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Treating Quad Strains Using CBN,CBN Oil Quad Strains

Treating Quad Strains Using CBN (Cannabinol) Oil

Pain and injuries in muscles become a common thing if you are a fitness enthusiast or an athlete. These injuries can make one’s day to day life difficult. A severe injury like a fracture can take months to heal and make that particular bone weak and more prone to such injuries. One such injury that is less common than others but causes severe pain is Quad Strains. These strains can range from minor pain to a major strain. Usually, rest and some anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed by the doctors to relieve from such injuries. But these drugs are accompanied by certain adverse side effects if taken regularly or for a long period of time. Organic remedies like Cannabinol can be really effective to treat such strain and make your muscles stronger. Let us know more about quad strains and its treatment further in the article:

What Is A Quadriceps or Quad Strain?

cbn oil Quad Strains,CBN Oil Quad Strains
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In simple terms, quad strains refer to the pain in your quadriceps muscle. It is a pull in your quad muscles referred to as Pulled Quad. It may also result in an acute tearing injury of the quadriceps.

Our quadriceps consist of a group of four muscles in our front thigh that connect to our knee just below the knee cap. These muscles perform so much work such as bend your knee, straighten your knee, enabling you to move forward and also to jump.

Athletes who suffer from quad strains experience a pulling sensation in the front of their thigh. Quad strains can also result in pain, bruising, and muscle tenderness.

Grades Of Quad Strains

Depending on the severity of the injury, quad strains are graded from 1 to 3 with, grade 1 being mild and grade 3 being most severe.

Grade 1:

Grade 1 quad strain is not that severe. It is accompanied with mild discomfort in the thigh and there is no loss of strength. You may feel a pang in the thigh and a general feeling of tightness.

Grade 2:

This grade is accompanied by a sudden sharp pain while running or kicking. This pain will make running and even walking difficult. Swelling or mild bruise can also be seen over the affected area.

Grade 3:

The most serious of all, this Grade is accompanied by severe pain and swelling. There will be immediate swelling and a significant bruising within 24 hours. This grade strain usually requires surgery.

What Are The Causes Of A Quad Strain?

thigh pain cbn oil,CBN Oil Quad Strains
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A contusion can be a cause of quad strain. Injuries to your muscles or skin tissues can be considered as soft tissue contusions. This can cause damage to muscle fibres and result in severe bruising.

When your muscles become tired due to repetitive overuse, it can lead the muscle fibers to become inflamed and tear partially. These partial tears to quad muscles can also occur when running, kicking or while lifting weights.

A tear in a quad muscle can create problems with your performance.

What Are The Symptoms of A Quad Strain?

Symptoms of a quad strain depend on the severity of the muscle tear. These are:

  • Difficulty in walking, running and bending,
  • Inflammation in the front of your thigh
  • Bruising on the affected area
  • Sudden and sharp pangs of pain while performing
  • Tightness in the thigh

How Do You Treat A Strained Quad?

An injury in the muscle can cause the blood vessels to rupture and blood leaking in the surrounding areas. This may lead to swelling and pain in the affected area.
Usually, the principle of R.I.C.E is recommended to treat such pain and swelling. RICE involves:

Rest: If you are facing a sudden pain in your quads while performing an activity, stop the activity immediately and take complete rest. Take a break from any activity that may increase your pain.

Ice: Ice is very effective in reducing swelling and pain. Apply an ice pack for around 15 minutes a few times a day. Make sure you cover the affected area with a tower before applying the ice pack in order to minimize skin irritation.

Compression: Wrapping or Compressing the injured area with a bandage or a wrap will help in reducing swelling. Make sure to not wrap it too tightly as this can stop the blood flow and result in more swelling.

Elevation: Elevation refers to keeping the injured area above your heart. Keep your leg on a pillow whenever you lie in the bed or on a couch. This will assist in decreasing swelling and pain as well as will help in moving the fluids away from the injured area.

Recovery can take from days to months depending upon how severe the quad strain is. Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs such as Advil and Ibuprofen are recommended to reduce pain and inflammation. If the injury is really severe, surgery is required to treat the strain.

Using CBN For Quad Strains

CBD Oil for quad strain,CBN Oil Quad StrainsCBN or Cannabinol is one of the many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. This cannabinoid is derived when THC is heated or oxidized. It is non-psychoactive but due to its derivation from THC, it has the property to make one drowsy. CBN is well known for healing insomnia naturally. This cannabinoid binds with the natural cannabinoid receptors present in the Endocannabinoid System of our body which helps in regulating various body functions.

CBN is being used for various medical purposes such as treating pain, inflammation, anxiety and more.

CBN is a natural remedy which can be effectively used to reduce the pain and swelling resulting from quad strains.

Major Benefits Of CBN For Quad Strains

CBN is the most sedative cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. It can have many benefits in treating quad strains. These include:

Helps With Pain:

Intense pain is one of the most common symptoms of a quad strain. It can affect your day to day activities adversely.
Using CBN oil for pain relief can prove beneficial in relieving such pain. CBN is a strong pain reliever and can be used to fight chronic as well as acute pain.

Helps With Inflammation:

Being a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, CBN can also help in reducing the inflammation caused due to a quad injury.
It affects the immune cells which produce anti-inflammatory effects and can also create an impact on the compounds causing inflammation.

Helps With Sleep:

Known as the most sedative compound of all, CBN has been found to treat sleep problems arising due to pain. Therefore, if you are facing troubles while sleeping due to the pain, CBN oil can calm your pain and help you with relaxed sleep.

CBN Cartridge
Heals Your Bones:

Cannabinol can also be helpful in healing and promoting bone cells. It can increase the number of fibroblast cells in your body thus helping in the recovery of the bones. It can also help in faster recovery by aiding in the formation of bone and scar tissue.

Using CBD CBN Combination For Relief in Quad Strains

CBN Oil 60ml, CBD CBN Oil
CBN oil quad strains

A combination of CBD and CBN cannabinoid can prove to be an ultimate recovery option in quad injuries. Both these cannabinoids complement each other to form a remedy against pain and sleep issues. CBN combats restlessness and pain, while CBD helps in reducing inflammation and pain effectively.
If you are facing quad injury and want to try out something completely natural, safe and highly effective, a
Full Spectrum High CBN Blend, Pain and Sleep Formula will be the perfect option for you.

Ready To Fight Quad Strains With CBN?

Quad Strains can lead to severe pain and inflammation and sometimes a severe tear in the muscle. These strains, if not treated immediately, can take months to heal. Therefore, it becomes essential to reduce the pain and swelling arising from quad strains. Popping an Ibuprofen regularly will help with the symptoms but is not recommended as it may lead to adverse side effects. We would suggest you follow the RICE principle along with using organic CBN oil for treating quad strains. This will not only reduce your pain and inflammation but will also help in a faster healing process.
We hope you liked this article on using CBN for quad strains. Please let us know your suggestions in the comment section below.

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