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CBD Dog Treats Recipe For Your Favorite Four Legged Friends

Dogs are said to be the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself. So, taking a few minutes out of our busy day for these affectionate creatures is the first thing that we must do this new year. If you are looking to make your pup happy this new year and ensure that he enjoys an extra healthy and delightful treat, here is the perfect CBD dog treats recipe that enables positive effects on your best friend’s body. The best thing is that these treats are simple to make and loved by our four-legged buddies. But before making the ultimate tweak in your lovely buddy’s diet, let us first take a look at what CBD is and how can it be useful for your happy pup.

What is CBD?

CBD or Cannabidiol is among more than 100 cannabinoids found in the hemp plant and accounts for almost 40% of the hemp plant extract. Known to treat a variety of diseases for humans as well as animals, CBD is the perfect organic supplement for a number of physical and mental ailments. The best thing about CBD is that it is non-psychoactive and has no side effects. Earlier, people were anxious about using CBD because it was considered psychoactive but with the federal government legalizing hemp CBD all over the country, CBD has boomed as one of the greatest healers of the century.

In simple words, CBD is a simple organic supplement that is available in many forms and has the potential to treat everyone in a diversified way. Until now, it has been known to treat stress, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, neurological disorders and a lot more.

CBD For Pets


CBD Dog TreatsThe worst feeling in the world is when your pet gets sick. We try all sorts of things and give our all to find the best possible treatment that makes them bark with joy once again. CBD is the miracle compound that has evidently become one of the most preferred healers used by pet owners to treat their dogs. This is because CBD interacts directly with the ECS or the endocannabinoid system that regulates a wide range of biological processes in your dog like sleep, memory, immunity and a lot more. Some of the most common issues that CBD deals with include pain, epilepsy, seizure, inflammation, stress reliever, vomiting, nausea, cancer and promotes homeostasis.

But, before using CBD for your pet, make sure that it is developed from non-GMO hemp plants. Non-GMO hemp plants are certified organic plants that are cultivated without using synthetics like pesticides or any other chemical fertilizers. We would recommend you to go with ThoughtCloud’s CBD Full Spectrum CBD FOR PETS in cold-pressed hemp for this recipe.

CBD won’t make your pet ‘high’

CBD Dog Treats

For any of you people who are worried about CBD getting your pet ‘high’, here’s a disclaimer. It will not. This is because unlike THC, CBD has no psychoactive properties and is completely safe to be used on pets. What’s best is that ThoughtCloud’s CBD Full Spectrum CBD for pets in cold-pressed hemp has been extracted organically from raw, non-GMO hemp plants raised in Colorado, USA. Even better, CBD has no toxic effects and does not cause an overdose. So, if you are looking to provide relief to your anxious four-legged friend, CBD for pets is the ultimate addition to making the most delicious dog treat for your lovely mate.

The Best CBD Dog Treats Recipe For Your Dog

CBD Dog Treats

Now, that you know the effectiveness of CBD for your dog and the right CBD oil to use for your dog, let us straight jump to the ingredients needed for the best CBD dog treats recipe and see how it’s done.

Course: Dessert:

Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Cooking Time: 15 minutes

Servings: 30 delicious dog treats


  • Two large eggs
  • Three cups high-quality flour or gluten-free quality flour
  • ThoughtCloud’s CBD Full Spectrum CBD FOR PETS
  • One tsp baking soda
  • One cup applesauce
  • One-fourth cup peanut butter
  • One-fourth cup coconut oil


  • Preheat the oven to 350℉.
  • Pour peanut butter, applesauce, CBD oil and melted coconut oil in a bowl and mix them.
  • Put two eggs in this mixture and combine them all.
  • Add flour and baking soda slowly while whisking until the dough stiffens.
  • Roll out this dough and roll it in the form of small balls. You can use a cookie cutter.
  • Line the cookie sheet with parchment paper and drop the cookie balls on it to bake.
  • Bake this for 15 minutes and your cookies are ready.

But If I Can Buy Them Conveniently At The Pet Store, Why Should I Work So Hard?

This CBD Dog Treats recipe is the easiest yet one of the most mouth-watering recipes to make your pet happier and healthier. But, if you think that you can buy a similar dog treat at a pet store and avoid the hard work, you are wrong. This is because of a number of reasons. Firstly, you can regulate and check what your dog eats and avoid any allergens that might make him unhealthy. Secondly, you can cater to your buddy’s particular needs when you do it yourself. Thirdly, you can ensure a healthy and wholesome diet for your dog and prevent them from unhealthy synthetics and additives. So, shed just 20 minutes from your busy schedule and create your own CBD dog treats at home to ensure that your dog gets a healthy snack that is not only nourishing but is completely natural and high-quality.

Final Words on CBD Dog Treats Recipe

We all love our dogs and do almost everything we can to make them happy and keep them healthy. If you are like us who are wary of the toxic ingredients of a recently purchased dog treat or could not buy it due to the expensive pricing of a high-quality dog treat, baking your own CBD dog treats is the perfect positive alternative to combat both these negatives. So, skip the toxic ingredients and the high pricing with an organic and completely safe dog treat recipe for your dog’s body and digestive system.

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