun, take another shot, a CBD shot. CBD oil and alcohol go hand in hand, with the cannabidiol helping to pick you up when drinking leaves you feeling low. Once you give it a try, you’ll know it belongs in your morning recovery routine.


Why CBD Hangover Shot for Recovery:

When you mix CBD oil and alcohol, you start combating the hangover before it starts. Each hangover shot has 25mg of nano CBD. We shrink down the cannabinoid making it more bioavailable. In nano form, your body can use and absorb more of the CBD. So that 25mg is exceptionally potent. It can help with hangover headaches, nausea, and the “booze blues.”

The shots have a lot more than cannabinoids, though! We packed each one with vitamins and herbs that can help you recover. If your stomach hurts after drinking, the ginger juice and B6 are here for you. They each have properties that can aid in alleviating nausea and stopping vomiting. To help your liver bounce back, we’ve included turmeric, milk thistle, wheatgrass, chlorella, vitamin C, and vitamin E. They can help restore antioxidants combating oxidative stress. Some can improve the liver’s function. While others may help reduce damage done to the liver.

The B complex restores vitamins depleted by drinking. Evidence shows they may reduce nausea, and help improve your mood. Willow bark has the same compound as aspirin. It can help with pain, similar to cannabidiol. They all work together to help get you feeling better.


How do the CBD Hangover Shots Work?

Drinking can be a lot of fun until the alcohol leaves your blood, and your body starts to retaliate. A hangover is a party favor no one asked for. It can leave you feeling tired, nauseated, and a bit blue, not to mention the pounding in your head that won’t stop. The counteractive effects of CBD oil and alcohol make cannabidiol the perfect ingredient for a hangover remedy. We know you need a bit more than CBD, though.

To help you recover, these shots have vitamins and antioxidants depleted after a night of drinking. Part of the misery you feel comes from your ransacking of essential nutrients. By replenishing your body with what it needs, it can start recovering. It all leads to you feeling better. Of course, the shot’s not just a nutritious refill. The vitamins and herbs have properties that tackle different aspects of a hangover.

Vitamins for Morning Recovery –

While people often tout B12 as a hangover cure, it’s B6 that will help when your stomach hurts after drinking. Meanwhile, B3 and B4 can help elevate your mood. Increased B2 levels are associated with a reduction in depression. Taking B3 may also provide anti-tension, antidepressant, and anti-anxiety effects. B1, on the other hand, can help improve cognitive function to beat back the hangover fog.

Drinking can deplete vitamins B1, B12, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Restoring these vitamins allows your body to function optimally. Also, vitamin C and vitamin E can provide depleted antioxidants and may fight off oxidative stress caused by drinking.

Plants for Managing Hangovers –

We formulated the shots with the best plants to help with your hangover. There’s nothing more natural than taking advantage of the benefits of plants. Enjoy the all-natural benefits each of the ingredients can provide.

Ginger juice is full of antioxidants that can help scavenge free radicals and modulate oxidative stress. It’s a key ingredient to a traditional Chinese hangover recovery drink. In addition, it’s a popular and well-researched nausea remedy. Overall, there’s a lot it’s doing to help you feel better.

Turmeric can help reduce alcohol-induced inflammation. It also can help with oxidative stress. Milk thistle may reduce damage caused by alcohol. Wheatgrass can help restore antioxidants lost while drinking. Chlorella is full of zinc, which alcohol depletes. It’s also great for restoring energy levels and may enhance liver function. Willow bark has the salicylic acid, the active ingredient in aspirin. It’s a trendy remedy for pain.

CBD Oil and Alcohol –

What makes a CBD hangover shot better than your typical morning recovery drink? The cannabinoids, of course. Cannabinoids are an everyday go-to for upset stomachs. So it makes sense to use CBD if your stomach hurts after drinking. Cannabidiol can also help with headaches, an all too common hangover symptom.

In addition, drinking increases swelling throughout your body. The swelling leads to discomfort and impairs fluid movement. CBD is a powerful anti inflammatory. There’s even evidence that it’s 20 times stronger than aspirin!

