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pinched nerve

Using CBD For Pinched Nerve | Pain In The Compressed Nerve

Cannabidiol or CBD is a very effective remedy in relieving from many health conditions such as anxiety, pain, appetite loss, epilepsy and much more. This cannabinoid is also being researched extensively for its various medicinal and therapeutic qualities. Its amazing properties make it a safe and non-psychoactive cannabinoid and beneficial for treating a variety of injuries as well. One such injury that CBD can effectively treat is a Pinched Nerve. Let us know more about this injury and how can CBD treat it further in the article.

What Is A Pinched Nerve?

When too much pressure is applied to a nerve, it causes a pinched nerve. This pressure is applied by the surrounding tissues such as cartilage, muscles, tendons, or bones.

This leads to an uncomfortable sensation, numbness, or pain to the affected nerve which may radiate into the shoulder and travel down the arm and into the hand.

What Are The Symptoms Of Pinched Nerve?

Pinched Nerve Pain
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Mostly, the pain associated with this condition starts at the neck and travels to the arms. The most common symptom is the pain which can be burning or sharp.

Some other common symptoms of a pinched nerve are:

1. Pain in the compressed nerve such as the neck or lower back
2. Radiating pain such as sciatica.
3. Muscle Weakness in the affected nerve
4. Numbness or Tingling sensation
5. A Burning sensation
6. Weakness will perform certain activities

Balm with Full Spectrum CBD and CBG
Balm with Full Spectrum CBD and CBG

What Causes A Pinched Nerve?

Anything that increases the compression around a nerve can cause a pinched nerve.

A pinched nerve can be caused due to repetitive motion disorders. It may also happen by holding your body in one position for long periods.

Some other common causes of a pinched nerve can be leaning on elbows, having a habit of crossing legs, and poor posture.

Herniated Disc and Arthritis can also cause pinched nerves as they can cause pressure on the nerve roots which can result in nerve pain and discomfort.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can also cause a pinched nerve. Other conditions which may cause the nerve to compress are:

  1. Injury
  2. Stress From Repetitive work
  3. Sports activities
  4. Overweight
  5. Wrist Arthritis

If the pressure on the nerve continues, it can result in chronic pain and permanent damage to the nerve can occur.

Some factors that may increase the risk of a pinched nerve can be:

How Can A Pinched Nerve Be Treated?

In order to treat a pinched nerve, it is very important to rest the affected area. Other treatment options include:

1. Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can be recommended in order to strengthen and stretch your muscles in the affected area. These exercises can relieve pressure on the nerve.

Your doctor might also recommend you wear a splint or soft collar in order to limit the motion of the affected nerve.

2. Medications

CBD Vape

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen, aspirin can also be recommended to reduce the pain and inflammation. But these OTC are not preferable as they can cause side effects.
Steroid injections can also be given to reduce the inflammation of the pinched nerve.

3. Surgery

If the above treatment options do not work, you will be recommended surgery.

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Home Remedies For Pinched Nerve

There are many other ways a person can use to relieve a pinched nerve. These include:

Sleep and Rest

In order to heal a pinched nerve, it is very essential to give it some rest. Therefore, you should make sure that you have some extra sleep. Sleeping and giving your body some rest will speed up the repairing process and the symptoms will reduce quickly.

Changing Posture

A poor posture can worsen your pinched nerve. Standing or sitting in the wrong posture can put unnecessary stress on your body thus increasing the chances of a pinched nerve.

Sitting in a proper posture, using cushions, and adjustable chairs while sitting can help in strengthening your body and allow the nerve to heal.

Stretching and Yoga

In order to heal the pinched nerve, you can perform gentle stretches and yoga as well. This will help in relieving the tension and pressure in the affected nerve. You must make sure that you do not stretch too deeply and this can worsen your symptoms.

Ice and Heat Packs

Inflammation can be reduced by alternating between heat and ice packs. A combination of heating and cooling can help in increasing blood circulation which may relieve pain and inflammation.

Apply an ice pack over the affected area for about 15 minutes a few times a day in order to relieve the inflammation.

Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes can also help in reducing the symptoms of pinched nerves as well as reducing the chances of further damage. You can add low-impact exercises such as swimming, walking, and bicycling to your daily routine.

Obesity can also be a risk factor for the pinched nerve. Therefore, losing extra weight can also help in reducing the pressure on the nerve.

Adding CBD To Your Daily Routine

cbd CBG for pain

CBD is a very potent cannabinoid in treating the pain and inflammation caused by a pinched nerve. Adding CBD oil to your daily routine cannot only relieve the symptoms of pinched nerves but can also strengthen your bones and muscles. This cannabinoid binds itself with the receptors present in the Endocannabinoid System of our body and helps in relieving chronic as well as acute pain.

Studies suggest that CBD is an amazing anti-inflammatory remedy and thus helps in reducing the pain and inflammation caused by a pinched nerve.

Moreover, this cannabinoid has also been researched and is being used by many to treat various types of pain including that of a pinched nerve as well.

You can take CBD oil in different ways such as vaping, applying CBD topically, adding it to your food, or simply via mouth that is sublingual. The effective properties of this cannabinoid work together and provide relief to the pinched nerve.

Studies have also suggested that CBD can be used to speed up bone healing and formation. It helps in slowing down bone degeneration and relieves the pain arising in any bone-related injury.

Relieve Pinched Nerve With CBD

It is very important to treat a pinched nerve as it can cause severe pain and discomfort in the affected area. Using OTC to relieve from the pain and inflammation can lead to adverse side effects. Therefore, it is very essential to use a natural alternative like CBD. This alternative will not have any side effects on you if taken in recommended dosages and will also act naturally thus relieving the pain and inflammation caused by a pinched nerve.

We hope you liked this article on CBD for pinched nerve. If you have any suggestions for us, please drop them in the comment section below.

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