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Using CBD To Recover From Upper Respiratory Infection Naturally

One of the most common illnesses that result in absence from school or work is the Upper Respiratory Infection, the common cold. It is estimated that during a one-year, around one billion people in the U.S. will suffer from this condition.URI refers to an infection that affects our nasal passages and throat. It is highly contagious and a person may transmit the virus via touching, sneezing, and coughing. There is a high risk of developing a URI, in an enclosed space such as an office, a classroom, or home. There are many ways to treat such an infection. One such natural and effective way to boost your immune system and prevent such infection is Cannabidiol or CBD. This remedy is a natural way of relieving URIs and their symptoms. Today we will let you know more about this infection and how you can use CBD to alleviate the symptoms of Upper Respiratory Infection.

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About Upper Respiratory Infection

A URI or Upper Respiratory Infection refers to an infection that occurs when a virus enters our body through our mouth or nose. This infection affects the upper air passages which include the larynx, the nasal cavity, the nasal passages, and the pharynx.

Adults can get two to three URIs per year. Young children are more prone to this condition as their immune system is still developing. They may get six to eight URIs per year.

Symptoms Of Upper Respiratory Infection

Winters and fall are the most common times for URIs to develop. The most common symptoms of a URI include:

1. Sneezing
2. Coughing
3. Congestion and discomfort in the nasal passage
4. Excessive mucus
5. A runny nose
6. A sore throat
7. Fever
8. Nasal Breathing

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Causes Of Upper Respiratory Infection

Upper Respiratory Infection
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The most common causes of URI are viruses. There are more than 200 viruses that can be blamed for causing URIs. The most common virus which can cause a URI is Rhinovirus.

You may develop a cold if you come in contact with someone who is infected with the common cold. If an infected person with a URI coughs or sneezes, small amounts of virus enter the air. If you breathe the same air, the virus is most likely to enter your body via your nose.

Other risk factors that may result in a URI include:

  1.  Being in enclosed or crowded areas such as hospitals, schools, etc.
  2. Not washing your hands frequently
  3. During the fall and winter season
  4. Weak immune system
  5. Having an autoimmune condition
  6. Contact with a group of children
  7. Smoking or Second-hand smoking

Treating Upper Respiratory Infection

URIs are usually self-diagnosable and resolve on their own by following certain home remedies. Visiting a doctor is advisable when your symptoms last more than a couple of weeks or become severe.
Moreover, you should also consult your doctor if you find difficulty in breathing, you are unable to swallow, or the infection is recurring.

Certain options of treatment include:

  • Steam Inhalation and gargling with salt water for relief from the symptoms.
  • Nasal decongestants to improve breathing. But repeated use can cause rebound nasal congestion.
  • Drinking plenty of fluids such as water, apple juice, soup, etc.
  • Take over-the-counter medicines such as Antihistamines, pain-relievers, and decongestants to relieve the symptoms.
  • Resting and staying indoors as much as possible
  • NSAIDs such as ibuprofen can also be used for relieving body aches and fever.

Use CBD To Relieve From Upper Respiratory Infection

Treatment options such as Nasal Decongestants, OTCs, and NSAIDs were given to treat the symptoms can have certain side effects. Moreover, you need to take care while giving these to your children. Therefore, it becomes very important to use something which is organic, has no side effects, and at the same time is safe for your child.

One such natural remedy which is safe and effective in relieving various symptoms of upper respiratory infection is CBD.

Full Spectrum CBD

This supplement can also be given to your children as it is completely safe for them. CBD is derived from the hemp plant and is free from any THC content i.e. it will not make one high.

Some of the amazing benefits of CBD in treating URI are:

1. CBD Fights Pain

Common Cold can also cause severe pain and aches such as body pain. Moreover, chronic pain can also lead to common flu. Taking NSAIDs to treat body aches and discomfort may result in adverse side effects. CBD, an organic remedy can be used to relieve from such ache arising from URI. CBD is a natural analgesic and has been shown to inhibit the absorption of anandamide receptors which is associated with regulating pain. Various studies have also shown that CBD can be potentially used to treat pain which is difficult to manage. Thus, CBD can be effectively used to calm your body, reduce pain and instantly provide relief in common cold.

2. CBD Boosts Immune System

Ultra Strongest CBD Oil
Ultra Strongest CBD Oil

Another amazing way CBD can help in relieving the symptoms is by fighting the inflammation and boosting our immune system. This cannabinoid possesses anti-inflammatory properties which may help with nasal congestion, discomfort in the nasal passage, and other symptoms of URI. CBD is said to interact with the receptors present in the Endocannabinoid System and thus help in boosting our immune system. Moreover, this remedy is well-tolerated and not toxic at all.

3. CBD Induces Sleep

Common colds or URIs can also cause sleep issues and make it difficult for you to sleep peacefully at night. CBD is also a well-known sleep inducer and can be effectively used to fight such sleep problems. Adding CBD to your daily routine can help in relieving the discomfort arising from URI and help you get a relaxed sleep at night.

4. CBD Fights Bacteria

CBD is also said to possess certain anti-bacterial properties. Research states that CBD has intense antimicrobial properties and can be used along with other cannabinoids to fight virus and bacteria causing the common cold. It protects our immune system thus acting as an antiviral remedy against different types of virus and bacteria. Thus, regular consumption of CBD can be really effective in fighting the common cold and flu. It can also stop the common cold from recurring in the future.

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Try CBD For Upper Respiratory Infection

If you are prone to Upper Respiratory Infection or work at places where you are more likely to be exposed to the virus, trying CBD can be a safe and organic option for you. The best part about using CBD is you can give it to people of all ages without having to worry about its side effects. This natural remedy will make your immune system stronger as well as will reduce the symptoms of URI. You can take CBD in many ways such as adding CBD oil to your food, vaping CBD via vape pens, ingesting CBD capsules, directly taking CBD drops, or applying CBD topicals on the affected area offered by ThoughtCloud.

We hope after reading this article, you will start taking this natural remedy for URIs. If you have any suggestions for us, let us know in the comment section below!

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