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CBD Effects on Brain

The mind is a powerful tool; it holds all of our memories and controls our bodies. It’s through these incredible organs that we make discoveries, experience emotions, and connect with others. Unfortunately, the brain’s also susceptible to all types of struggles, from memory loss to mental disorders. When our mind fails us, it can feel like we’re failing. The CBD effects on brain functionality may be able to help with these struggles.

A recent study from the University College, London looked into CBD’s impact on blood flow in the brain. They wanted to see what, if any, areas experience increased activity. Considering the number of benefits the cannabinoid can provide, understanding CBD brain interactions could lead to significant breakthroughs in understanding the compound.

Checking Out the Study

A research team at the University College, London, looked into the effects of CBD on the brain. They choose participants who have never tried cannabidiol, administering them 600mg CBD capsules or placebos. The pills looked precisely the same, so the participants didn’t know what they received.

To determine the effects of CBD on the brain, the participants underwent MRI brain scans. Those who received the CBD experienced increased blood flow to the prefrontal cortex and the limbic system. More specifically, the orbitofrontal cortex and hippocampus. In case you aren’t neurologists, planning, decision making, and memory processing happen in these brain sections.

While this study doesn’t prove that the cannabinoid can improve memory, it provides evidence that it could. When additional studies replicate these results, we’ll get a better idea of what this activity means. In the meantime, conditions characterized by changes in how the brain processes memories have a promising prospect. Looking into CBD brain activity should lead to a better understanding of potential benefits for such conditions.

Feeling with the Limbic System

The way you act, the emotions you feel, and the memories you’ve created are all a product of the limbic system. While you’re an individual with free will, this is the brain section that impacts your conduct and demeanor. It’s the home of behavioral and emotional responses. The system also houses the hippocampus, which creates and catalogs memories.

CBD effects on brain function often occur within the limbic system. In addition to the University College, London study, a study in the Neuropsychopharmacology Journal looked at CBD’s limbic system effects. They found that CBD modulated resting activity in this area of the brain. The anti-anxiety effects of CBD are likely related to these interactions.

While the Neuropsychopharmacology study didn’t look at blood flow, it showed the limbic system is directly affected by cannabidiol. Additional studies are needed to substantiate these results. Overall, there’s a lot left to understand about CBD. Though, brain activity in these regions is likely responsible for several of the mental benefits associated with the compound.

CBD Brain

Memories of the Hippocampus

When you have a special night out you’ll never forget, your hippocampus created that memory for you. When you think back to a period of your life and moments from your past flood your mind, your hippocampus created those remembrances. All memories related to experiences or periods are formed and cataloged there.

It’s also the area of the brain that receives increased blood flow from cannabidiol. These types of CBD brain interactions offer several implications for the compound’s benefits. Conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, and PTSD, with defective limbic blood flow control, could benefit. We won’t know, though, without further research.

CBD Effects on Brain Function

So, CBD effects on brain blood flow may lead to a better understanding of how it can help with specific diseases and disorders. The University College study provides new insights into how CBD works within the brain. It offers exciting implications on the benefits cannabidiol can provide. All the while, it leaves us with several new questions. An exciting outcome that will undoubtedly inspire further research.

Is CBD the only hemp compound for memory? There’s evidence from animal trials that CBC oil can improve the viability of brain cells that directly impact memory. In contrast, there’s an association between THC and impaired memory development. We see a clear pattern of cannabinoids affecting memory. The question remains, how?

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