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CBD for Tattoo Aftercare

How To Use CBD for Tattoo Aftercare? CBD Tattoo Aftercare Cream!

There was a time when tattoos were just for the outcasts of society or sailors. But, over the last 20 years, this trend has seen a significant change. Tattoos have become socially acceptable and more than 40% millennials have tattoos in the US now and tattoo industry is growing. This 40 % includes not only entertainers but also people like suburban moms, attorneys, doctors, and even pastors. Getting a tattoo has certainly become a popular practice among the people, but still, most of us are unaware of what to do after getting a tattoo. This part is as important as the choice of your tattoo as improper tattoo aftercare can lead to severe skin infections.

So, to help you better understand the process of tattoo aftercare, we have compiled a list of simple steps that would help you to take care of your new tattoo while it heals. But, before that let us take a look at the importance of tattoo aftercare.

Why is Tattoo Aftercare Important? | Healing Tattoo

CBD For Tattoo Aftercare

The healing process of your tattoo is extremely important. But, throughout history, it has not been considered an important part which has resulted in severe complications over time. But, with time the necessity of tattoo aftercare has increased severely. Moreover, tattoo aftercare is not only responsible to save you from skin infections, but it also helps your tattoo to look crisp, sharp and colorful forever. Remember, caring for a new tattoo is completely your responsibility and you must take it up as soon as you get up from the tattoo artist’s chair.

Tattoos are not just art. They are also a type of wound caused by the fast-moving needle of the tattoo gun used to inject ink deep into the skin. So, in order to protect this wound from germs, bacteria and other environmental factors, aftercare is needed. If proper care is undertaken it ensures that you remain infection free and recover quickly from this wound. Now that you know why aftercare is important, let’s take a look at what can be caused if proper care is not taken.

What Are The Effects Of Improper Tattoo Aftercare?

CBD For Tattoo Aftercare
Tattoo Aftercare Source: Will Keightley via Flickr Commons

Tattoos are permanent marks or designs carved on your skin with a hand-held machine that helps insert pigments through pricks into the skin’s top layer. It acts like a sewing machine and has one or more needles to pierce the skin and insert tiny ink droplets repeatedly. Mostly done without anesthetics, it may cause some bleeding and mild to potentially significant pain. Since tattoos go inside our skin they can cause complications and skin infections so the healing tattoo is must have process. Some of complications are.

  • Allergic reactions caused due to low-quality tattoo dyes. Common with red, green, yellow and blue dyes, it causes itchy rashes or inflammation at or near the tattoo site. It can occur even after years of getting tattooed.
  • Skin infections and other skin problems like granuloma. This leads to the development of inflammation around your tattoo. Tattooing can also lead to an overgrowth of scar tissue leading to keloids.
  • Bloodborne diseases like MRSA, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C can also be contracted if the needles used for your tattoo are contaminated with someone else’s blood and lead to infection.
  • Sometimes tattoos can also result in MRI complications. This is a rarity but may cause burning or inflammation in the tattooed area as soon as you undergo an MRI exam. In some cases, the quality of the image obtained is not as good because the tattoo pigments interfere with the image
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Steps To Undertake For Tattoo Aftercare

Depending on where you get a tattoo in the tattoo industry, tattoo artists have to follow a few guidelines for tattooing and their aftercare. But, in seven states there are no regulations at all and even in states where there are guidelines, not everyone is aware of what the right steps are. Since there are major complications related to the improper care of your tattoo, dermatologists believe that everyone who gets a tattoo must also be made aware of the tattoo aftercare instructions to prevent infections. If you have recently got tattooed or are planning to get one, the instructions listed below will help you to properly take care of your tattoo and make it bling even after years. Take a look.

Make Note of Everything Your Tattoo Artist Tells You

CBD for Tattoo Aftercare
Tattoo Creator: Kenny Holston

If you are in Alabama, Massachusetts, Delaware, Arkansas, Louisiana, Michigan or North Dakota, your tattoo artist will definitely provide you with aftercare instructions as it is mandated by the public health department. Even if you are not in these seven states, your tattoo artist will not shy away from telling you the aftercare procedures because they also want your tattoo to look great always. Instructions may vary from studio to studio but it’s important to follow them as prescribed by your artist. One of the most common pieces of advice that every tattoo artist over the world offers is using sunscreen to prevent the tattoo from fading under the sun.

