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CBD For Kennel Cough

CBD For Kennel Cough | One-Stop Guide For Your Dog’s Kennel Cough

There is no other animal in the world to which we humans can bond in a way as we do with dogs. They make us feel happy, safe, and protected. Dogs as pets are the most obedient and loyal creatures in the world. Our relationship between dogs and people dates back to more than 15,000 years. So much so, that dogs are considered to be the first animals to be domesticated in the world. They have been faithful for a long time and have helped us in many ways due to the varying varieties, ranging from the mighty Great Dane to the pocket-sized Chihuahua. But, love is the most important of all the things that dogs do and we tend to get worried as soon as our favorite pets get even a minute issue.

Assessing what is wrong with dogs is a bit difficult as they cannot speak and tell us the exact problem they are facing. So, to make your task easier in case your lovely four-legged companion seems anxious or low on energy, here is one of the most common issues that dogs face called kennel cough. We will cover the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and all the information you need to reduce the suffering of your most loved Labrador or Rottweiler in case he/she suffers from kennel cough.

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How does a dog get kennel cough?

How does a dog get kennel cough?

Canine Infectious Tracheobronchitis or Kennel Cough is one of the most contagious respiratory diseases diagnosed in dogs. It is usually contracted at places when many dogs come together. This is why it is most commonly spread at dog parks, boarding and daycare facilities, and even dog shows. Since it is a contagious disease, it is mostly passed from one dog to another via direct contact, airborne droplets, and contaminated surfaces that include sharing the same water and food bowls. Even though it makes your dog irritated and unhappy, the good thing about kennel cough is that it is easily treatable in most cases.

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What are the first symptoms of kennel cough?

Kennel cough is not only caused by interaction with dogs but also if your pets are exposed to cold temperatures, exposure to irritants like dust or cigarette smoke, and stress-induced by traveling. So, if your affectionate pets get affected by Kennel a cough due to these causes, the first symptom that your pet will develop is a cough. This cough is different from a normal cough though. It persists for a longer time and has a more coarse sound due to its forceful nature. Other common symptoms that might occur are a running nose, sneezing, illness, and eye discharge. Some dogs may lose their appetite or feel low throughout the day as a result of kennel cough.

If your dog is feeling low on energy, is constantly sneezing, coughing, or seems unhappy, and making unusual noises that sound like choking then there are chances that your four-legged friend has contracted kennel cough. Since kennel cough can be treated at home, immediate medical attention is not needed. If the symptoms become severe, then you can consult the vet. The veterinarian will diagnose your dog for the symptoms listed above. She may also inquire about the dog’s history of spending time at a boarding facility, or puppy shelter. She can run tests for bacteria and viruses, or blood to identify the exact pathogens that may have caused it. Sometimes, x-rays are also taken to ensure that it is not bronchitis.

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What can I give my dog to ease kennel cough?

Kennel cough is an extremely contagious disease. So, the first thing if your dog starts developing symptoms of kennel cough is to keep them in your home. This will not only keep your pet safe but also ensure that all his friends also do not contract kennel cough from your dog. But, don’t be disheartened as your pet can become healthy within a week if you follow the right treatment and ensure extra care. Usual kennel cough can be treated at home and you do not need a vet. This is because natural remedies are way better than chemical antibiotics. Also, if your dog will heal naturally, it will ensure that his immune system becomes strong enough to fight infections in the future. Some of the natural remedies are.


Not only for humans, but honey can also help dogs to cure a sore, dry throat. This is because honey coats their throat and provides lubrication in their dry throat as well as is antibacterial. Mixing the honey in some warm water and feeding it to your pet can help soothe the pain and the irritation caused.

CBD For Kennel Cough

CBD, a natural remedy is a trending ingredient of the normal items industry and is the focus of a new area of cannabis research. CBD is one of the numerous cannabinoids, or molecules extraordinarily by the cannabis family. In contrast to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC, the essential psychoactive component in marijuana), CBD is non-psychoactive, which means it doesn’t strongly affect cognitive brain activity and doesn’t cause the “high”. CBD is one of the greatest natural supplements for dogs. CBD dosages can help young and old dogs alike to enhance the immune system of their bodies.

It is an excellent agent to reduce inflammation and keep your dog relaxed while healing naturally. The best thing about CBD is that completely organic and high-quality CBD products are perfectly safe and contain almost no THC. So, your dog neither experiences the high, nor any side effects like lethargy and gets overall healing that adds up to their personality. Even better, CBD is easy to administer and feed.

How do I give my pet CBD?

It’s very easy to cater CBD-infused foods to pets. The most convenient way is CBD oils. Thankfully pets like dogs and cats quickly finish off the food in their bowels. Add a few drops of CBD oil to their food. This is a very convenient way as CBD is masked with different flavors that blend with the taste of food. Else you can also add a few drops in their water and allow them to gulp completely. You can even try out giving an oral dosage of CBD by dropping a few drops under the tongue. It’s highly advisable to consult a doctor for CBD dosage.
CBD, an incredible remedy is an organic compound that helps to improve health conditions in pets. Adapting as a daily routine helps to experience prolonged benefits such as alleviating aggressive behavior, acid reflux, and several health conditions.

How do I give my pet a CBD?

Is Kennel Cough In Dogs Fatal?

Kennel cough usually is not a serious condition. In fact, all healthy dogs recover mostly without treatment. It usually occurs for a span of 10-20 days which can be soothed up with the proper use of CBD for pets and Honey. If your dog is younger than six months of aging and old, then he might take more than 20 days to recover. The best way to understand your dog is to give him some time to heal and see if his symptoms are improving or getting worse with the natural treatment. In most cases, the dogs start to recover. But, if he does not start recovering or if the symptoms get worse, consult a vet as kennel cough can result in pneumonia sometimes.

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Final Words On CBD For Kennel Cough

Our dogs are an integral part of our families. We all have some good memories with them and if they are healthy they keep wagging their tails happily. But, there are days when they slowly stoop in a corner and feel weak and sad. This makes us sad too. So, ensure they get a healthy diet and inculcate natural supplements like CBD in their daily regime to keep them away from all health issues.

Hope this blog answers the most relevant questions related to kennel cough. If you have more questions or have different answers to these questions, feel free to mention them in the comments below.

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