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Using CBD For Horses

Using CBD For Horses That Puts Them Back On Racecourse

Horses are equally prone to health problems whether they perform as load bearers or in the sporting or racing circuit. In fact, the nutrition of a horse is as complex as human nutrition is and its diet also requires supplementation of omega -3 fatty acids that help in balancing the omega – 3s omega-6s. Besides, it is also vital for the absorption of different fat-soluble vitamins

Integrating CBD for horses in their nutrition can hugely benefit our furry friend. In addition, many industries are now concentrating on such products that are developed with equine health in their minds whether as gel capsules, salves or the direct method of consumption through tinctures. At its root, CBD Hemp oil can treat a wide range of anxiety concerns in horses, thoroughbreds and also pets.

Can CBD Oil be Used on Horses?

CBD is the one of highly researched cannabinoid extracted from cannabis-based hemp plants. It is non-psychoactive (non-high inducing) in nature and has nil side effects, When the cannabinoid CBD accesses the body, its influence is harmonized by the endocannabinoid mechanism which is a physiological setup that is naturally present in every mammal. This mechanism comprises various receptors as well as neurological pathways. Moreover, it is also involved in handling a complete variety of bodily operations like pain, inflammation, appetite, neurogenesis, mood and also metabolism.

Quite favorably, it occurs in the manner that the endocannabinoid set up actually generates two compounds called anandamide or bliss molecule and 2-AG that are very similar in structure to CBD and other compounds of the hemp plant. Therefore, therefore adding CBD Horse Pellets to your horses’ diets enacts the impact of the chemicals produced naturally by your body. By replicating such effects, it provides a boost to the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and helps to maintain the balance and also relieves the body from various symptoms. CBD has a high graph of combating diseases like joint inflammation caused by arthritis or brain inflammation resulting from conditions such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.

General Health Problems Of Horses:

Arthritis in Horses:

Arthritis in Horses
Arthritis in Horses

As horses lead an active life, it is very normal for them to experience joint impairment. This degeneration usually occurs in the knees and fetlock. Know more about Arthritis in Horses

Gastric Ulcers:

Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome occurs commonly in horses and at times are due to the presence of other factors. Moreover, ulcers are a general medical condition that occurs commonly in horses and foals. Other colic conditions are also present as a result horses are affected by diarrhea, poor appetite, low-performance level, dull coats and even changes in their conduct.

Proximal Suspensory Desmitis:

CBD For Horses
Treating Arthritis in Horses

Such a medical condition involves ligament swelling generally of the suspensory as well as collateral within the legs and joints of the coffin. The symptom mostly found in desmitis is hobbling or lameness.

Laminitis in Horses:

CBD For Horses

In laminitis, chronic swelling occurs in the laminae, a tiny structure made of soft tissue and located inside the hoof that results in serious pain.

Colic in Horses

CBD For Horses
Colic In Horses

Colic results in serious abdominal pain and covers every gastrointestinal condition which leads to pain. It involves abdominal pain that is exclusive of the gastrointestinal tract. Colic has been a major cause of equine death. Generally, colic may involve a simple obstruction, gas buildup or a pull inside the digestive tract but majority of colic episodes occur from unknown causes or is idiopathic.

These above-listed conditions can be debilitating and are defined by pain and swelling. However, CBD has been able to curb pain signals as well as routes inside the body resulting in prompt relief from various kinds of pain. Additionally, CBD also activates the endocannabinoid system which in turn initiates different bodily processes that assist in reducing inflammation and also pain sensitivity.

It goes without saying that CBD has, for this reason, become an effective medication for arthritis, IBD or ailments associated with pain and inflammation. Thus, by interacting with the cannabinoid receptors, CBD is able to begin a sequence of complex biological events that alleviates joint inflammation.

Horses Too Require Nutrients As Humans Do

CBD For Horses

Similar to humans, horses also require a wide range of nutrients as well as minerals for upkeeping a healthy frame. Europe has become a market leader in hemp feed for the animals as it has recognized the easy and affordable cultivation of the hemp plant that offers useful animal nourishment.

In fact, the CBD hemp oil derived from the flowers and stalks of the hemp is replete with cannabinoids or the natural compounds. CBD drawn from hemp have a high CBD content and very low THC. Due to this aspect, CBD hemp oil gives you the immense benefits associated with the hemp plant minus the psychoactive influence of THC. Cannabinoids traced inside the hemp are exclusive compounds that can turn yours as well as your pet’s ECS to make the body function at its optimal health level.

Supplementing your horse’s diet with hemp that is packed with Omega fatty acids, GLA and the 9 amino acids helps in their nutrient and fiber build up. CBD Horse Pellets are quite popular.  Besides, horses will be able to retain their performance levels, whether they compete at racecourses, work or are simply domesticated.

What Makes CBD Crucial For Horses || Using CBD For Horses

CBD For Horses
CBD For Horses

After all, the effectiveness of CBD as an antispasmodic, analgesic and anti-swelling agent makes it so crucial for horse keepers. More so, because the primary cause of limpness in the horse is due to joint disease. This health problem turns into a deteriorating health condition for horses and also affects its longevity as well as the ability to perform.
Exclusive research, presented by the Univ of Kentucky directed towards arthritis in rodents, found a decrease in joint inflammation that can help in mitigating the concerned pain.

The study concluded on the therapeutic capacity of the CBD for horses in providing pain relief from arthritis and various pain linked behaviors. Since CBD for horses is easy to consume with the addition of hemp seeds into the nourishment of horse or through tinctures containing CBD infused hemp oil, CBD pastes, Capsules as well as topical ointments and balms.


Till date, what emerges is that the impact of CBD on pain management more so the joint pain has furnished encouraging results. With a majority of positive studies concluded on CBD for swelling and pain control the ambit for CBD has widened further with promising discoveries. It is astounding to know about the interaction of CBD upon horses with such an extensive therapeutic effect.