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Hip Bursitis pain cbd use

Benefits Of CBD In Treating Hip Bursitis

Cannabidiol or CBD has become an amazing remedy to help with many health issues such as anxiety, pain, depression, epilepsy, and many more. People are loving this cannabinoid for its amazing therapeutic properties as well as its safe usage. Therefore, it is gaining so much popularity among the masses. Chronic pain is one of the most difficult to treat the condition and one such condition that causes severe pain in the hip is Hip Bursitis. It is a very common problem among athletes. Today we will discuss how CBD a natural remedy can help in the treatment of Hip Bursitis.

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What Is Hip Bursitis?

A Hip Bursitis refers to an inflammation of the bursa which is a sac filled with fluid. This bursa acts as a cushion to our tendons, ligaments, and muscles. They help these muscles and tendons glide smoothly over bones. In total, a human has over 150 bursae.

When the bursa present in the hips become inflamed they result in Hip Bursitis. The two major bursae of the hip are the trochanteric bursa and the ischial bursa. When either of these bursae is inflamed it results in pain around the hip area.

What Are The Symptoms Of Hip Bursitis?

Symptoms include joint pain and tenderness You may likewise observe swelling and feel warmth around the affected area. The pain is regularly sharp in the first few days. It could be dull and pain-filled later. You may see it more when getting out of a chair or bed. You may likewise see it when sitting for quite a while and when sleeping on the affected side. Acute bursitis generally flares over hours or days. Chronic bursitis can last from a couple of days to several weeks. Chronic bursitis can go away and come back once again. Acute bursitis can get constant in the event that it returns or if a hip injury occurs. Over the long run, the bursa may turn out to be thick, which can make swelling worse. This can prompt limited movement and weakened muscles (called atrophy) in the area.

Symptoms Of Hip Bursitis

What Causes Hip Bursitis?

  • Causes of Hip Bursitis are mentioned below:
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Gout
  • Pseudo Gout
  • Injury of the Hip
  • Diabetes
  • Uneven length of the legs
  • Spine Problems such as Scoliosis
  • Bone Spurs (bony growth on the top of the normal bone) of the hip
  • Overuse of the hip

How is Hip Bursitis Diagnosed?

Your doctor will examine you and ask about your symptoms. At times certain tests might be expected to preclude different conditions that can cause similar symptoms. These tests may incorporate X-rays and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

How Can You Treat Hip Bursitis?

The treatment option for hip bursitis usually involves non-surgical treatment options. Major treatment options of Hip Bursitis include:

Full Spectrum CBD In Coconut Oil
Full Spectrum CBD In Coconut Oil

1. Taking NSAIDs
Taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen or Naproxen can help in relieving the inflammation and pain arising in hip bursitis.

2. Following RICE :
Another important way to relieve inflammation and pain is following the RICE principle. RICE principle refers to taking proper rest, applying ice packs, wrapping the affected area to prevent swelling, and raising the affected part of the body above the level of your heart.

3. Physical Therapy
You may also be prescribed exercises to increase your hip strength and flexibility. You can also use assistive devices such as crutches or a cane to give your hip some support.

4. Steroid Injections
Injection of a corticosteroid may also be given to relieve the symptoms of hip bursitis.

5. Surgical Treatments
If the bursa remains inflamed and painful even after all the above treatment options, your doctor might prescribe you Surgery.

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Using CBD To Relieve Hip Bursitis

Full Spectrum CBD Tincture
Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

As discussed above, one of the highly potent remedies which can be used to relieve the symptoms of Hip Bursitis is CBD. This cannabinoid is a safe and amazing supplement to treat Hip Bursitis. CBD is extracted from the industrial hemp plant and is completely non-psychoactive i.e. it will not make you high at all.
CBD has been studied to treat difficult to treat pain and inflammation by working with the Endocannabinoid receptors. Benefits Of CBD in treating hip bursitis include:

CBD Relieves Hip Inflammation

Inflammation is one of the most common symptoms of Hip Bursitis. In fact, Hip Bursitis itself is an inflammation of the bursae present in the hip. Usually, NSAIDs are recommended to treat the inflammation arising in such conditions but these NSAIDs carry with them various side effects that may cause major harm to your body if consumed for longer periods. Therefore, it is very essential to use something that is natural and does not have any side effects on you. CBD is one such alternative to NSAIDs which can be taken to relieve and completely treat inflammation. This cannabinoid is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties and has also been researched to treat inflammation. You can easily take CBD in whichever way you want to reduce your hip inflammation.

