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CBD For Inflammation

CBD’s Remarkable Effects On Inflammation || CBD For Inflammation

If we say, inflammation is an invitation to many life-threatening diseases, it would not be wrong. The lives of many people can be saved by taking proper preventive measures well in time before it is too late to handle. We have a long list of diseases and symptoms in which CBD is found to be an effective treatment such as arthritis, chronic pain, heart diseases, skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema, diabetes, etc.

So why it is so? CBD has been found to be an anti-inflammatory agent more potent than many other traditional medications.

To get a quick understanding of CBD For Inflammation we have given a 2009 CBD inflammation study that suggests CBD’s role as a promising anti-inflammatory agent in a number of diseases. A lot has been talked, researched, and spoken about inflammation, but what inflammation actually is, we’ll try to understand it.


Inflammation Its Symptoms And Causes

Inflammation is not a disease in itself but it’s actually a sign there is something wrong with your health. So, it can be a generic response by your body to warn you to take steps.

During inflammation, you can see some easy-to-recognize signs such as swelling, soreness, redness, itchy skin, heat, and even stomach disorders like and Ulcerative Colitis.

CBD For Inflammation

What Can Be The Causes Of Inflammation At First Hand?

Well, they can be poor diets devoid of essential nutrients, constant stress, micronutrient deficiencies, pathogens, autoimmune problems, continuous exposure to endocrine affecting harmful chemicals such as found in plastics, and polluted air.

So the causes can sometimes be coming out from your daily lifestyle and you are trying to treat the signs itself not looking for the reasons why it is harming you.

CBD For Inflammation
CBD For Inflammation

While inflammation is a completely normal process of your cellular system, chronic inflammation can be alarming. Let’s see how.

Your body defends you from the attack of infections and parasites by causing inflammation. In this process, the white blood cells clean the area by flooding it with toxic substances. It destroys the harmful invaders. Though it is needed for the well-being of your body, the stage at which it is constantly getting stimulated may be bad for your health.

Regular exposure to toxic chemicals in chronic inflammation can damage your own healthy cells and tissues. And depending upon where this happens in your body, you can see different symptoms to be appearing.

If in joints it can cause arthritis, in the brain it can cause various neurodegenerative diseases and so on. Well, what is the solution! How can you reduce inflammation or stop turning it into a chronic one? One such way is the use of CBD for Inflammation.

CBD’s Remarkable Effects On Inflammation

CBD is found to be a potent natural agent to control inflammation without any side effects such as shown by the traditional aspirin and hydrocortisone treatments given in inflammation. Let’s find out how CBD works as an anti-inflammatory agent.

I just started taking this for inflammation of my facet joints in my back. So far I think it does take off the edge of pain as well because I haven’t had to take my usual dose of pain meds! I can’t take any Motrin or Aleve so this is going to be my lifesaver! There is a slight herbal taste which I like.- Jennifer 

How CBD Reduces Inflammation? || CBD For Inflammation

Researchers have investigated two ways how CBD can be effective in reducing inflammation.

By Activation Of Caspase

Your overactive immune system may also cause inflammation. It needs to be controlled. When you take CBD, it binds with CB2 receptors of the overactivated immune cells which stimulates an anti-inflammatory protein known as caspase. This sends a signal to cause the cell death of overactivated immune cells (apoptosis). With the death of immune cells, your inflammation is controlled and cytokine production is also reduced.

There is one other way to control inflammation.

Production Of ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species)

Reactive Oxygen Species are the byproducts of metabolism. CBD stimulates your immune system to increase the generation of ROS which leads to oxidative stress. Oxidative stress causes the cell death of overactive immune cells as well as inflammation-causing cytokines. So this is another way how CBD helps reduce chronic inflammation. And all this is done without affecting your healthy cells.

CBD Controls Neuroinflammation By Influencing NCX Protein

CBD influences a certain “gate” known as NCX which is present in mitochondria. It is through this “gate” the release and uptake of calcium are regulated. As too much calcium within your cells can lead to oxidative stress, excitotoxicity responsible for the brain’s conditions like epilepsy, and multiple sclerosis, you need to regulate it.

CBD helps control neuroinflammation by balancing calcium, restoring homeostasis, and reducing oxidative stress. CBD can also stop neuroinflammation by reducing the damage to the neurons. This is done when CBD activates your PPAR receptors.

By Enhancing Our Own Endocannabinoids

Under the influence of changing the external environment, CBD can help restore your internal stability by enhancing your own anti-inflammatory endocannabinoids. Here is how.

Your body keeps on producing anti-inflammatory and analgesic endocannabinoids on its own when they bind to the receptors(CB1 and CB2). CBD prevents these endocannabinoids from getting degraded by enhancing their levels so the anti-inflammatory effect remains in your system for a longer time.

By Influencing The adenosine A2A receptors

CBD can help reduce chronic inflammation as it has the ability to influence your adenosine A2A receptors. With the stimulation of these receptors, you can expect great anti-inflammatory effects in your disorder. This, in turn, decreases the abundance of excitatory neurotransmitters and excitotoxicity leading to reduced inflammation.


Various researches are done to explain the inflammation-reducing effects of CBD for Inflammation. It has got an excellent safety profile as it comes without side effects.

So you can expect great results in your inflammation problems. But make sure you stick to hemp-derived CBD oil or any product. It is a non-psychotic, potent, and safe anti-inflammatory substance gifted to you by nature.

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