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Ways CBD Can Treat Snapping Hip Syndrome

A significant joint, the hip keeps us on the move as it aids us in walking, jumping and racing. But generally, people who pursue dance or sports where they have to constantly bend are prone to a condition known as Snapping hip syndrome. Also called a dancer’s hip, Snapping hip syndrome causes a snapping sound from the hip while walking, rising from a chair, running, or as you swing your leg. But for professionals like dancers, gymnasts, or athletes, this hip disorder can cause pain and inflammation that affects their performance. However, such a condition can be effectively healed with the plant molecule CBD (cannabidiol) that combats pain and weakness associated with Snapping hip disorder.

The Meaning Of Snapping Hip Syndrome

A joint condition that results in shifting of the connective tissue that safeguards the hips, Snapping hip syndrome leads to a particular snapping feeling that takes place because of the repositioning or realignment of the connective tissue. Your hip and femur are connected with a dense strip of tissue which aids to lower the friction within the joints and bones while moving.

Snapping Hip Syndrome

Due to frequent movement or flexion of the hip joint within a short time span, there is a loosening of the connective tissue as it is unable to entirely cushion the region separating the hip joints and the thigh bones. As there is abrasion of the hips against the Femur, a cracking sound is produced. Motion of the tendons or muscles across a bony protrusion within the hip area creates a snapping sound, which can arise inside the back, sides, or front of the hip. Mild instances of snapping hip disorder do not result in tenderness or aches and can subside if a repetitive movement in that region can be avoided.

Generally over the counter anti-inflammatory medications are prescribed to decrease the inflammation or pain that arises within the hip region. However, in more serious snapping hip syndrome cases, the connective tissue gets totally worn away due to excessive movement of the hip joints.

3 causes Of Snapping Hip Syndrome

There are three common injuries that cause snapping hip syndrome–iliotibial band syndrome, iliopsoas tendon snap, and hip labral tears. With Iliotibial band syndrome, the iliotibial band–a thick tendon along the outside of the thigh–”snaps” over the greater trochanter of the femur. With Iliopsoas Tendon snap, the iliopsoas tendon catches on any bony prominence of the pelvis causing the snap; this is the least painful of the three causes. Hip Labral Tear is the least common cause of snapping hip syndrome. It occurs when a loose flap of cartilage catches within the joint, causing the snapping sensation.

Symptoms Of Snapping Hip Syndrome

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Snapping hip syndrome often results in the following symptoms:

  • An Audible clicking or snapping sound
  • A popping sensation while flexing or bending your hip and the pelvic region
  • Pain and inflammation
  • Weakness of the leg muscle while lifting your leg sidewards or forward
  • Experiencing distress while performing daily physical activity such as walking or getting up from a chair
  • A sensation as if the hip is getting misplaced
  • At times the disorder can result in bursitis, an inflammation of the fluid-containing sacs known as bursae that insulates and cushions the hip joint which becomes painful
  • A snapping feeling within the groin because of problems inside the iliopsoas muscle
  • Tremor in the overlying skin as the snapping takes place
  • Temporary inactivity or immobility across the pelvic region due to sitting or standing for a long duration

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CBD Can Effectively Handle The Symptoms Of Snapping Hip

The cannabinoid CBD can provide succor in such hip disorder by quelling pain and inflammation and aiding the muscles to relax. However, CBD can offer relief by addressing the following symptoms:

Can Mitigate The Weakness Felt In Leg Muscles

CBD has been found to decrease spasticity resulting from muscle spasms and tightness that often leads to intense pain and unrestrained twitching. Such spasms also disturb the quality of sleep as one has to endure persistent pain, cramps or uncontrolled muscle contractions. This plant compound CBD can also reduce the pain perception and involuntary motions which no other therapy can achieve on its own.

Contains Analgesic And Anti-inflammatory Properties

CBD For Snapping Hip Syndrome

CBD is a completely different compound compared to THC and its impact is quite complex. Being non-psychoactive, it does not create any mind-altering effects, but it impacts the body to utilize its own endocannabinoids efficiently. This it does by stimulating or inhibiting different compounds within the endocannabinoid system.
For instance, CBD inhibits the assimilation of anandamide, an endocannabinoid related with modulating pain by the body. Hence, augmented anandamide levels inside the bloodstream can lower the pain experienced by a person.
Cannabidiol also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent within the brain and our nervous system which aids in mitigating pain, insomnia, and particular immune responses. Further, CBD lowers the production of pro-inflammatory cells known as cytokines which helps to control inflammation and pain in Snapping Hip Syndrome.

CBD Promotes Cartilage Growth

CBD promotes cartilage repair; cartilage is a flexible soft tissue that acts as a cushion for the joints especially inside the knee. Moreover, CBD increases bone volume, increased compressive load, and trabecular thickness besides increasing the toughness and energy to lend maximum force to femoral diaphysis (shaft or body). This cannabinoid can enhance the resilience of healed femurs and bone fragment by improving the volume of trabecular bone and the existence of non-absorbed cartilage. This therapeutic value which CBD offers can also help in hip joint disorders like Snapping hip and also in spinal cord damages as it decreases bone mineral deficiency that results from such injuries.

The Takeaway

CBD has come a long way in treating joint, tendon and muscle inflammation and accelerating the healing process of the body. Cannabinoids like CBD act both as an anti-inflammatory compound and as regulators of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) that helps in cartilage repair and reconstruction. This can help in joint problems like arthritis and hip joint disorders such as Snapping hip syndrome where injury results in the flexible cartilage surrounding the hip socket.

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