CBD Relieves Pain Issues

Pain and stiffness around the hip and joint area are other major symptoms that take time to go. Again taking corticosteroids or NSAIDs to reduce such pain is not the best option as you might have to suffer from severe side effects. You can try CBD to reduce the pain arising from hip bursitis as CBD has amazing analgesic properties and has been researched to treat various types of pain. Moreover, CBD also treats chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis which can be a reason for hip bursitis.

Balm with Full Spectrum CBD and CBG
Balm with Full Spectrum CBD and CBG

CBD Calms Muscles

Your muscles get stiff when you are suffering from hip bursitis. CBD has been known to have antispasmodic properties and is very beneficial in relieving muscle spasms and stiffness. Thus, this cannabinoid can be used to calm the muscles and reduce the stiffness and discomfort arising in hip bursitis.

CBD Induces Sleep

Due to pain and discomfort arising in hip bursitis, sleep becomes a really difficult thing. You face pain while sitting or lying down in one place for a long. CBD possesses incredible sleep-inducing properties and can be added to your daily routine for a peaceful and relaxed sleep at night. CBD calms you down and relieves the pain thus helping in a good night’s sleep.

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Let us see how CBD has helped people with Bursitis

Tracy van Lieshout (Full Spectrum VAPE CBD)

Amazing product! My go-to treatment for Bursitis, which I experience frequently due to RA. I could not function before I had my CBD; now my pain is minimal, and the full function returns within hours of taking my drops. I honestly do not know how I coped without it! My CBD has given me hope for the future. Thank you so much ThoughtCloud!

Debra Bombardier (Full Spectrum CBD in coconut oil)


Carmen (Full Spectrum HIGH CBN Blend Pain and Sleep Formula)

Improved my tremendously, now sleeping 7 plus hours a night versus 4 or, and has helped dull my husband’s hip pain.

Michele (Sustainable Isolate CBD in coconut oil)

Love this stuff. It has really helped with my hip pain. I’ve had 2 surgeries and finally just accepted that my hip will always cause me pain. Well, this oil has significantly reduced the daily pain I used to feel. So happy I made this purchase.

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Can bursitis of the hip be prevented or avoided?

You can abstain from getting bursitis by not putting an excess of strain on your hips. Maintain a strategic distance from exercises that are particularly troublesome or difficult. Furthermore, take breaks to rest your hips. At the point when you work out, recall to heat up your muscles and afterward stretch to prevent injury. In case you’re overweight, losing weight can help diminish stress on your joints, including the hips. Building strength in your hips with an approved workout routine can enormously decrease your odds of getting bursitis. Ask your doctor what types of exercise are best for you.

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Final Thoughts on CBD for hip bursitis

Hip Bursitis is a very common condition, especially in women and old age people. If you or your loved one is going through severe hip pain or hip bursitis, it’s very important to get them diagnosed. Proper treatment is very necessary to relieve symptoms such as pain and inflammation. Combining CBD with some rest and ice can be really helpful in reducing hip pain and inflammation. Furthermore, this is safe and will also not have any side effects on you. You can start with CBD for hip bursitis today and experience its amazing benefits by yourself.

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  1. Rubbed CBD ON PAINFUL hip. After three days much better. Now am applying for diabetic foot pain. Just started today – 3-30-21. I often get nasal congestion. Will try CBD on that too. Might even try on my enlarged prostate.

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