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CBD Beauty Giveaway

Bloom Into Spring With Our Special CBD Beauty Giveaway

After months full of snow, winter blues, and high temperatures, spring is finally here. Now is the time for our skin to see a transition. The winter season requires a lot of heavy moisturizers and hydration to keep our skin safe from the dryness and itchiness during the season. But when the season takes a shift, it also becomes important for our skincare routine to take a shift.

You must start thinking about changing your skincare products and what’s better than going with all natural CBD Skincare products. Adding CBD to your skincare routine will make your skin look flawless.

To help you follow the best skincare regimen this spring, we are here with a special CBD beauty giveaway. Our last Christmas sales and New Year giveaways were a huge success and we received amazing participation from all over the world.

If you missed our last giveaways, no issues. Participate in our Bloom Giveaway and welcome spring with love.

How To Enter The CBD Beauty Giveaway

It’s very easy. To enter our Bloom Into Spring Beauty Giveaway, you must

  • Follow us on Instagram @thoughtcloud
  • Like our giveaway post
  • Comment with your favourite emoji, and share our post (either on your feed or story). ⠀⠀⠀⠀

What Will Winners Get??

5 lucky winners will receive the following products:

Ozonated CBD Topical Skin Care:

Ozonated CBD Topical Skin Care

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Ozonated Coconut CBD Skin Cream is a blend of coconut oil with ozone bubbled into the medium to create a salve that is helpful in beating out viruses, treating acne, psoriasis and eczema.

Facial Serum in Ozonated Jojoba Oil:

Facial Serum in Ozonated Jojoba Oil

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This soothing cream containing ozonated jojoba oil is a combination of 100% organic oil and ozone that is ultra pure easy absorption gives you a weightless feel and has a non-greasy finish. You can even use this serum as an additive to your skin routine if you possess dry skin and it can be layered below your moisturizer.

Full Spectrum CBD Facial Mask:

Full Spectrum CBD Facial Mask

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With its minimalist packaging and simple promise to soothe, relax, and detox the skin, this is one of the first truly stylish CBD products to hit the market.

CBD Beauty Facial Bar:

CBD Beauty Facial Bar

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The Full Spectrum Facial Beauty Bar has been carefully manufactured with lime oil, coconut oil, and the antioxidant abundant olive. These help to eliminate free radicals that cause impairment in the cells of our skin.

CBD Bath Bomb:

CBD Bath Bomb

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CBD Bath Bomb is a CBD infused Bath Bomb that you can put in your bath. These have different colours and different fragrances. CBD bath bombs stabilize your mind as well as alleviates pain.

A must-have beauty bundle to get a blooming skin this Spring season.

Our 5 lucky winners will be announced on April 30th. The contest is open to countries we can ship to.

Pretty Exciting!! Isn’t it?

So, all our followers and customers grab this once in a lifetime opportunity with both hands.

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