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CBD Drug Test

CBD Drug Test | Does CBD Oil Lead To A Failed Drug Test?

You can be facing a paradoxical situation in your life, where on the one hand you like to introduce CBD oil as a supplement to your daily regimen and on the other, a bit concerned whether it would lead to a failed drug test. Though CBD Oil and Drug Test results are most of the time not positive, the CBD oil you use should mention the THC percentage on the label. Hopefully lower than .03% and be assured that it would not appear during THC test.
So let’s share the truth and arrive at something that is factual with no misconceptions remaining whatsoever.

What Drug Tests Are All About?

CBD Drug Test
CBD Drug Test

Drug tests generally examine your blood, saliva, urine, excretion like sweat or hair to assess whether it contains unlawful or prescription medicines. The general type of screening is performed through testing of the drug from urine called UDT that involves a screening and confirmatory examination. The screening test employs an antibody examination that locates the drug and its chief metabolite. If there is a positive response towards the screening test, confirmatory testing of the drug in urine through gas-chromatography plus mass spectrometry is applied to confirm the existence of that particular drug.
Drug tests are also conducted during probation or for parole and even to check substance abuse.

The Substances Examined During Drug Tests || CBD Drug Test

Generally, drug tests examine different drugs and go beyond marijuana also to review the presence of opioids, cocaine, sedatives like barbiturates, a synthetic drug like methamphetamine and alcohol.
Drug tests tend to trace previous drug use. A drug after consumption can be traced to some hours or weeks based on the drug category, quantity consumed and its frequency.

Drug Test For CBD

CBD Drug Test
CBD Drug Test

As Cannabidiol enriched hemp oil contains only minimal THC proportion, it would not lead to positive results when ingested at recommended servings. Many tests fail to locate CBD traces, as it is a substance that is non-psychoactive and does not cause euphoria or a “high.” Luckily, the urine drug examination to track THC and metabolites has minimal cross-reactivity towards cannabinoids that are non-psychoactive like for instance CBD. The hemp-extracted CBD oils plus capsules being marketed in many states carry lesser risks. Such products contain less than 3.5% CBD and 0.3% THC content that leaves you stoned or intoxicated.


Let’s analyze the causes of a failed drug examination after consuming CBD oil

1. Inferior Grade Tinctures

The most probable reason for CBD oil and Drug Test that failed is purchasing an inferior grade product that contained a THC presence. This can occur, even when the product was advertised THC-free.

At times, there remain trace levels of THC in the same organic material from where CBD was derived to get traced in a test. This occurs more frequently when you purchase CBD oil from cannabis clinics from states where marijuana use is legal either medically or as a recreational drug, instead of purchasing from an online vendor.

The various dispensaries in states where marijuana is legal to derive their product from real marijuana plants instead of the hemp plants. Though marijuana and hemp belong to the same plant species, the marked contrast remains that marijuana comprises the female blooming buds with a high THC presence, whereas hemp constitutes the male, non-THC portions. Even though you had procured CBD oil that was derived from a marijuana strain with a low THC presence, chances do exist that it contained enough THC that could be tracked upon testing.

Moreover, CBD oil derived out of industrial hemp requires under legal sanction to have less than 0.3% volume of THC that is negligible compared to what the drug screenings detect. Maximum CBD oils that are marketed online and reach your doorstep are industrial hemp derivatives, or that is what they claim. This is mainly due to the legalization of industrial hemp across 50 states, in contrast to marijuana that is legal only across a few states. More so, certain Cannabidiol vendors who sell inferior grade products, are deriving their oils out of marijuana which they mark “THC-free.” Further, with no FDA regulations on THC as well as Cannabidiol, they get away easily with whatever they desire.

2. THC Adulteration

You could have CBD oil and Drug Test that has shown positive because various THC incorporated products might have got blended with the real raw tincture.

This can in all probability happen at a real marijuana dispensary instead of an online vendor due to various dispensaries selling THC concentrated products besides their CBD products that are non-psychoactive. If a store clerk who is handling a product that is “THC-free” like CBD oil exactly after dealing with general marijuana flowing or any substance containing THC, they can make the CBD impure from the leftovers sticking on the hands from touching it. Though it may sound hard to believe, there is the remotest chance of that possibility to happen.
Comparatively, we are nowhere hinting that you procure CBD oil from the internet instead of physical dispensaries, but chances are less of getting THC impurities from a vendor who sells online because they supply from industrial hemp and do not touch real marijuana.

3. Second-hand Risk Of THC

Failing a drug screening after consuming CBD oil can also result from being exposed to the risks of THC without even being aware of it. Like if you are in the company of persons who are smoking excessively in a similar area as you. In this way, you have inhaled second-hand fumes though hypothetically that will fail your drug test. Moreover, for this to happen you have to remain in a room for long hours that has excessive poor ventilation. This should also occur like a day before your screening or perhaps two, as no other method exists in which the second-hand fumes would be powerful to remain in your body.
It is also possible through real that you can fail a marijuana hair screening if you touch your head having THC on the fingers. This may appear strange but does occur since hair tests are more accurate compared to urine screening.

4. Interaction With Stomach Acids

Finally, though least likely, you can also fail a drug screening after consuming CBD oil, as the CBD molecularly disintegrated into THC following its interaction with the acids present in the stomach plus digestive mechanism. Cannabidiol has revealed its tendency in a laboratory set up to decompose chemically into THC traces when it faces powerful acids.
Though CBD can disintegrate into THC under the influence of acids, it is not enough to make you experience the “high.”


The main crux is that if you procure an authentic CBD oil that is derived from industrial hemp provider with a 0.3% THC profile, there exists perhaps an impossible chance for you to fail the drug test.

Rather, if you are disturbed about a drug screening that is imminent, just be over cautious about getting exposed towards THC smoke that can be received second hand or through hair contact. Further, ascertain that your favorite CBD oil is arriving from a trusted manufacturer who retains a superior hemp supply.

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