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CBD is among the cannabinoid compounds contained in the marijuana or hemp plant. These compounds communicate with our endocannabinoid system. This interaction results in most of the positive advantages connected with all kinds of cannabinoids, from enhancing calmness to pain management.

Various studies have viewed the impact of CBD and different cannabinoids in pain management, and the outcome has displayed excellent promise.

How CBD Can Alleviate Nerve Pain

CBD for Nerve Pain

Chronic nerve pain can be debilitating and distressing for your daily life. Prescription drugs can be an effective remedy for some people, but do carry side effects like depression, or dizziness and may not be a viable option for those suffering from kidney or cardiovascular ailments.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is an effective option to ease nerve pain and bolster your daily life. The scientific analysis for employing CBD for the treatment of chronic nerve pain is quite clear. Our bodies naturally form chemicals termed endocannabinoids. These are included in the whole-body system that regulates different physiological processes like inflammation, immunity, appetite, and pain sensation.

Endocannabinoids travel through the bloodstream and exercise their effects by attaching to your cannabinoid receptors. Presently, two well-researched cannabinoid receptors exist – CB1 and CB2. CB1 receptors are involved in nerve pain. These are present in nerve endings and the brain and have been associated with the source of the pain sensation.

CBD acts on the body by lowering the metabolic breakdown of endocannabinoids. These endocannabinoids control the modulation of the pain pathway. By retarding this process of breakdown, CBD indirectly raises the quantity and activity of endocannabinoids within the CB1 and CB2 receptors.

The scientific explanation for using CBD as nerve pain treatment is pretty clear. Endocannabinoids are involved in the whole-body system that controls various physiological processes such as appetite, immunity, inflammation, and pain sensation. This leads to a reduction in the sensation of pain.

CBD functions to safeguard the nervous system – both central and peripheral, which covers the brain, cranial nerves, spinal cord, and ganglia. It shields the nervous system by acting on the nerves and stopping its degeneration. A fatty acid is known as Amide Hydroxylase (FAAH) within the human body is an enzyme that disintegrates anandamide, called the “bliss molecule” and is a neurotransmitter promoting neural growth and development. CBD suppresses the effect of FAAH, which causes an elevated level of anandamide. These newly elevated anandamide levels attach to the CB1 receptor to support pain management and pain sensation.

Anti-inflammatory Property Of CBD Helps In Lowering Neuropathic Pain

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A study in rats discovered that CBD may offer neuroprotective benefits by lessening inflammation in the brain. CBD may also decrease the number of immune cells that accumulate in the spinal column, which can lower inflammation and also pain.

CBD Can Activate The Serotonin Receptors Of The Brain

Neuropathic pain disturbs the normal functioning of serotonin and CBD can relieve neuropathic pain by stimulating the serotonin receptors of the brain. A 2019 study published in the journal Pain highlighted the potential of CBD to alleviate neuropathic pain in animals based on its capacity to improve serotonin function.

Authors of a likewise study, published in Brain Research, concluded that the communication of CBD with serotonin receptors could likely be useful for people with diabetic neuropathy.

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CBD Oil And Neuropathic Pain

Peripheral neuropathy, or neuropathy, in brief, is any condition or ailment that injures peripheral nerves, or those situated at the extremities, distant from the brain and spinal cord. Neuropathy results from different factors, like chemotherapy, diabetes, HIV, arthritis, and autoimmune conditions. Nerve damage from injuries or ailments like multiple sclerosis (MS) and cancer, for instance, can cause acute neuropathic pain.

A few studies and professionals promote the use of CBD to heal neuropathic pain.

A literature review of 2012 published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine analyzed at least one way that cannabinoids subdue neuropathic and inflammatory pain, by focussing alpha-3 glycine receptors.

CBD For Nerve Repair

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People suffering from nerve damage can experience numbness, pain, or a sharp, tingling sensation in some parts of their body. To mitigate these symptoms, people often apply topical products. Cannabidiol (CBD) is gaining in popularity as an ingredient that is used in these products, salves, lotions, and pain balms.