Gently Wash Your Tattoo With Mild Soap and Lukewarm Water

CBD for Tattoo Aftercare
Wash Tattoo

Your tattoo artist will apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly and cover your new tattoo with a bandage to prevent it from bacteria and other allergens as well as environmental factors. He then will advise you to wash your tattoo gently with an antimicrobial soap and lukewarm water after 24 hours. Remember to pat dry after washing and avoid using hot water as it not only hurts but can also lead to fading of your beloved tattoo.

Use High-Quality CBD For Tattoo Aftercare and Moisturization


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CBD or Cannabidiol oil is known to significantly suppress pain and inflammation and ozonate your skin naturally. Not only this, but CBD is also equipped with anti-bacterial properties that ensure that your skin is safe from bacteria. It is also the best organic way to replenish the moisture and restore life to your old as well as new tattoos. Since CBD also promotes the growth of skin cells, using a high-quality CBD oil can also help to radiate your skin and make your tattoo appear fresh forever. What’s best is that if your tattoo has already healed and you are left with a portion of CBD oil, you can use it for a number of purposes that range from fighting anxiety, depression, sleep disorders to curbing the painful symptoms of cancer.

Be Patient

The healing time of your tattoo might vary from a few days to months depending upon the size and complexity. So, keep checking with your tattoo artist about the healing process and the time you need to shed for your beloved tattoo. Do not act carelessly and ensure that intense care is taken till the time the artist demands you to. Healing is a gradual process and at least takes 2-4 weeks even in small tattoos. So, be patient. Moreover, do not wear clothes that stick to your tattoo, avoid swimming at least for 2 weeks and take cool showers.

Don’t Scratch Your Tattoo

CBD for Tattoo Aftercare
CBD for Tattoo Aftercare

If you feel a strong urge to scratch your tattoo, don’t do it. Even if it starts scabbing or develops hard layers, do not be worried. These things are normal and means that the wound caused by your tattoo is healing. Strictly do not pick, scratch, or peel it as it can remove the color on the tattoo or spoil it in some other way. Not only this, but this can also lead to the transfer of germs and thereby infection. So, be smart and do not scratch your tattoo. If the scratching prevails and is unbearable, you can gently pat, tap or slap your tattoo instead of scratching it.

Let’s See How CBD Helps in Tattoo Aftercare From Users Reactions.


Works great with cuts, tattoo healing, and especially acne! So stoked to find an amazing natural product!

Polly Mackie ( Full Spectrum CBD in coconut oil )

Wow just used the CBD serum on my tattoo and the pain is gone. I get large scale tattoos at this moment in my life and I couldn’t imagine doing it without this product. Do yourself a favor and just invest in yourself and get yourself some.

Aaron L. ( Full Spectrum CBG )

Thought cloud is the only Company I know of that has a full spectrum, isolates as well as CBG and CBN infused products. I used a 2200mg CBG infused bottle during the first part of a total hip replacement Jan of 19. My recovery was so quick. I was ice skating at 4 weeks and playing games at 6 weeks. I have shopped around for a quality product for a long while and feel this is by far the best company to purchase CBD from. I recommend this product to all my clients. I do think that unless you are able to wait for a “sale” price, it is too expensive. Make these products more assessable for more people by offering your “sale” price 200-186$ and more clients would buy this more often. I am out of this product and have been for a while cause I alway miss the “sale” price This is the biggest negative for people who want to use or try CBD but can’t spend 364$ for a 60ml bottle

Megan ( CBD Balm )

I used this to help heal a tattoo once it got to the stage of dry skin (no longer bleeding or releasing plasma) and it moisturized my skin so well that I had very little peeling and lots of color vibrancy!

Final Words On CBD for Tattoo Aftercare

We get tattoos created as they are one of the best ways to express ourselves. They become an intricate part of our personality and make us stand out of the crowd. Even though it might be painful for you, the joy of a new tattoo takes you beyond this pain. So, if you love your tattoo, taking proper care is extremely necessary to keep the tattoo fresh, vibrant and beautiful until you get old.


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