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CBD For Facet Joint Dysfunction

Reasons To Try CBD For Facet Joint Dysfunction

Facet Joint Syndrome is where the facet joints get worn and ripped resulting in the thinning or disappearance of the cartilage. This can cause the underneath bone of the joint to produce an excess of bone spurs and swelling of the joints. Such arthritic joints or osteoarthritis that generate back pain upon movement can be effectively treated with the plant-derived cannabidiol CBD that is stacked with therapeutic properties.

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What Facet Joint Dysfunction Means

At the back of your spine, there are spinous processes, and perched within the vertebral bodies in your lower back are the facet joints. They are the building blocks of your spine and are stacked above each other and denote the spinous process within the posterior end of the spine. These facet joints spread down the complete spine in pairs on either side and they contain a synovial membrane that permits movement of the spine. Facet joints help to stop the vertebra from sliding into the one below. Every joint contains small nerve fibers that offer a painful stimulus whenever the joint gets injured or disturbed. Inflamed facet often results in strong muscle spasms.

Facet joint syndrome refers to joint pain between the two vertebrae within the spine. Another word for facet joint syndrome is osteoarthritis. These spinal joints or facet joints make the back flexible thereby enabling you to bend and turn.

Facet Joint Causes


The facet joints with time are liable to degradation and wearing away and can dysfunction leading to degenerative disease, more so, if some traumatic incident occurs. They can become arthritic and you can develop facet joint arthritis which is a normal stage that happens with age.

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Causes Behind Facet Joint Dysfunction

Healthy and strong facet joints assist the spine and permit a wide range of bending and twisting movements. These joints can get inflamed and sore due to various conditions like osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, traumatic injuries like a car accident, and also from degenerated discs. Facet joint dysfunction or breakdown also arises due to torn discs.

Discs function as shock absorbers for your spine and are comprised of a sturdy exterior portion and a soft interior portion. The soft interior part can absorb the shock, but the strong outer portion can tear from degeneration or injury. The torn or ripped discs are unable to absorb stress effectively which results in excessive force getting transmitted towards the facet joints. After the torn discs of the lower back fail to absorb the stress, the facet joints are the next to suffer from pressure overload, get injured, and become inflamed, thereby causing muscle spasms and the cycle of back pains.

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Symptoms Associated With Facet Joint Dysfunction

The paired joints or facet joints within the spine whether the lumbar, cervical, or thoracic can create an inflammatory action that leads to pain not only inside the facet joint and the surrounding capsule but also in enclosing muscles that surrounds the facets. However, some of the symptoms linked with facet joint dysfunction are:

  • Experiencing distress while bending or twisting the spine
  • If suffering from facet joint syndrome of the cervical spine (neck) you have to turn the entire body for viewing left or right
  • If facet joint syndrome affects the lumbar spine (lower back) it becomes difficult to straighten the back or rise from the chair.
  • Pain, dullness, muscle debilitation, and weakness affect various parts of the body depending on the nerves that are affected. If your cervical spine nerves are affected the symptoms may emerge in the neck, arms, shoulders, and hands. Likewise, if the nerves of the lumbar spine are involved the symptoms will show in the regions of the legs, feet, and buttocks.

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CBD Assists In Relieving Facet Joint Dysfunction

The potential of cannabinoids in regulating pain and inflammation makes it a promising option to treat various kinds of inflammatory joint disorders. This can also help in inflammation of the facet joint which contains cartilages and gets inflamed due to various factors. The amazing properties of CBD can help facet joint dysfunctions in the following ways:

CBD Relaxes Spastic Muscles

At times, inflammation of the facet joints also results in intense pain within muscles surrounding these paired joints at the posterior of the spine. CBD has antispasmodic properties and acts as an anticonvulsant and regulates muscles spasms.

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When there is severe pain in the facet joints, the body utilizes a self-protective process by dispatching the nearby muscular structure -the paraspinal muscles into spasm for safeguarding the arthritic joint. Sadly, such a mechanism causes reduced flexibility and muscle function besides greater pain.

CBD works as a muscle relaxant by disrupting neurological transmission at the location of the muscle. In this manner, the spastic signals emanating from the Central Nervous System are halted, with the muscles getting relaxed and shut down. Cannabinoids like CBD and the receptors on which it acts play an integral function in the interactions between muscle bands and the neurons that regulate them.

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CBD Helps In Cartilage Tissue Repair

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The facet joints contain cartilage that restrains bone friction. Any injury or infection of the joints can aggravate the natural rupturing of cartilage tissue. A decrease in the normal cartilage tissue level can result in some kind of arthritis. CBD helps in building cartilage and repair tissues as it contains collagen which is a glue type of protein and is a major constituent of connective tissue which constitutes various body parts like ligaments, tendons, muscles, and skin.

CBD Regulates Pain And Inflammation

CBD can attach to particular receptors that aid in regulating pain perception and swelling. Studies have revealed the potential of CBD to block pain connected with osteoarthritis, lower joint inflammation, and also acts prophylactically to safeguard joints for countering pain. CBD has also displayed its capacity to affect endorphins, which are hormone groups that cause an analgesic effect and are a pain reliever. CBD can reduce the inflammatory pain in facet joints by influencing the manner in which pain receptors react to stimuli.

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Conclusion On CBD For Facet Joint Dysfunction

CBD has proved itself as the medicinal compound that can treat arthritis pain and regulate chronic pain by influencing the response of the brain to pain signals. On account of its anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, analgesic, antioxidant, and muscle relaxing properties, CBD can offer specialized treatment in a variety of health issues of inflammatory joints, low bone density, and various types of arthritis-like in facet joints, muscle spasticity, and degenerative disc conditions as well to name a few.

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