All in all, CBD can help reduce your pain and restore your body. It uses your endocannabinoid system (ECS) to aid with homeostasis. Let your body reset with some CBD.



Your morning recovery just got easier, but don’t take our word for it. Check out the research on the benefits.

Stomach Hurts After Drinking Remedies –

The three main ingredients for helping with nausea and vomiting are CBD, B6, and ginger.

B6 is common for helping with nausea. Doctors often recommend it for morning sickness during pregnancy. It’s a safe way to ease your stomach pains. Research shows it works. B6 is so effective this study used B6 as the baseline for nausea prevention. The study showed that ginger is just as effective as the B vitamin at reducing nausea and stopping vomiting.

Similarly, cannabinoids are a prevalent nausea remedy. This study provides preclinical evidence that CBD can alleviate queasiness. The researchers recommended the cannabinoid for clinical treatment for nauseousness.

Herbs for Alcohol Recovery –

Ginger doesn’t just help ease an upset stomach. Research shows it provides antioxidants to scavenge free radicals. It may modulate oxidative stress caused by drinking. There’s even evidence pointing to it as a natural combatant to alcohol toxicity. Overall a review of the research concluded ginger could help prevent and treat hangovers and subsequent organ damage.

In this study, turmeric showed anti inflammatory properties. It can also help with oxidative stress. Drinking increases swelling of oxidative stress. So, turmeric can help mitigate those effects. Meanwhile, according to this study, wheatgrass restores antioxidants lost when drinking. At the same time, milk thistle may reduce liver injury. In an animal study, the plant reduced liver damage caused by alcohol.

Willow bark is a popular pain remedy. This study may explain why. The bark is full of salicylic acid, the active ingredient in aspirin. Chlorella, on the other hand, is packed with zinc, which has several hangover benefits. First, it restores zinc levels depleted by drinking. Then it works to enhance the intestinal barrier function. Finally, it improves liver function. Learn more about these benefits in this study!

Replenishing Vitamins After Drinking –

Drinking depletes your body of essential nutrients. A part of the misery of a hangover comes from your body’s need to be replenished. B12 may help you recover faster from drinking because it’s so depleted by alcohol, according to this study. In a separate study, drinking caused B3 deficiencies. The researchers also found B3 can help with alcohol withdrawal delirium. It may also work to reduce tension, anxiety, and depression.

Excessive drinking caused thiamine deficiencies in this study. Taking vitamin B1 restores thiamine levels and improves cognitive function. In addition, there are several studies on B vitamins for mental health improvements. Drinking can leave you feeling anxious and depressed. According to a study, B6 and B2 levels may relate to depression. Patients with depression often have low levels of these vitamins. When their depression improves, so do these vitamin levels.

Also, vitamin C and vitamin E levels may become insufficient through alcohol consumption. Replenishing them can help restore the body. In addition, vitamin C reduced oxidative stress on the liver in this study. Meanwhile, a rat study showed vitamin E could reduce oxidative stress as well.

Cannabinoids for Hangover Recovery –

The CBD hangover shot can help you recover from last night’s antics. You may not think of CBD oil and alcohol as a winning combination. Research shows, though, that cannabinoids can help with several hangover symptoms.

Several studies show CBD can reduce inflammation. Drinking causes swelling, causing a lot of the discomfort of a hangover. In a paper written by the UCPPS clinicians, cannabidiol helped reduced pelvic swelling. In a study on bodily inflammation and autoimmune disorders, CBD helped with both. Finally, a study showed that cannabinoids like CBD and THC could be 20 times stronger than aspirin at reducing swelling.

As for headaches, people have long used CBD to help. In this review, CBD was very effective at stopping participants’ heads pounding. The researchers concluded cannabidiol could become a standard headache treatment option in the future.

Another widespread use of cannabinoids is nausea. This study provides preclinical evidence for its effectiveness. The researchers recommended CBD for the clinical treatment of nausea and vomiting. 



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