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CBD And Ketamine

Mixing CBD With Ketamine Might be Great for Depression

Mixing CBD with Ketamine might be great for depression!

Ketamine, a powerful anesthetic, was first approved for human use by the FDA in 1970 and used to treat grievously wounded US troops in the final stages of the Vietnam War before becoming popular on the club circuit for its dissociative effects, will always be known as “horse tranquilizer” to people of a certain age.

Ketamine is now considered a valuable form of treatment for treatment-resistant depression—an important discovery made mainly by chance when physicians discovered that agitated individuals, when given ketamine after a suicide attempt, reported a dramatic drop in suicidal ideations.

However, ketamine, like psilocybin mushrooms, has some powerful adverse effects that not every therapeutic user wants. These include both psychotic symptoms and “hyperlocomotion,” which is precisely what it sounds like excessive movement.

In other words, when on ketamine, you can’t accomplish much else. In addition, when you’re taking medication, you’re probably going to need to be in a clinic or under monitoring, so its practical benefits are limited.

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What Does The Research Say?

So, what if you could reduce the undesirable side effects while retaining the therapeutic potential? According to a new study, it may be feasible to combine ketamine with cannabidiol, or CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid linked with anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory properties.

Noticing that CBD and ketamine facilitate the activation of the same receptor in the brain, a team of Brazilian researchers delivered ketamine and CBD dosages ranging from 2.5 to 30 milligrammes per kilogramme of body weight to mice. Some mice received both medications, while others received only one.

And male mice, when given both ketamine and CBD, did well enough on movement tests to imply that the CBD served as a modulator, preventing some “psycholocomotor alterations” but still providing antidepressant benefits.

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“Our results show for the first time that the antidepressant-like effect of CBD, similar to ketamine, depends on the activation of AMPA receptors,” the authors wrote in their findings, published in the journal Neuropharmacology in December.

That’s an exciting breakthrough for neuroscience. For the rest of us, these results mean that mixing CBD with ketamine “could be an attractive therapeutic strategy in treating depression, by promoting the antidepressant effects while preventing the adverse side effects of ketamine, they added.

There are certain limitations to the study. One apparent one is that it is research on lab mice rather than humans. However, the consequences are intriguing.

Though “it remains to be investigated if CBD could attenuate the psychotomimetic effects associated with S-ketamine administration in depressed individuals,” as the authors wrote, “by preventing the hyperlocomotion without interfering with the antidepressant effects of ketamine, CBD could be explored as a possible new add-on therapeutic option for depression.”


WHO’s Prediction 

And with the World Health Organization predicting that depression, the leading cause of disability globally by 2030, innovative and effective treatments are critical. A viable CBD-ketamine cocktail is an exciting proposition for a country like the United States, which is slowly but steadily accepting the potential of both cannabis and ketamine to treat profound ailments like depression, while also on the lookout for effective treatments with little-to-no side effects.


Final Thoughts On CBD And Ketamine

We hope this article has shed some light on how combining ketamine and CBD can aid in the treatment of depression. We suggest ThoughtCloud if you’re looking for CBD products from a reputable supplier. ThoughtCloud is one of the few CBD companies that follows all regulations and provides high-quality CBD.

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