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CBD For Sickle Cell Anemia

How Effective Is CBD For Sickle Cell Anemia?

The medical condition Sickle cell anemia functions to convert the form of your vibrant blood cells into “sickle” shape. This obstructs the active movement of nutrients as well as oxygen because of the obstruction existing inside the minute blood vessels. It is often associated with hands plus feet inflammation, slowed growth, problems related to vision and recurrent infections. Various types of complications can also result from sickle anemia like pulmonary hypertension, impairment of organs as well as stroke. At present no therapy exists for such condition except transplantation of bone marrow and other side treatments like blood transfusions as well as medications.

Various researches have however displayed that CBD for sickle cell anemia offers benefits in pain relief and anti-swelling healing. Moreover, the present research has supported the efficacy of cannabinoids in chronic pain and various symptom relief that sufferers of a sickle cell often feel. This comes as a relief for those who are subscribing to largely prescribed painkillers for coping with unexpected burning or aching that occurs.

Using CBD For Sickle Cell Anemia

A study performed at the Minnesota University disclosed the effectiveness of cannabinoids in healing the chronic pain in sickle cell sufferers. This will be helpful in patients who have to depend on strong prescription painkillers to deal with abrupt stinging or scorching that happens usually in such condition.

The application of CBD in sickle cell ailment can lead to better insights into the healing advantages of cannabinoids in treating blood disorders. Researches have hinted that cannabidiol has the potential to provide relief to the afflicted by soothing their inflammation and aches.

The Pain Factor

Sickle cell is so painful that you can find children inside hospitals connected to a morphine drip just to battle throughout the night. Though opioids are considered a working option for unbearable pain, they are not meant to be consumed for a lengthy duration. Moreover, there are greater chances of addiction and such modes of therapy are not highly suitable.

Comparatively, CBD oil does not prove detrimental to your body from lengthy use, nor is addictive and has no level of overdose. Moreover, you are not able to create tolerance as can be done in prescribed painkillers.


The early sickle cell anemia indications are swellings of the feet and the hands. This leads to intense pain that can be relieved with CBD, but the cannabidiol also aids in lowering the inflammation. As CBD communicates with the receptor CB2, it stimulates the endocannabinoid 2-AG that help to negotiate the immune reaction lowering inflammation.

Researches on Cannabidiol For Sickle Cell Anemia

A particular study concentrated on confirming the probable health advantages of CBD with regard to neurochemical changes and pain induced conduct in mice suffering from sickle hemoglobin. The findings highlighted that CBD has the capacity of attenuating pain inside the mice. You can know more about this scientific study and know more about CBD and its pain relieving property.

In sickle cell anemia, it is the gene mutation that is responsible for hemoglobin production. Hemoglobin is an RBC protein that attaches to oxygen for its distribution. The mutation that takes place in this ailment produces sickle-shaped, stiff and unproductive red blood cells. This being the main reason for sickle cell patients often complain about giddiness, a problem in adjustment to cooler temperatures and also fatigue.
That’s why those suffering from sickle cell anemia often report dizziness, difficulty adjusting to colder temperatures, and lethargy. The abnormal hemoglobin in sickle cell patients and the defective form and stiffness of the RBC(red blood cells) hampers the efficiency of the cell in distributing oxygen. This poses a huge problem as such a condition can result in capillary blockage with the cells stacked upon each other and not fitting properly into the constricted gaps representing the far away circulatory system areas.

The Way To Apply CBD For Pain And Swelling

Your day to day activities become highly painful as you get affected with Sickle Cell Anemia. Applying CBD topicals on the joints can decrease both the aches and inflammation so that your daily activities are not hampered. Topicals are helpful as they reduce the swelling on contact. You can also try out other modes like capsules, tinctures, vaping or suppositories that aid in tackling this invasive pain that makes your daily life unbearable.


Patients afflicted with sickle cell anemia have a short life expectancy. Although no single remedy exists for this type of condition, studies have revealed that CBD for sickle cell anemia can offer health benefits. Hence, it is a fair idea to ingest CBD as a supplement to your diet for treating sickle cell anemia, as it is an organic, non-psychoactive plant compound.

Moreover, though CBD oil cannot eliminate this blood disease, it adequately assists in making the pain manageable without any chances of overdose or dependence.