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CBD For Weak Core Muscles

Ways Along With CBD To Strengthen Your Hip And Other Core Muscles

Our core muscles play a very important role in keeping our body upright. These muscles occupy the areas of your lower back, hips, trunks, stomach and glutes. These core muscles help in a number of common movements such as lifting, twisting, bending and reaching. Moreover, our day to day life requires constant movement of our core muscles. Unfortunately, a lot of us suffer from poor core muscle strength, especially poor hip muscles. Today we will tell you about a few signs which will help you recognize if you need to condition your hip and core muscles. We will also let you know how can you effectively treat poor hip and other core muscles with the help of a few exercises and organic CBD Oil.

Our hip core muscle is very important for controlling our hip, pelvis and upper leg especially during activities like running, jumping, walking and kicking all of which effects our day to day life.

Signs That You Need to Strengthen Your Hip And Other Core Muscles

CBD for weak core muscles, poor posture

Here are a few signs that will help you decide whether you have poor core muscles. Take a look:

1. Poor Posture

Bad posture is one of the most common signs that you need to strengthen your core muscles. Your stomach and lower back muscles connect to hold your backbone and pelvis in place. If either of these muscles is weak, you won’t be able to sit erect for long.

Instead, you will start slouching and collapsing which will further tighten your muscles. If you have strong core muscles, only then you will be able to hold an erect posture for longer periods.

2. Pain In Lower Back

Another most common sign of a poor hip core and other core muscles is constant and recurrent pain in the lower back.
If your back especially the lower back hurts for no specific reason, this means you have a weak core.
The back and abdominal muscles play an essential role when it comes to balancing your body. If these muscles are weak, your back will face pain now and then.

3. Bad Balance

Ever felt like falling or unable to stand in lines for long periods? If you feel so more often, chances are you have weak core muscles.
A bad balance can make you feel dizzy or as though you are spinning when you actually are standing or sitting still. Such balance problems not only lead to severe pain but also result in falls.

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Stress in your shoulders, hips as well as tiredness from standing or sitting for long can all be signs of poor core.
You can also perform a balance test to determine whether your balance is poor. You can stand on one foot and close your eyes. If you cannot stay still for ten seconds at the least, your balance is far below good.

4. Muscle Weakness

If you face muscle weakness in any part of the body, you might have a weak core. Muscle weakness refers to a lack of muscle strength. If you feel weakness in your arms and legs without any underlying condition, your core muscles are weak. This is because core muscles provide the required stability to our arms and legs for a proper movement.

5. Hip Or Groin Pain

The area where your upper thigh and lower abdomen meet is your groin area. Problems with your hip joint can result in hip or groin pain. Hip pain can be caused due to some problems with your ligaments, muscles, tendons and tissues that cover your hip joint.
If you are facing hip pain that continues to create problems for your body, you may have a poor hip core.

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Strengthening Weak Core Muscles Naturally

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Core Exercises

A poor core can mess with our day to day lives. If not treated properly it can also result in many debilitating conditions. There are ways you can adapt to strengthen your poor hip and other core muscles. Some of these are:

Core Strength Exercises

Core Strength Exercises play a very important role in strengthening your abdominal, back and hip muscles. You can do these exercises on a mat and repeat each of these about five times in the beginning.

1. Bird Dog:

Bird Dog is one of the great exercises to improve your core muscle strength and your back muscles. It is bodyweight floor exercise that strengthens your core muscles especially lower back, butt, thighs and the abdominal muscles.

2. Planks:

Planks are incredible core strengthening exercises that increase the flexibility of your muscles. They can help in making your lower back strong. It also strengthens your hamstrings as well as the arches of your feet.

CBD Joints
CBD Joints

3. Glute Bridge:

This exercise is very effective in toning your glute muscles and hamstring muscles, hip muscles, lower back muscles and the core stability muscles.

4. Side Plank

Side Plank is helpful in strengthening the sides of your core muscles. It is a killer core exercise to strengthen your oblique abdominal muscles. It can also help in toning your shoulders and legs from heel to the hip.

5. Dead Bug

This core muscle exercise helps in increasing the deep core strength as well as helps in improving the stability of the hip and trunk.

Using CBD Oil For Weak Hips and Core

One of the powerful and popular ways to strengthen your core muscles as well as relieve its symptoms is Cannabidiol or CBD Oil. This organic remedy is extracted from the cannabis-based hemp plant and is completely non-psychoactive in nature which means this cannabinoid will not make you feel euphoric when you will consume it.

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CBD has been studied for its variety of therapeutic and medicinal properties. When consumed this cannabinoid interacts with the naturally occurring cannabinoid receptors present in the Endocannabinoid System of our body and provide relief in various health issues such as pain, anxiety, depression, inflammation, appetite, and more.


The pain-relieving properties of CBD make it a viable alternative for treating pain arising due to poor hip and other core muscles. This includes lower back pain, hip pain, pain in the groin area, pain in muscles, etc. Studies reveal that CBD can be an effective remedy when it comes to treating pain which is difficult to manage. Source

CBD calms down our nerves and provides a feeling of relaxation within a few minutes of entering our body. Research also suggests that CBD can work as a muscle relaxer thus relaxing our muscle from general weakness.

Moreover, CBD is also a potent anti-inflammatory and helps in reducing inflammation arising in any pain related to weak core muscles. You can simply massage CBD oil or CBD Pain Balm daily on your core muscles such as the back, lower back and hip. It will not only relieve your pain but will also make your core muscles stronger.

Stand Balanced With Strong Core Muscles

A strong core will not only help us do our daily activities properly but will also mitigate the chances of any further muscle injury. You can start with CBD Oil along with certain exercises to make your core strong and pain-free. CBD is the most organic and safe option for reducing the symptoms of poor hip and other core muscles. Furthermore, it is also effective in keeping your core strong.

We hope you liked this article on ways to strengthen poor core muscles along with using CBD for weak core muscles. If you have any suggestions for us or want to share your CBD experience, write to us in the comment section below.

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