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CBD For Compartment Syndrome

How Can CBD Be Effective In Treating Compartment Syndrome?

CBD has become a miraculous remedy when it comes to treating multiple health issues effectively. From anxiety and depression to various other conditions like epilepsy, PTSD, Alzheimer’s, and many more, this cannabinoid is ruling the medicinal industry today. CBD is organic, safe, and full of amazing properties that make it one of the most popular supplements among users. One such very painful condition that CBD helps with is Compartment Syndrome. This syndrome occurs when there is huge pressure within the muscles and this pressure can reach dangerous levels. This condition is very debilitating and can cause severe damage if not treated properly. Try CBD for Compartment Syndrome as it is a natural remedy that can be effectively used to treat this syndrome. Let us read more about it further in the article.

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What Is Compartment Syndrome?

When excessive pressure builds up inside a muscle space in the body, it results in compartment syndrome.
This pressure can decrease the flow of blood which prevents the oxygen and nourishment from reaching the nerve and muscle cells. This syndrome can be acute as well as chronic.

What Happens In A Compartment Syndrome?

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Compartments refer to a section of muscles and nerves within the arms and legs. These compartments are surrounded by a very strong membrane which is known as the Fascia.
When there is an injury, it leads to blood accumulation in the compartment. Fascia being tough does not enlarge easily resulting in pressure in the compartment preventing the flow of blood to and from the compartment. This can result in a loss of oxygen to the tissues causing cellular death.


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What Are The Causes Of Compartment Syndrome?

This syndrome usually develops when there is swelling or bleeding due to an injury within the compartment. This injury or bleeding can cause severe pressure build-up inside the compartment and result in a loss of blood and oxygen.

The most common type of compartment syndrome is acute compartment syndrome. Acute compartment syndrome is mostly caused by a broken arm or leg. These compartments develop rapidly.

Some causes of acute compartment syndrome may be:

  1. After a Fracture
  2. An injury that crushed your arm or leg
  3. Wearing a tight bandage or cast
  4. Due to a severely bruised muscle.
  5. Burns
  6. A blood clot is usually in a blood vessel in an arm or leg.

Chronic compartment syndrome develops over weeks or days. This type involves repeated motion and can be caused by vigorous and regular exercising or activities like tennis, swimming, or running.

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How Will I Recognize Compartmental Syndrome? || Common Signs And Symptoms

If you are facing severe pain that doesn’t go away even after taking medication or keeping the affected area at an elevation, you have acute compartment syndrome.
Other symptoms of acute compartment syndrome include numbness, tingling, or electricity like pain in the limb, swelling, tightness, and bruising around the affected area.

The most common type of symptom of chronic compartment syndrome is pain and cramping while doing any physical activity like exercising. This pain usually goes away in a few minutes after you stop exercising. If you continue the activity, it may last longer.

Other symptoms of this type include numbness, a bulge in the injured area, having problems while moving the affected area.

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How Can I Treat Compartment Syndrome? || Treatment Options For Compartment Syndrome

The treatment recommended in this syndrome usually focuses on reducing the pressure on the compartments. Acute compartment syndrome is mostly treated with immediate surgery in order to reduce the compartment pressure. Other treatment options include:

The treatment recommended in this syndrome usually focuses on reducing the pressure on the compartments. Acute compartment syndrome is mostly treated with immediate surgery in order to reduce the compartment pressure.

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Other treatment options include:

1. Giving Oxygen through the mouth or nose
2. Keeping the affected area above the heart level (elevation)
3. Pain Medications

If you have developed this condition due to a tight bandage or cast, it will need to be removed or loosened.

In chronic compartment syndrome, non-surgical treatments may be recommended by your doctor. These include:

1. Avoiding the activity that caused it
2. Stretching and physical therapy exercises
3. Anti-inflammatory medicines to treat inflammation
4. Resting, icing, and elevating the injured part

If all these methods do not work, you may require surgery.

How Can I Treat Compartment Syndrome Naturally? || Using CBD For Compartment Syndrome

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Usually, the final treatment option in both types is surgery. It is not preferable as it may lead to certain complications. Furthermore, the medications given in reducing the pain and inflammation can result in adverse side effects. Therefore, it is very essential to use something which is organic and at the same time is a safe option to treat this syndrome.
Cannabidiol or CBD is one such safe and natural remedy that can be used to relieve compartment syndrome.

Some amazing benefits of CBD for compartment syndrome are:

1. Reduces Inflammation:

Inflammation is one of the most common symptoms of compartment syndrome. Moreover, if you exercise daily, you may feel inflammation post-exercise. This inflammation if not treated can lead to chronic compartment injury. CBD can be extremely effective in managing the inflammation caused in the injured area. Adding CBD to your routine can prevent muscle injuries and also reduce the swelling arising pre and post-exercise or during any physical activity.

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2. Relaxes Your Muscles:

The heavy pressure that builds up in the compartment results in this syndrome. CBD is known to have antispasmodic properties. Thus, CBD relaxes the muscles and helps in proper movement. It will calm down the muscle tension and also help in properly decreasing the pressure build-up in the muscles.

3. Relieves Your From Pain:

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People suffering from compartment syndrome find it difficult to move or even walk due to the excruciating pain in the injured area. This pain does not go away even after taking proper medications. Moreover, it becomes chronic when you perform a certain activity such as yoga or exercise. Using CBD oil daily especially before and after performing a particular activity can reduce the pain substantially. You can just apply a considerate amount of CBD on the affected area and see how it relieves you from the chronic pain arising during this syndrome.

4. Provides Sleep and Relaxation:

You might face it difficult to sleep and relax due to the pain and uneasiness arising during compartment syndrome. Instead of going for pain-relieving medications that can lead to side effects, you can start with CBD oil. This cannabinoid is the ultimate sleep-inducer. CBD can have a calming effect on your body thus resulting in relaxed and peaceful night sleep. Therefore, if you are finding it difficult to sleep at night, you can definitely go with this organic and zero side effect remedy to treat your sleep issues.

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CBD for Compartment Syndrome

If not treated properly, compartment syndrome can lead to severe problems. Therefore, it is very important to treat this syndrome and the symptoms related to it. Taking CBD oil with some home remedies such as rest, ice, and elevation can reduce the pain and inflammation resulting from compartment syndrome. Moreover, CBD can also relax your muscles as well as your body and give you a peaceful sleep at night. It is a safe cannabinoid and you can start with low to moderate CBD dosages at first and then increase the dosage as per the desired result. We will suggest you recommend your doctor first and then start with this miraculous remedy.

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