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How Can CBD Prove Effective In Treating Shingles?

If you ever had chickenpox in your teenage or during your childhood, you are at risk of developing shingles. Although this disease is not life-threatening it can result in debilitating pain as well as swelling. Moreover, being a viral infection, shingles can take days to settle down. A new and highly effective remedy, CBD is now being used to relieve this condition and has also helped many people in relieving pain and other symptoms arising in shingles.

Let us discuss more on this condition and how can using CBD help in its treatment.

An Overview On Shingles

Shingles refers to a painful rash that is caused by a viral infection in your body. Shingles mostly appears as a single stripe of blisters that cover around either the right or left side of your torso.

The rash arising in Shingles may be associated with a burning sensation, itching, numbness and sensitivity to touch. Though this condition is not life-threatening, it can cause severe pain and other complications.

Symptoms Of Shingles

The symptoms of shingles can affect any part of the body but they usually affect only a small section of one side of the body. These symptoms may include

  1. Pain in the affected area
  2. A burning or tingling sensation
  3. Sensitivity to touch
  4. A red-colored rash that starts a few days after the pain
  5. Blisters that are filled with fluid
  6. Blisters that break open and crust over
  7. Itching and numbness

People suffering from shingles may also experience symptoms like

  1. Headache
  2. Fever
  3. Sensitivity to light
  4. Fatigue

Usually, the first symptom of this condition can be pain which can range from mild to intense. People may also experience shingles pain without even developing a rash.

Causes Of Shingles

If you have ever had chickenpox, you are at a higher risk of developing shingles. This is because shingles are caused by the varicella-zoster virus- the same virus that leads to chickenpox. Therefore, anyone who has had chickenpox earlier may develop shingles. Once you recover from chickenpox, the virus may enter and lie dormant for years in your nervous system. After a time, this virus may be reactivated and travel to your skin via the nerve pathways thus causing shingles. The reason behind the development of this condition is unclear but it may be due to a weak immune system. It is more common in older adults and in people having a weak immune system. Also, not everyone who has had chickenpox develop shingles.

Moreover, a person suffering from Shingles can also pass this virus to anyone who isn’t immune to chickenpox. This can occur through direct contact with open sores of the shingles rash. If infected, a person will develop chickenpox and not shingles unless they have previously had chickenpox.

Risk factors of this condition include

  1. Being older than 50
  2. Suffering from a disease that can weaken your immune system
  3. Undergoing cancer treatments
  4. Taking certain medications

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How Can Shingles Be Treated?

Usually, vaccines are given to prevent shingles. These include chickenpox (varicella) vaccine and shingles (varicella-zoster) vaccine. There is no cure for shingles once a person has developed the condition. However,  immediate treatment with prescribed antiviral drugs can speed up the healing process and reduce the chances of developing any complications. Medications given during shingles include

  • Acyclovir (Zovirax)
  • Valacyclovir (Valtrex)

Your doctor may also prescribe medications to relieve pain, numbness and other symptoms. This condition usually lasts between two to six weeks.CBD Pain Balm

Using CBD Topicals To Relieve Shingles

Cannabidiol or CBD has become popular for relieving a variety of health issues. This is because CBD has the potential to bind with various receptors present in the Endocannabinoid System of our body. The ECS present all over our body helps in maintaining homeostasis by regulating many bodily functions such as pain, mood, appetite, immune system and more. CBD by interacting with the receptors present in the ECS helps in treating different health issues related to these functions. CBD is well known for its anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and anti-viral properties that make it a potent cannabinoid in relieving the symptoms of Shingles.

Moreover, when combined with essential oils and life-saving ozone, it can become an amazing remedy to relieve shingles pain and hasten the healing process.

Try Ozonated Coconut Oil CBD Topical Skin Issue Resolver For Shingles

One of the most effective ways to find relief in shingles is by applying CBD topicals on the affected area. We would suggest you apply CBD ozonated skin cream on the affected area for better relief and quick healing. This ozonated skin issue resolver is a blend of ozone bubbled with coconut oil to create a salve which can be helpful in treating shingles and other such skin conditions. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory property of CBD makes this cream really potent in relieving shingles. It can reduce the pain, itchiness and numbness when applied topically as well as can fight bacteria and viruses on site. This skin cream is easily absorbed into the skin and is also free of any side effects.

The Ozonated CBD Skin cream can help in

  • Reducing the pain of shingles
  • Relieve Shingles inflammation, redness and itching
  • Fighting Virus causing such infection
  • Inducing a good night sleep
  • Making the Immune system strong

Furthermore, this salve is effective in fighting other skin allergies such as psoriasis, acne, eczema, rosacea, sunburn, blisters and more.  It is completely safe for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, as well as all humans and pets.

Heal Shingles Naturally With CBD Skin Cream

Shingles bring with them a lot of pain and discomfort and can take weeks to heal. Thus, it becomes essential to treat this condition so that its complications can be reduced. Applying CBD cream to your shingles can be really beneficial in treating as well in faster healing. Moreover, CBD being non-psychoactive will also not make you, nor it will have any negative side effects on you.

We hope you found this article on CBD for shingles informative. If you have any suggestions for us, drop them in the comment section below.

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