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Use CBD To Ease Symptoms Of Whiplash Injury

Whiplash injury can cause lifelong pain. In many cases of a whiplash injury, the patient progresses to some form of chronic pain. More than 3 million people suffer from whiplash injuries every year and women are the most affected ones. A motor vehicle accident or a sudden blow to the neck is a common cause of whiplash injury. It takes around 17 weeks to recover from a whiplash injury but if you take a long-term medical follow-up then it can be treated in less time.

There are different treatment options available for whiplash injury but if you are looking for a natural treatment option then CBD can help you. CBD which is also known as cannabidiol is one of the 100 cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. This compound has natural therapeutic properties like anti-pain and anti-inflammatory which makes it effective against pain-related issues. Using CBD for whiplash injury is safe and convenient because it has no side-effects.

Whiplash Injury

An Overview of Whiplash Injury

When you are involved in a typical rear-end collision, your torso, pelvis, and head are accelerated rapidly forward which results in retraction of the head which causes shear, compression, and tension to the cervical spine and termed as a whiplash injury. Not only motor vehicle accidents, but a sudden blow to the head can also cause a whiplash injury. Whiplash injury affects your joints and soft tissues such as tendons and ligaments which develop chronic pain and difficulty in moving the neck.

Apart from a motor vehicle accident, there are other ways in which you can sustain a whiplash injury like a horse-riding accident, falling off from bicycle, blow to the head, collision while playing any sport, and physical abuse such as shaking.

Whiplash Injury: Symptoms

How Is Whiplash Injury Diagnosed?

If you suffer from any of the given symptoms then you should seek medical attention immediately. For diagnosing a whiplash injury doctor will ask for an X-ray in which dislocation of spine or fracture is located. CT scan gives a detailed image of bone and tissues around your neck. MRI also helps in diagnosing whiplash injury because it gives a more detailed picture of the affected area.

Whiplash Injury

Now that you know more about whiplash injury, what are its treatment options? You can use different medications and therapies for whiplash injury but if you are not satisfied with the result then you can try CBD and given home remedies.

The Potential Of CBD In Relieving Multiple Sclerosis

Home Remedies For Whiplash Injury

The aim of treatment is to restore the normal range of the neck and to control pain. Different home remedies that can help in whiplash injury include.

1- Rest

Rest is helpful during the first 24 hours after the injury. Stay active but be careful while moving your neck.

2- Use Soft Foam Collars

Collars are used to hold the neck and give support while moving. It prevents your neck from any excess movement.

3- Ice Packs

Ice packs help in reducing pain and swelling. Do not directly use an ice pack over the affected area it can cause serious burns. Use the towel to wrap the ice pack and gently massage it to the neck area for 15 minutes every 2 hours.

4- Use Essential Oils

Essential oils help in reducing pain, inflammation, and boosting the healing process. You can use Lavender, peppermint, rosemary, and helichrysum essential oil for whiplash injury.

5- Posture

Right posture plays a role in reducing pain and stiffness caused by whiplash injury. Try to keep your back straight while sitting, walking, and standing.

6- Physical Therapy

Physical therapy in a whiplash injury can make you feel much better. It helps in restoring the posture and normal movement of your neck. A gentle neck massage can help in the pain and stiffness of whiplash.

CBD A New Path To Relief

Cannabidiol or CBD is a natural compound that does not cause a high feeling because it is free from THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-pain, and anti-stress property which makes it useful against different pain-related conditions.

Topical CBD

A strain is a result of whiplash injury. While moving the neck, strain can be difficult to handle. CBD relaxes your muscles and also lowers muscle spasticity to give you relief from a whiplash injury. The use of CBD also assists in other symptoms of whiplash injury like shoulder and neck pain.

Working Of CBD In The Body

Our body has an Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and its receptors CB1 & CB2. The ECS helps to maintain homeostasis of the body by shuttling message signals. The CB1 receptors are present in brain cells and are responsible for regulating memory, pain, motor skills, and pleasure. CBD interacts with CB1 receptors to inhibit the release of neurotransmitters. CB2 receptors are found in the gastrointestinal system and the immune system. CB2 receptors control the release of cytokines, which are signaling proteins synthesized by immune cells. Cytokines are responsible for regulating inflammation.

Full Spectrum CBD Pain Balm For Whiplash Injury

The best way to get relief from symptoms of whiplash injury is to use Full Spectrum Pain Management Balm by ThoughtCloud. This pain management balm has magical ingredients like hemp oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, chia oil, birch oil, clove stem oil, arnica oil, and many more.

The pain of whiplash injury can lead to neuropathy, therefore, the use of CBD balm calms nerves and targets the pain receptors to give relief from pain and inflammation. You can orally apply it over the pain-causing area to get relief. This Full Spectrum CBD Pain Management Balm also gives relief from headache, migraine, muscle pain, arthritis pain, bone fracture pain, and bacterial and viral infections.

Reviews Of People Using CBD

Megan (Full Spectrum CBD)
After using Full Spectrum for two months, I experienced a decrease in the amount of pain in my neck (caused by arthritis).

R. Bennett (Full Spectrum CBD)
I need a new knee and both rotator cuffs are torn out, plus lymphysis in both lower legs and feet. Can’t have surgery due to having had Polio as an infant and now must use crutches even to stand, so just have to suffer thru. This is the 1st brand of CBD product that I’ve found to work for me and the results are fantastic for pain relief, relaxation, and honestly restful sleep. For the first time in several years, the pain is actually gone and life is again worth living.

Miiche (Full Spectrum Rubi Vape Bundle)
I love this product! I have a lot of back pains and I suffer from anxiety
This helps me relax and stay calm throughout the day.
At night it helps a lot with my back pains and a lot of the discomfort that comes with that.
I will definitely order more!

Don (Full Spectrum CBD)
As millions of Americans do I was experiencing constant back pain, tried CBD, and found a pleasant relief from the pain,

Final Thoughts

Proper care and treatment are important in whiplash injury otherwise can lead to lifelong pain. Medications and physical therapy can assist you in whiplash injury but if you are looking for a natural treatment option then you should try CBD. CBD can be used in different forms like oil and topicals and the best thing is that CBD has no side-effects. Start with mild doses or consult your doctor before using CBD for whiplash injury. With the use of CBD, you can try given home remedies to reduce the symptoms of a whiplash injury.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the use of CBD for whiplash injury then feel free to comment in the below section.

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