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Effective Ways to Manage Huntington’s Disease Naturally

CBD Manage Huntington’s Disease Naturally,CBD For Huntington’s Disease

Natural therapeutics for a major illnesses, such as Huntington’s disease, are in high demand . But still, there have not been many successful compounds or drugs that have been able to combat Huntington’s disease that well. Even if they do, there are chances of side-effects and the treatment cannot be deemed to be completely safe. And with the number of people increasing rapidly in western countries, the number of neurodegenerative diseases like Huntington’s and Alzheimer’s are also increasing. Most of these diseases are accompanied by dementia, c by physical changes in the brain, dementia is a loss of memory or other mental abilities and interferes with your day to day activities. This is the main symptom of Huntington’s too and is a symptom that has got most researchers in the world confused. We will see later how can we deal with dementia but before that let’s first understand what Huntington’s disease is.

What Is Huntington’s Disease?

More prominent in people after their 30s, the Huntington’s disease or HD is an incurable disease that affects the brain and leads to cognitive, progressive movement and psychiatric symptoms. It is a rare disorder that affects almost 4 to 8 people per 100,000. It is known as a ‘family disease’ as it can be passed genetically but this is not always true. It is a 50% chance. Some of the most common symptoms of HD include extreme personality changes, memory loss, and weakened motor skills that make it hard to live a normal life. Even worse, life expectancy reduces leading to death in the next 15-20 years after the onset of symptoms. Although Huntington’s disease is still incurable, there are drugs, therapies and environmental changes that are prescribed to slow the progression of this lethal disease. Let’s take a look at them.

Traditional Treatments for Huntington’s Disease

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Currently, there is no cure for Huntington’s disease. But, treatment and help from the close ones can reduce the issues caused by HD. There are no specific drug treatments for HD available as of now. Doctors usually prescribe a number of medications to make life easier by reducing the progression of the symptoms. Some of these most commonly prescribed drugs include antidepressants like Prozac, Zoloft, and Celexa to cure mood swings and depression. Some doctors also prescribe paroxetine, venlafaxine, escitalopram, and fluoxetine especially for irritability and to ease mood swings, and benzodiazepines or tetrabenazine to reduce involuntary movements.

The bad news is that although these may help you control the symptoms mildly, they have too many side effects. Some of the most common side effects include loss of appetite, mood changes, fatigue, and insomnia.

But, don’t be sad, as there are better ways to combat the symptoms of Huntington’s disease naturally without any side effects. Let’s take a look at them below.

Manage Huntington’s Disease Naturally In These Simple Ways

CBD For Huntington’s Disease
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The severity of HD is such that even daily tasks like eating, getting dressed and moving in your house can be both be physically and mentally exhausting if you have HD. So, making things easier in everyday tasks might help with simple things like electric toothbrushes and can openers. If you have problems communicating you can use alternative methods of communication like picture charts. The best thing about these natural treatments is that they are completely safe and have no side effects on the body or the mind. In fact, most of these ways have found to be more effective than the traditional drugs prescribed for HD. So, let’s take a look at them in detail below.

CBD For Huntington’s Disease

CBD For Huntington’s Disease
CBD For Huntington’s Disease

CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the many organic cannabinoids extracted from the hemp plant. The interaction of CBD with the endocannabinoid system helps to ease the symptoms of Huntington’s disease. Not only for HD, but CBD is also effective against other neurological disorders due to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Reducing inflammation is one of the best ways to slow the progression of the symptoms of HD. Not only these, but CBD also works as an anticonvulsant, to control the seizures and involuntary movements. CBD also affects the serotonin levels keeping a check on anxiety, depression, or hyperactivity. The best thing about CBD is that it is completely safe, natural and has no side effects. Moreover, it can be used in a variety of ways ranging from oils, lotions, creams, bath bombs and vape juices. The best of all, CBD helps to enhance memory and increase short term memory.

Maintain Physical Activity

CBD For Huntington’s Disease

Lethargy is one of the most prominent symptoms of Huntington’s disease. So, staying as active as possible can help reduce the effects of both physical and mental symptoms. Due to problems with balance and coordination, simple things might seem to be complex. So, doing things like walking daily with aids or maximizing your movements in your house is a good physical activity, to begin with. If you will go to a physiotherapist, they will recommend an exercise plan that includes light stretching and moving of your joints and massages. Not only for neurodegenerative diseases but sustained physical movements are also important for cardiovascular health and other severe complications too.

Adjust Diet to Stall Weight Loss

CBD For Huntington’s Disease

Weight loss is also a big issue that accompanies Huntington’s disease. This symptom can occur even before the development of obvious symptoms and continue even after a large intake of food. So, the diet is of importance too. Maintaining a high-calorie diet that is easy to eat and prevents loss of weight is a must. Make sure that the food is soft and chewy as it keeps becoming hard for people with HD to chew normally and safely with time. Also, checking if the diet has all the essential nutrients and calories is critical. Going for a high-calorie vegan diet that includes nut butter, olive oil, and sweet potato is also a good choice. Don’t worry about your appetite as CBD will take care of that.

Cognitive Training

Brain training for HD,CBD For Huntington’s DiseaseHuntington’s disease involves memory loss and doing daily things looks impossible. So, offering cognitive training to yourself by following a proper schedule, routine and reminders for daily life can help you a long way. Also, the family and caregivers should ensure that the environment should be such it limits stress, makes decision-making easier, and intrigues curiosity. Some of the simple techniques to ensure this takes place is by using calendars and clear schedules, setting reminders, keeping things organized, setting priorities, breaking down complex things into easy steps and avoiding any conflicts, or fights with anyone.

Physical and Occupational Therapy

Physical and Occupational therapy are great to reduce the most pivotal symptoms of Huntington’s disease. Extremely underused by people who suffer from HD, physical therapy is the most ideal way to reduce mobility deficits, falls and improved gait issues. Occupational therapy, on the other hand, focuses on general life skills and helps enhance the quality of life. So, inculcate simple breathing exercises, speech therapy along with physical and occupational therapy to lower the motor inability skills of Huntington’s disease in an easier way.

Ready To Combat Huntington’s Disease Naturally?

We hope you are now ready to beat the symptoms of Huntington’s disease naturally without any doubt. We pray that you live with a smile for the rest of your life by inculcating these simple yet effective techniques and elements in your life to make it easier and more fun.

If you are suffering from Huntington’s disease or know anyone around you who is suffering from it, be careful and helpful to yourself and them to make things happy for everyone.

If you have better ideas, treatments or want to tell your story with HD, feel free to write in the comments section below.

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