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Benefits of CBD Oil

The Best Way To Choose CBD For Sleep Problems With No THC

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If you are facing sleepless nights, then probably you are not the only one. Surveys have revealed that almost one-third of the population are affected by sleep disorders and insomnia. The problem of not being able to maintain a decent sleep routine has made people turn to pharmaceutical sedatives or prescription medications. But these have their share of side-effects and a strong remedy that can return back adequate sleep is what one needs to finally explore. Luckily, Cannabidiol has been able to give relief to insomnia sufferers and persons experiencing nightmares or other sleep disorders. Let’s find out how CBD and sleep can resolve sleep problems and what CBD products are best for treating sleep issues.

What is CBD and its benefits?

Cannabidiol or CBD constitutes one of the 100 hemp-derived compounds from the cannabinoid family. This impressive cannabinoid, found naturally in different cannabis plant strains is rising in popularity as an effective compound for relieving anxiety and sleep issues. There are minimal to no side effects for this cannabinoid compound. CBD is also non-psychoactive as the hemp plant contains least amount of THC (the high-inducing cannabinoid) which is not enough to make one high.

You can find CBD supplements for almost everything, from diminishing stress to supporting sleep patterns to reducing muscular and joint pains.
CBD communicates with your body through a string of receptors termed as endocannabinoid system that can monitor various processes involving digestion, food cravings, mood swings, chronic pain, motor control, memory, regulating temperature and sleep. Cannabinoid receptors are located all over the body allowing them to perform a wide range of tasks.
Endocannabinoids function like chemical messengers that inform your body to continue working with these processes and also when to halt. In fact, they help in the maintenance of body balance, which is called homeostasis.
Ongoing studies and research have supported that Cannabidiol and different cannabinoids supplementation can help to ease health issues like a migraines, PTSD, the chronic CNS ailment multiple sclerosis, and also sleeplessness.

cbd and sleep,CBD For Sleep Problems

Does CBD make you sleep better? || CBD And Insomnia

Poor Sleep can emanate from anxiety, hormonal imbalance, mental strain, lifestyle practices or the use of certain prescription drugs. Consuming CBD oils for sleep and pain issues helps in improving your sleep duration as well as the quality of sleep. CBD can boost the dopamine levels that help you to remain focused and productive while countering depression and rejuvenating you and helping to resist Parkinson’s disease. In fact, the chemical compounds in CBD are anxiety reducing as well. Cannabidiol oil is also effective in helping in the treatment of sleep apnea which is sleep disorder caused due to breathing problems. CBD has shown to suppress sleep apnea and it is a muscle relaxant.

Rapid Eye Movement or REM sleep disorder causes problems while sleeping properly. Researchers have found that CBD can be effective in reducing the frequency of REM symptoms and improving sleep patterns.

CBD products to be used for Sleep issues || CBD And Sleep

The use of CBD for poor sleep aid has a massive appeal because the compound has no psychoactive effects. The market has numerous CBD products available in various forms from edibles like CBD Isolate, chewing gums, candy, drops or tinctures, to pills and oils that can be vaped.
Placing CBD beneath the tongue makes the compound bioavailable in a major way because through the superficial capillaries, CBD gets assimilated into the bloodstream directly. The most common mode of CBD consumption sublingually is via cannabidiol oil.
The next most effective method of getting maximum absorption is through inhalation by smoking or vaping, which offers about 35% bioavailability. Inhalation allows CBD absorption into the bloodstream directly via the lungs into the fat cells and the brain.

The slowest process of experiencing the CBD effect is the oral route, through CBD capsules or CBD edibles. This procedure takes between one to two hours for the compound to make its way towards the small intestine that is responsible for 95% of the body’s digestion. Its advantage, however, lies in its effects lasting for a longer duration.

cbd and sleep,CBD For Sleep Problems

Unfortunately, the hydrochloric acid inside the stomach destroys cannabinoid molecules before they get the time to be absorbed by the body, as cannabinoids cannot survive in acidic environments. Hence, it becomes vital to consume CBD on an empty stomach for the passage of active cannabinoids towards the small intestine. This will prevent the destruction of cannabinoids by stomach acid.
CBD infused edibles are popular as it is a great CBD sleep aid and the perfect way to fight poor sleep in patients suffering from insomnia as well as those who suffer from low quality sleep.

Topical creams that are mixed with CBD concentrates also have brought relief to persons afflicted with chronic pain. There are also CBD-infused skin care products that are voguish and are in demand among fashionistas.
You can check out one such skin care product, the CBD ozonated coconut oil skin care cream for treating skin conditions as well as being a beauty product.

Every CBD product proves effective in inducing sleep but they have their own positives and negatives. Tinctures or drops permits greater flexibility with dosage testing. Due to its high concentration, tinctures allow high doses.
If you are seeking a CBD for sleep product and are uncertain about its dose, it is recommended that you can begin with a 5 mg low dose and raise it slowly till you find a dosage that works for you. If you prefer to take CBD before bedtime, a moderate dose between 15 to 25 mg works.

How long does it take for CBD oil to take effect?

As consumers, we want value for our money and expect to get the most out of our purchase. In the context of CBD, this means that finding a delivery process that allows the maximum CBD absorption into our bloodstream. This is known as ‘bioavailability’. The only way to achieve 100% absorption of CBD into the bloodstream is intravenously, but that is not applicable here.
Inhalation via vaping or by smoking is the second-best CBD absorption process that helps to attain 35% bioavailability. Other CBD bioavailability methods include the sublingual (putting under the tongue), and oral administration.
Convenience also plays a major part as you would like CBD products that offer ease of use, are discreet and allow carrying convenience. In such cases, chewing gums, pills or Cannabidiol oil can be a convenient option.
Select products that suit your needs the best. Many users do find the hemp unpalatable and try out capsules in its place. Capsules replicate the experience of taking nutritional supplements, although you will lose out on higher CBD absorption.
After all, it is your wellness and body that matters, and you will ultimately have to decide.

Where To Purchase CBD for Sleep Problems?

cbd and sleep,CBD For Sleep Problems

While looking for CBD, keep a few things in mind. As CBD is not regulated and standardized by companies, they may be a firm who is selling CBD products that are not authentic.
You need to find a supplier who conducts:
Testing: Credible CBD firms apply third-party testing to display the genuineness, potency and the advertised CBD content. The hemp variety draws toxins from its cultivated soil and can contain heavy metals and insecticides. CBD firms should share their details on the growing conditions related to the hemp plant they use.
Proper Method of Extraction: CBD does not emerge from the same process. Its extraction process can introduce toxic chemicals and at times suppliers looking to save money may overlook thorough extraction, and employ the use of cheap solvents like butane for CBD extraction. This allows toxic residue to remain in the finished product.

Other CBD manufacturers use ethanol or C02 for extraction which leads to the production of the purest and highest quality CBD. CBD products derived from superior quality industrial hemp are pesticide and toxin-free and utilize C02 extraction, resulting in the purest CBD.

Final Thoughts on CBD And Sleep

CBD for sleep problems combats insomnia without intoxicating effects. But you must also be cautious about some CBD oil compositions that have a low THC content, which is also applied for treating sleep disorders. This makes it worthwhile to always consult a doctor before consuming CBD oil for insomnia.

We hope you liked this article on CBD and Insomnia. Please let us know your suggestions in the comment section below.