In a 2016 study, the therapeutic compound CBD, in the form of a gel, was applied to rat skin and was found to lower inflammation and pain. Previous research indicates that CBD can be useful in relieving pain in people suffering from nerve damage, peripheral neuropathic pain, and chronic neuropathic pain.

These results at the start are encouraging, but more research is needed to understand in-depth the advantages of using CBD for nerve repair and damage.

CBD Lotions For Nerve Pain

CBD Ease Nerve Pain
CBD Balm for Nerve Pain

Though creams and lotions do not penetrate the skin deep enough to reach the nerves, they can be useful in relieving or numbing the chronic pain that generally occurs with nerve damage. These lotions and salves contain full-spectrum hemp extract which means that such extract contains the entire cannabinoids present within the cannabis plant and higher levels of hemp plant compounds that create an entourage effect. This leads to an optimum health benefit as all the cannabinoids work collectively in synergy to produce a combined positive effect.

CBD isolates that are 99% or more pure CBD with no inclusion of other active ingredients can also dissolve in any oil-based substance. This opens up the possibility of using CBD isolates in numerous ways including topically. Applying CBD topically has been found useful to relieve severe pain deep in the muscles and joints. Topicals can cover an extensive range of products from salves, creams to massage oil.

Broad-spectrum CBD products are also used in creams and lotions and include different compounds and cannabinoids contained in the plant, like CBN, CBC, or terpenes, like limonene or myrcene. Broad-spectrum CBD generally has no THC content, though certain products can have trace quantities.

Many companies are manufacturing an extensive range of CBD lotions and topical products with reputable companies providing third-party lab results. They also follow a reliable extraction method and hemp sources. The leading CBD manufacturer, ThoughtCloud, has a wide range of CBD topical products made from non-GMO, USA-grown hemp. The pain and inflammation CBD Balm of ThoughtCloud contain CBG and is stacked with organic ingredients well recognized for their inflammatory properties and easing muscle and nerve pain. Their full-spectrum CBD muscle balm for pain management works as a pain aid to offer relief from sprains, aches, and nerve pain.

CBD Dosage For Nerve Pain

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With the FDA approving the CBD dosage only for specific types of epilepsy, the dosage requirement for other ailments is little known to doctors. Similar to any drug, the proper dosage is one that offers a therapeutic effect and is well-tolerated.

Clinical studies have shown researchers using different CBD oral dosages ranging from 100-800 mg daily. However, the dosage of CBD and its method of administration varies according to different medical conditions.

Your dosage can be influenced by factors like a medical condition, body weight, consumption of depressants, various medications, and alcohol. You should also consider the dosage in every form of CBD. A CBD capsule contains a specific dosage its dosage in oral solutions is based on the volume.

There are no dosage recommendations that are universally flowed because CBD affects everyone differently. You can begin by taking a low dose and gradually increasing it if it’s working fine and you prefer a stronger effect.

The research reported in Neurotherapeutics asserted that CBD Dosage therapy was therapeutic for patients suffering from general and neuropathic pain normally by interacting with alpha-3 glycine receptors to lower pain and inflammation.

While choosing the proper ratio for treating neuropathy, it appears that a majority of individuals react well to a high CBD ratio like 1:4 or 1:20.


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CBD has been recognized as a neuroprotectant, neuroregeneration, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic. By inhibiting cytokine and NF-kb production it reduces inflammation and nociceptive pain. Moreover, it also shields the myelin sheath that surrounds the nerve. This makes CBD an effective compound in treating nerve issues and when it is introduced in the ECS, it generates positive effects in the peripheral and central nervous system like pain relief including neuropathic pain.

What remedies have you been taking to alleviate your nerve pain? We have on offering our ThoughtCloud All-Purpose Balm for Pain & Inflammation that is effective in neuropathic pain management. Our CBD Isolate features ThoughtCloud Plus Series CBD Capsules that have been beneficial in the management of chronic nerve pain and anxiety that arises from it. Share your comments if you have any questions about our range of products on nerve pain and inflammation.

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