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CBD For Morning Anxiety

Try This Incredible CBD Morning Routine To Ease Your Morning Anxiety

Does waking up in the morning makes you feel anxious? Are mornings the worst part of your day?
Waking up in fog or waking up worried about something that happened last night? If you experience any of these above-mentioned signs, chances are you have morning anxiety. Though not a medical term, morning anxiety can be a really difficult situation. It refers to waking up in the morning feeling stressed and anxious about something.

How to Beat Morning Anxiety?

Anxiety can be really tricky. It can come at any time of the day and during any situation. Morning anxiety can be really stressful. It can make your day worse as well can be a cause of other anxiety disorders such as GAD, panic attacks, etc.

Morning Anxiety Symptoms

When you are suffering from morning anxiety, you may feel:

  • Stress or worry for no reason
  • Increase in blood pressure
  • A rush of adrenaline
  • Exhaustion after waking up
  • Feeling restless or on edge without any reason
  • Feeling Irritated

What Causes Morning Anxiety?

There are a few factors that can result in morning anxiety. These include:

  1. Higher amounts of stress hormones in the morning.
  2. Drinking coffee in the morning can worsen symptoms
  3. Eating something that has lots of sugar
  4. Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Types of Anxiety Disorder

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • Panic Disorder
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

How Can I Deal With Morning Anxiety?

Anxiety is not at all pleasant but it is a treatable condition. You can treat this condition if you look after your morning habits.
There are a number of ways that you can adapt to get away with this morning anxiety and unwind yourself from all the morning stress.

To help you tackle your mornings happily, we compiled a morning routine that can work wonders for you. Following this morning routine daily can help in making you love waking up daily.

Wake Up Early

waking up early
Morning sickness or anxiety

The first and foremost thing we would ask you to do is stop snoozing your alarm. Many times the thought of waking up early in the morning can lead to anxiety.

Getting a 5-minute extra sleep will not do anything good for you. Instead, it will result in rushing in the morning from the minute you step out of the bed.

So you must get up at least an hour before you need to leave. Waking up early has its own amazing benefits for our bodies.
You can use this extra time to focus on yourself. You can also do things that you usually don’t do or have time to do such as enjoying a tasty breakfast, reading, or jogging.

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Stay Away From Your Phone

Smartphones are undoubtedly a great invention but these can also be one of the major reasons for anxiety.
If you are one of those, who checks their phone just after waking up in the morning, we would recommend you to stop doing that right away.

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Checking your phone for emails, messages or notifications can create a huge negative impact on your mood. A bad email can make you go from relaxed to extremely worried in no time.

Avoiding using your phone when you wake up in the morning can be a great step in relieving morning anxiety. If you use an alarm on your phone, simply turn off the alarm and set it aside.

Deep Breathing is important

Deep Breathing is an amazing exercise to chase away those thoughts that race in our minds as we wake up.

Imagine how difficult it will be if you wake up in the morning and suddenly get bombarded with anxious thoughts and worries. Start taking a few deep breaths first thing upon waking up in the morning and you will experience a complete shift in the state of mind. By focussing on your breath, you will be able to clear your mind as well as your thoughts.

Start with a small breathing exercise every morning and you will notice yourself getting calmer and more comfortable. It can be a regular breathing practice for your overall health and wellness.

Drink Some Water

CBD For Morning Anxiety

We all are aware of the positive effects of drinking water daily. When our body is dehydrated, it does not work properly.

Water is not a cure for all the health problems but it can really have a few surprising benefits on your body. Water is free and readily available for all of us. Water improves your metabolism rate as well as makes you feel less sluggish.

Drinking water every morning will also make you feel much more awake and fresh.
Other than this, water can improve your physical performance, help you lose weight, keep your skin rejuvenated as well as help your kidneys among many other benefits.

