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CBD For Dyslexia

Can CBD Prove Helpful For Dyslexia?

When we read something, our brain connects letters to sounds and puts those sounds in the right order to help us process and comprehend them. People suffering from dyslexia have trouble processing words or numbers. It is a type of learning disability that includes trouble learning to read, even if they are smart enough to learn. CBD has been studied to relieve dyslexia symptoms and improve cognitive function as well. Let us know more about dyslexia and its treatment via CBD. 

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What Is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia refers to a learning disorder resulting in trouble reading and comprehending words due to problems such as identifying sounds of speech. 

According to The Yale Center For Dyslexia & Creativity, ” People with dyslexia have trouble matching the letters they see on the page with the sounds those letters and combinations of letters make. And when they have trouble with that step, all the other steps are harder.” Children and adults suffering from this disease face problems in reading fluently, spelling words correctly, learning any language, and many such problems. But all these problems have no connection with their intelligence. In fact, “dyslexia is an unexpected difficulty in reading in an individual who has the intelligence to be a much better reader. “

Signs Of Dyslexia

It is difficult to recognize the symptoms of dyslexia before your child starts school. However, some early signs may indicate that there is something wrong. 

Signs before beginning school:

Symptoms during school age

Once your child enters school, his symptoms become more apparent. These include:

  • Reading slowly than other children of their age
  • Cannot differentiate between certain words or letters
  • Trouble recalling the sequence of things
  • Difficulty finding differences and similarities in letters and words
  • Trouble speaking
  • Forgetting how to spell words even after reading them 
  • Struggling in following a series of instructions
  • Writing numbers or letters backward such as d instead of b

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Symptoms in Teens and Adults

Some common symptoms that teens and adults with dyslexia face include:

  • Difficulty in reading and reading aloud
  • Slow and effortful reading as well as writing 
  • Difficulty learning any foreign language
  • Trouble memorizing
  • Mispronouncing names and words
  • Difficulty learning or summarizing anything
  • Spelling problems

Causes Of Dyslexia

Dyslexia is said to run in families. This condition is said to have a link with genes. A child is more likely to suffer from dyslexia if his parents, siblings or other members of the family have it. 

It is related to how our brain processes reading and learning as well as different risk factors present in the environment. 

Risk Factors of Dyslexia include:

  • Premature birth or low birth weight
  • Family history or any other learning disability
  • Exposure to drugs, nicotine, or infection that may impair brain development in the fetus during pregnancy
  • Brain level differences
  • Cognitive level differences

Treating Dyslexia

There is no cure for dyslexia but proper treatment may help a patient cope with it successfully. There are different types of evaluation techniques opted to improve a child’s symptoms. Under federal law, someone diagnosed with a learning disability like dyslexia is entitled to extra help from the public school system. A child or teen suffering from dyslexia requires a specially trained teacher or reading specialist to learn how to read and spell better. Specific educational techniques and approaches can be adopted by teachers that involve a hearing. touch and vision to improve the reading skills of the child.


Parents should also help children by addressing the problems early, reading aloud to their children, working with their school, encouraging reading time, and supporting them emotionally. You can make your child understand that he is not lazy or stupid and they are giving their best in learning. 

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Using CBD To Fight Dyslexia

A natural and highly potent way to help your child fight dyslexia is by giving him CBD. Cannabidiol or CBD is a cannabinoid that is extracted from the hemp plant and is well known for its many therapeutic and medicinal properties such as in treating pain, anxiety, depression, ADHD, epilepsy, and many more chronic health issues. This cannabinoid is completely non-psychoactive in nature and does not have any side effects as well. Similarly, CBD can also help a person deal with dyslexia. This remedy will not treat dyslexia but will improve a lot of symptoms that a child having dyslexia might face. One of the most common symptoms of Dyslexia can be Attention Deficit Hyperactive Syndrome. IN ADHD, a person finds it difficult to stay attentive and concentrate on things which is also what happens in Dyslexia. 

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), almost 50 percent of children diagnosed with ADHD also have a learning disorder such as dyslexia. Scientific evidence state that CBD can prove to be effective in treating ADHD. It helps in improving the symptoms of ADHD such as hyperactivity, restlessness, mood issues, and more. Children suffering from dyslexia also face anxiety which makes it difficult for them to concentrate. CBD has been studied to help with the symptoms of anxiety. A case study performed in 2016  stated that CBD may help with anxiety and sleep problems in children. Dyslexia also makes it difficult for a child to concentrate on letters and words. They also find it difficult to learn things properly and even if they do, they tend to forget what they have learned. CBD is a viable remedy that can help in improving your child’s concentration as well as learning power. It will calm his mind and will make him focus even more on his studies. 

Brain level differences can also cause dyslexia. Fortunately, organic supplements like CBD can help in improving brain functioning as well. 

The benefits of CBD for the brain include:

  1. Acting as a neuroprotectant
  2. Has a healing influence on brain damage
  3. Improves Focus by lowering stress
  4. Improves sleep by reducing brain fog

Lets Read Review Of People Using CBD For Kids

Amanda Denton Low Weight Persons Grape Flavored CBD Oil
Perfect for my kids. I give this to them every morning before school and they seem less anxious after only a week use.

Chelsie L. Low Weight Persons Grape Flavored CBD Oil 1400mg Formula
This helps my kids and me. The flavor is perfect for both kids and I use it regularly every day for both of my boys. Sometimes my husband uses it and it helps the pain in his back tremendously. We do not live without it!

Jessica Full Spectrum CBD Oil
This stuff is amazing! I bought it for my extreme anxiety and find it helps with so much more. It gives me the patience and calmness to help my child with his mounds of homework! It makes long car rides with fighting kids tolerable! It makes me feel like a new woman!

Serah L. Low Weight Persons Grape Flavored CBD Oil
Great flavor, I love having this around for when my kids might need it.

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Final Thoughts On CBD For Dyslexia

If you are searching for an alternative and effective way to help your child with dyslexia, we would suggest you start with Low Weight Persons Grape Flavored CBD Oil Formula. This formula is made from the purest and highest quality hemp plant and is highly beneficial in relieving the symptoms of Dyslexia. It will also not make your kid high as well as will not have any side effects as it contains no THC. You can simply give a few drops of CBD oil daily to your child and help him cope with dyslexia with full strength. 

We hope you liked this article on CBD for Dyslexia. If you have any suggestions for us, let us know in the comment section below. 

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