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CBD For Clinical Depression

Conquering Clinical Depression With CBD

There are certain moments such as the death of a loved one, failing an exam or not getting a job that we wanted which make us feel sad and disheartened. These feelings can give rise to a serious condition called Depression. But when these feelings of sadness and despair take place in your life and become persistent, it is termed as Clinical Depression or Major Depression. Clinical Depression is characterised by a persistent feeling of sadness, despair or loss of interest for most of the day. Moreover, it also becomes difficult to easily snap out of such depression. But as it is said, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, clinical depression can be completely treated as well. People nowadays are switching to this organic remedy called CBD which can be used to relieve clinical depression and bring back lost hopes in one’s life.

What Is A Clinical Depression?

Clinical depression can be considered as a persistent depressed mood for most of the day. You may feel depressed and lose interest in day to day activities and relationships as well. The symptoms of clinical depression are present every day for at least 2 weeks.

Some people consider depression as a trivial and non-genuine health condition which requires no treatment, but this isn’t true. Instead, depression is a real illness and requires treatment just like any other major health issue.

According to the World Health Organization, 300 million people around the world have depression.
16.2 million adults in the United States—equaling 6.7 per cent of all adults in the country—have experienced a major depressive episode in the past year.

How Does It Feel In Clinical Depression?

clinical depression symptoms
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Clinical Depression makes people feel depressed and sad for weeks or even months rather than just a few days. Clinical depression symptoms include:

1. Tiredness or feeling a loss of energy every day
2. Inability to concentrate or indecision
3. Feeling guilty or worthless almost every day
4. Sleeping excessively (hypersomnia) or not sleeping at all (insomnia)
5. Loss of interest or pleasure in all day to day activities.
6. Feeling restless or slowed down
7. Repeated thoughts of suicide or death
8. Significant weight gain or weight loss.

Women are at a higher risk of major depression than men.

What Causes Clinical Depression?

There is no specific cause of clinical depression. This condition can occur due to a variety of factors and has different triggers individually.

Some common causes of Clinical or major depression can be:

1. Death of a loved one or losing a loved one due to divorce or separation.
2. Job and Money issues
3. Feelings of being deprived or socially isolated
4. Life changes such as graduation, retirement, job changes or moving to another place.
5. Relationship issues.

Studies have also shown that you are most likely to feel depressed as you get older. Several factors may also combine together to cause clinical depression.

How Can I Treat Clinical Depression?

If you feel depressed for at least two weeks, chances are you are suffering from Clinical Depression. But there is nothing to worry as this condition is completely treatable.
Depending on the severity of treatment your doctor will suggest you treatment options to treat the condition. The most common option is treating clinical depression with antidepressants. Your doctor may also suggest psychotherapy, or talk therapy which can help you in addressing your emotional state. Studies state that a combination of therapy and medications can be the best option for treating depression.

CBD: The All Natural Supplement for Clinical Depression

CBD For Depression and anxiety
CBD For Clinical Depression

If you believe in natural and safe options of treating depression then using CBD can be the perfect remedy for you. Cannabidiol or CBD is an organic compound that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years due to its amazing healing properties.
Other than relieving a host of health issues, CBD has also been researched to treat the symptoms of Clinical Depression. Being safe, non-psychoactive and a herbal remedy, CBD can be effectively used to fight depression.

Research showing the benefits of CBD For Depression

Two most common mental health conditions, anxiety and depression can impair one’s personal health, social life as well as overall well-being. If not treated properly they can last for days or even weeks and can cause serious problems.

Usually, antidepressants are prescribed to treat these conditions. But these drugs can have adverse side effects. CBD, on the other hand, has shown to be promising in treating these mental health problems.

A research done in 2014, found out that CBD could be a useful remedy in treating depression. All these studies indicate that CBD can act as an antidepressant and antianxiety cannabinoid in animal models of depression.

Another review from 2018 also stated the antidepressant activity of CBD and a study was done in 2018 stated that CBD can be a promising remedy to treat Depression.

Researchers state that CBD has the ability to interact with serotonin and dopamine receptors in the EC system. It is believed that an imbalance of serotonin receptor can cause Depression which can be triggered by CBD. Thus CBD by triggering these receptors can help in relieving symptoms of clinical depression and make one feel happy and safe.
CBD being an anxiolytic remedy has also been helpful in reducing anxiety.

Moreover, CBD also possesses anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties thus helping in reducing pain and inflammation in our body.

How To Take CBD For Clinical Depression?

In order to reduce the symptoms of clinical depression, CBD can be taken in many ways. These include:

1. You can take CBD oil orally by putting some drops of CBD oil under your tongue for a minute and then swallowing it.
2. You can ingest CBD in the form of CBD capsules. Just swish down CBD capsules in no time. You can also add CBD oil in your food such as dessert, smoothies and consume it.
3. Another method of taking CBD is inhaling CBD i.e. Vaping CBD via CBD Vape Pens.
4. You can also apply CBD products directly onto the skin for easier absorption. CBD lotions, CBD balms, and salves can be some topical CBD products.

All these options can be really beneficial in relieving Clinical Depression and its symptoms. You can choose any one out of these as per your convenience.

Final Thoughts On CBD For Clinical Depression

Clinical Depression can be treated just like any other health issue and using organic remedies such as CBD can be really helpful in fighting this condition. Moreover, CBD has the ability to calm you down and help you focus more on things. You can start with small dosage initially and then increase the doses as per the desired result. We will recommend you to consult your doctor beforehand.

We hope you liked this article on CBD For Clinical Depression. If you have any suggestions for us, please drop them in the comment section below!

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