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Benefits of CBD Oil CBD Oil

How Can CBD Help You In Weight Loss?

CBD for weight loss

Losing Weight can be a really difficult task especially when we forgo all of our favorite food items and still not get a slight decrease in those pounds. It becomes near to impossible not to touch those favorite chocolates of yours and go on a diet that you hate the most. But I am not here to nag about how hard it is to lose weight. I am here to tell you about a magical and natural herb that can let you lose weight without sacrificing your diet. Cannabidiol or CBD is one such cannabinoid that has been in the limelight for treating some health issues and is also very beneficial in supporting weight loss. So in today’s article, we will explain to you how CBD for weight loss can be a really powerful remedy to help you cut those extra pounds.

What is CBD?

CBD for weight lossBefore we go further with CBD for weight loss, let us first know what exactly CBD is and why it is so beneficial.
Cannabidiol also is known as CBD is one of the 100s of cannabinoids found in the Cannabis plant. It is completely non-psychoactive cannabinoid and will never make you high. This is due to its extraction from the Hemp Plant. The Hemp Plant is different from Marijuana as it contains the least amount of THC, 0.3% which is not sufficient to make you high.

CBD, when consumed, is said to interact with the CB1 and CB2 receptors found in the Endocannabinoid System( responsible for maintaining a balance in all body functions) and help in fighting many health issues such as arthritis, chronic pain, mood swings, depression, epilepsy, Multiple sclerosis and many more. It also boosts the overall performance of your body and helps in healthy functioning.

Benefits Of CBD

A lot of research and studies were done that proved how beneficial CBD is in treating various health issues. These include:

Thus, CBD has proved a very effective cannabinoid for fighting a multitude of diseases. Now, let us discuss how CBD helps in weight loss.

How can CBD Help in Weight Loss?

Weight Loss

There have been studies that prove the impact of CBD on metabolism rate, resulting in fat loss.

In a recent study done by Korean researchers, it was found that the administration of CBD on preadipocytes (immature fat cells) can have potential benefits in treating obesity. It was found out that

  • CBD stimulates the genes and proteins which are responsible for the breakdown and oxidation of fat.
  • CBD also increased the activity of mitochondria which is responsible for burning calories
  • Thirdly, CBD decreased the fat cell generation (lipogenesis).

All these results concluded that CBD may be explored as a potentially promising therapeutic agent for the prevention of obesity and plays a powerful role in fat browning. Fat browning is a process that converts the white-colored tissues which are responsible for storing energy into beige colored fat tissue that is responsible for burning energy.

Another 2012 study done by Farrimond et al. examined the effects of CBN and CBD on rats and concluded that these cannabinoids modulate the CB1 receptors and improve the appetite and metabolism. It stated that CBD decreased the food consumption and weight gain as well as significantly reduced the total chow consumption over the test period.

Wrapping Up!

So, we can very well conclude that CBD for weight loss has a positive impact on weight loss. It is a promising compound that helps in fat reduction and better metabolization.

We hope you enjoyed this article on CBD for weight loss. If you have any suggestions for us or want to share your experiences with us, let us know in the comment section below!