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Oral hygiene is an important part of your health. If you are not very particular about oral care, you might suffer from diseases like cavities and inflammation of gums. Dealing with such diseases can be really painful. However, it has been observed that CBD can be used to treat tooth pain. CBD is being regarded as the product of the century. It is a highly beneficial product which is being used for the overall improvement of human health. CBD can be used to get relief from intense pain. It can also be used to get relief from mental conditions like stress and anxiety.

Can CBD relieve Tooth pain?

Cannabidiol (CBD) assists in oral hygiene by balancing the endocannabinoid system of our body. According to research, CBD has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Adding a few drops of CBD oil to your toothpaste can reduce pain and can also help you to get rid of harmful bacteria. As a preventive measure, you should brush your teeth at least twice a day and use a mouthwash every now and then. Don’t forget to floss as well.

When you don’t take care of your oral health, you can become a victim of various gum diseases. Your gums can become infected and swollen and pain usually comes along with this. When your mouth becomes infected with germs, it may cause bleeding of the gums, which is also known as gingivitis. Another thing to look out for is plaque and cavities in teeth, which have a yellow appearance.

Is CBD Good for Teeth?

According to research, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties which are beneficial for helping you to get rid of the pain. This property of CBD helps in treating toothaches. It has various other properties which can be used to deal with dental problems.

As per the studies, It also has antiseptic properties which are used to alleviate pain. It is even used to reduce the sensitivity of teeth and gums. CBD can control the mouth bacteria, Streptococcus Mutans, which eliminates the bacteria that is responsible for the decaying of teeth. CBD has shown positive results in treating major oral problems like jaw locking and teeth clenching occurring mainly due to stress. CBD relieves stress and anxiety which helps you to live a healthier life.

What are the best CBD products for Pain Management?

Many CBD products are available online to treat dental pain. Here is the list of the best CBD’s that you should consider adding to your oral hygiene routine:

Hemp CBD Oil Tinctures:

cbd and tooth pain
Buy – Full Spectrum CBD for Sleep & Pain

The easiest way to use CBD for toothaches is to apply a drop of CBD oil in your toothpaste. When you brush your teeth, it allows the CBD particles to penetrate to the roots. Another way to take in CBD is to swish some oil into your mouth. You may also add a few drops of CBD hemp oil to lukewarm water and shake it, rinse your mouth with it for a minute. This will help you to get instant relief from pain.

CBD Chewing Gum:

CBD chewing gum can be used to get rid of plaque. Saliva contains calcium, carbonates, and bicarbonates which prevent tooth decay and pain. The endocannabinoid receptors present inside the submandibular glands stimulate the secretion of saliva which removes plaque and treats oral cavities.

Toothpaste Containing Hemp CBD Oil:

These days, toothpaste is also infused with CBD oil. Such toothpaste is ideal for dealing with gum ailments, tooth decay, and bad breath. You can also prepare CBD-infused toothpaste at home. Some of the natural ingredients which are used to make such a toothpaste are baking soda, coconut oil, and peppermint oil along with Thought Cloud CBD oil. CBD toothpaste can be an excellent tooth whitening agent.


CBD can be used in diverse ways and it’s a good idea to include CBD in your daily health routines, especially when it comes to oral hygiene. CBD products are extremely beneficial for our health. Hence, choosing CBD products wisely according to the requirements is a very important task. For more information regarding any of our CBD products, you can stay tuned with us!

Let us know in the comments which CBD oil you have used and how was the experience!

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