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CBD For TMJ: Does CBD Oil Help TMJ Pain?

Feeling pain in the lower jaws indicates the signs of having Temporomandibular Joint Pain. Several pieces of evidence claim the benefits of CBD in rendering relief from different ailments. As the blog progresses to move forward, you will understand the benefits of using CBD for TMJ. Also, you will attain more clarity on whether CBD Oil helps TMJ Pain.

TMJ pain starts when a person is unable to speak fluently or fastly. The pain in the lower jaw hinders eating and speaking typically. Individuals feel discomfort in sleep due to TMJ pain. Nevertheless, finding a suitable product infused with CBD for TMJ discomforting pain is also a formidable task for every person, whether experienced or new to using CBD.

So better suggested to look for brand reputation, check CBD ratio, and third-party lab reports. For more surety, users can also speculate on reviews and ratings for products of CBD for TMJ Pain.

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Understanding Temporomandibular Joint Pain(TMJ)

TMJ is the acronym for Temporomandibular Joint, playing the role of slide hinge attaching Jawbone present on both sides of the ears to the skull.

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What Is TMJ Pain?

Generally, this problem creates severe pain in the lower joint, including the muscles regulating the Jaw movement. However, TMJ pain could occur for several reasons, but not one the researchers are still exploring. The stressful pain in the lower joint might include the various aspects of arthritis or injury in the jaws due to playing.

While people face discomfort in chewing food properly, forcefully clenching and grinding their teeth, basically known as Bruxism, well, you can’t say its TMJ because some people are accustomed to this way of eating and never go through TMJ Pain.

In most instances, feelings of intense pain and discomfort due to TMJ Pain occur for some time, implying that it does not stay long. Unless a person doesn’t use CBD, they can undergo home remedial measures that are given at the end of the blog.

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Here are the symptoms of TMJ to help people detect the presence of this (TMJ) pain. 

  • Pain all over the face or neck
  • Stiff muscle of the lower jaw behind the ears.
  • Pain hindering Jaw movement
  • Intense Headache
  • Breaking sound from TMJ affected area
  • A sudden shift in jaws alignment, known as Malocclusion

Major Causes Of Stressful TMJ Pain

Primary reasons for TMJ pain include depletion of joints, jaw structure since birth, Bruxism, and Arthritis. But other underlying health factors are deprived sleep, continual stress, orthodontic braces, unhealthy diet (eating food traps between teeth and jaws), and change in posture leading to the strain on the face and neck. These factors have not shown any effects on creating TMJ Pain.

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Can CBD Help With TMJ Pain?

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CBD can help with various sorts of pain, including TMJ pain too. Since there is limited research on CBD for TMJ Pain, let’s go through the given research study and reports.

Per a study report published in 2019, people administering CBD products help them cope with TMJ Pain. Users felt improvement and relief by using CBD for TMJ pain. Another study report revealed the oral administration of CBD serves pain-relieving impacts. As well it enhances jaw movement in people having TMJ problems.

CBD has pain relieving impacts for chronic pain, in general. As per the research study, CBD serves a pain-relieving influence in dealing with chronic pain. As well, CBD regulates natural sleep and alleviates inflammation.

As per study reports, CBD helps to cope with neuropathy pain, neck pain, back pain, knee pain, elbow pain, and arthritis pain. As per the 2017 study report, there were 1219 patients, of which selectively 11 randomized controlled trials were given to determine the ability of CBD to reduce neuropathic pain. Another research study revealed the efficiency of CBD for pain management in arthritis. Preclinical experiments on animal models helped to portray the positive impacts of CBD.

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Other Remedial Measures For Treating TMJ Pain

Here are several measures to ease the pain resulting from the TMJ problem. 

  • Chew slowly
  • Eat soft foods that do not get stuck between the teeth or jaws.
  • The application of Ice is effective in curbing the swelling.
  • Do not move your Jaws frequently; speak less, or you will feel the pain.
  • Perform Jaw Stretching exercises, reducing discomfort for some time. It will help you with jaws expansion.

During intense pain, you may also take suggestions from the doctor to be safer before administering any product to reduce the TMJ Pain.

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The Bottom Line

The CBD for TMJ blog sums up everything in a blog. The blog also provides a precise idea of the TMJ problem and its symptoms and causes. Several study reports and research studies determine the ability of CBD for TMJ pain and improve the jaw movement for the users to chew and speak without having any problem.

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