Morning Meditation for Anxiety

A highly effective and easy way to let go of those constant thoughts of worry from your mind is by practicing meditation. There have been a number of studies that suggest the positive effects of mindful techniques like a meditation on our brain.

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Moreover, the positive effect of meditation on your brain can help in dramatically reducing anxiety. Studies also show that meditation can help in rewiring your brain for a healthier and happier you.

If you are skeptical about starting with meditation, you can read books and other online material on meditation to help you get started in a much better way. Make sure to practice it daily and you will notice a significant decrease in your morning anxiety.

Exercise Is A Must

Exercise is one of the most underrated tools to relieve anxiety. It not only soothes your soul but makes you physically strong. Exercising after waking up can be an effective way to fight anxiety in full swing.

You can go for a morning jog, take a morning walk, do some good yoga, do a few stretches or perform some pushups or bodyweight squats.

Just lying back down after you wake up will bring a lot of anxious thoughts to your mind. Getting out of your bed and doing some physical movement will help in making you a calmer and happier person.

Finally, Add CBD To Your Daily Routine

This is the last step in our morning routine but a highly effective one in relieving your morning anxiety. Cannabidiol or CBD is a constituent of the cannabis plant and is extracted from the cannabis-based hemp plant. This cannabinoid has been studied in relieving different types of anxiety disorders such as Generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks, social anxiety, and much more. Smoking CBD in the morning for anxiety is the best.


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About 4 months ago I started taking CBD oil to help relieve pain from an old back injury. . Oh my gosh. . Yes it helped with my back pain but what I didn’t expect was the relief from my daily stress and the general unease I seemed to always have in the back of my mind. I was getting my days started sooner and getting more done. I was being more assertive and speaking up. I was staying more focused during long work shifts. Taking CBD oil feels like a weight lifting off my shoulders! . I can’t recommend this stuff highly enough. I wish I had started taking it sooner so I urge you to give it a try; don’t wait like I did. If you have any questions let me know. . #cbdoil #cbdhealth #cbdlife #cbdheals #cbdlove #naturalmedicine #naturalremedies #naturalhealing #naturalhealth #naturalliving #mothernature #mothernatureheals #beachbum #beachlife #oceanview #thoughtcloud #thoughtcl0ud #embracelife #lovelife #loveyourself #selflove #selfcare #mentalhealth #emotionalhealth #positivevibes #positiveenergy

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Adding CBD to your morning routine can help a lot in reducing your overall stress and morning anxiety. It works by regulating the serotonin receptors present in your brain. These serotonin receptors play an important role in managing your stress by influencing various biological and neurological processes such as aggression, anxiety, appetite, cognition, learning, memory, mood, nausea, sleep, and thermoregulation.

A small double-blind study of patients suffering from GAD was performed by Brazilian researchers. After CBD administration, participants reported a significant reduction in their anxiety We would recommend you to try Full Spectrum CBD Oil by Thoughtcloud CBD. CBD Oil, an active ingredient is highly effective when it comes to relieving pain, anxiety, and other health-related issues. You can add a few drops of CBD oil to your morning breakfast, coffee, or tea. You can also vape CBD oil or consume it sublingually.

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How to Beat Morning Anxiety?

Our morning routine along with CBD for morning anxiety that you can follow for a happy and anxiety-free morning. Morning routines are really helpful when it comes to tackling morning anxiety but these are also hard to practice on a daily basis. Here are a few things that you can follow to make your morning routine easier:

  1. Go to bed early at night
  2. Make a schedule of what you will do next morning and stick to it
  3. Make sure to exercise during the day for a relaxed night’s sleep.

This morning routine is an incredible way to make your mornings calmer. Not only will this routine help fight morning anxiety but will also make your whole day better. Including products like full-spectrum CBD oil in your morning routine will induce overall relaxation as well as will help you carry your daily activities with full energy and enthusiasm. This routine is completely flexible so you can modify it as per your comfort.

We hope you liked this article. Please let us know your suggestions in the comment section below.


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