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Can I Cook With CBD Oil

Can I Cook With ThoughtCloud CBD Oil?

As CBD gets popular, it has found its place in recipes, coffee shops, skin creams, lattes to bath bombs and has become the buzzword of wellness. People want to try it in so many ways. After all, no laws have been framed that stop you from enjoying your CBD.

But, where to begin from? With so many CBD recipes to pick from, here we are looking at some regular cooking tips and baking using CBD. From potency, and aromas to temperature for baking, a lot needs to be considered. Skim through the article to know more.

Can I Cook With CBD Oil
CBD/CBN Capsules

Which Tincture Can I Use?

Certain factors need to be paid heed to while selecting the kind of tincture that will give the best results in beverages or recipes. To begin with, you must decide if you prefer isolate or full-spectrum-based CBD oil. If the final product is meant for you, it is prudent to use whatever you like.

However, if you are preparing CBD-infused smoothies, and want others also to have them, you must see that all are comfortable with trace THC levels in their smoothies. Now, to play fair, the THC content would be very little to think of a situation where there would be any issue with anyone.

Still, if anyone has strong opinions about skipping THC, it will be worthwhile to go with a pure CBD tincture formulated with isolates. If you are baking and want to incorporate flavor into it you get plenty of flavor choices at ThoughtCloud. But if you want to prepare a salad dressing, you can pick from our isolate-based tinctures or full-spectrum products without any flavor.

On the other hand, if you are making tarts or cookies and thinking about lavender-mint flavored or blueberry mint, CBD oil can work. If you are a smoothie fan you can make a CBD-infused Strawberry banana smoothie which is a great way to receive a bundle of nutrients in a beverage. In addition, adding CBD oil to a dropper full of your delicious smoothie concoction is a simple way to maximize the benefits of CBD. You can use our blueberry-flavored CBD tincture as it works well with this recipe.

All is yours for the taking when it boils down to flavor options. Only take note of the fact the way CBD can change the flavor composition of the dish you are preparing.

This full-spectrum oil is an all-time favorite as you can add it to your morning coffee, smoothie, or post-dinner dessert. It is amazingly versatile because it arrives in different flavors (blueberry, mint, citrus, and natural) and has different strengths varying from 300 mg to 1800 mg per bottle to tailor your needs and dosage preferences.

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What CBD Strength Should I Choose?

Can I Cook With CBD Oil
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Once you are aware of the flavor of the CBD tincture, it is equally important to have an idea about its strength or potency. You need to know the serving size you are preparing for every recipe. If you are preparing for yourself and making a single-serving meal, you can just add your regular single dosage.

But, if you are making a meal offering 4 servings, you can multiply your normal dosage by four to ensure that one serving of CBD remains in every portion of food.

If you have opted to make granola bars and want to include 100 mg of CBD per serving, you need to be aware of the number of bars your recipe prepares. If it makes 10 equal-sized granola bars, for example, you will require 1000mg of CBD isolate powder for that recipe.

If you only pick a CBD tincture of low potency, you will find that you are using a higher amount of CBD oil.

Our tinctures carry CBD in MCT oil which is great for absorption and is an excellent cooking oil. But if you are utilizing a flavored tincture and do not want the tincture to subdue the taste of the dish, you may like to utilize our highest potency CBD oils.

Mixing a high-potency oil decreases the tincture quantity you are incorporating into your cuisine – and lets you add more CBD if you like. Besides, you save one-third of your tincture from getting used up in one recipe.

Mix Perfectly

Baking with CBD ingredients is simple: Mix and only mix. When we make our ThoughtCloud gummies, we see to it that we mix our delicious treats well. It is the best way to know that you are receiving 25 mg of CBD in every serving.

CBD does not match perfectly with heat, so it is ideally suited for recipes that do not need plenty of heat for baking. Nonetheless, you get a vast number of terrific CBD-baked recipes such as CBD brownies where CBD can be combined with the frosting. CBD also goes perfectly with cookies and with favorite flavors like chocolate chip.

Another unique baked good that can be made by adding a CBD mixture plus oil to the pancake batter is CBD pancakes. In CBD cupcakes you can add CBD to both the frosting as well as the cupcake itself.

Whether cooking or baking with CBD tinctures, you must see to it that CBD oil is perfectly blended into the ingredients. Due to this, you may like to use CBD in a preparation that does not call for excessive blending. Even when you are not able to diffuse the CBD effectively, at least see to it that it works smoothly with the other ingredients.

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Watch Out For Heat

This is a very significant aspect. CBD and different cannabinoids start to degenerate somewhere around 340 degrees Fahrenheit, so it is best to not heat your oven above 320 degrees. This indicates that you must adjust your baking timings.

While baking using CBD, like with a chocolate chip cookie or granola bar recipe, it is more convenient to handle the temperature by preheating your oven to not more than 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you are preparing brownies or cookies and the recipe mentions oven heating at 350 degrees, you may have to keep the goodies inside the oven for a longer duration to ensure their proper baking. But watch closely as after all, you do not want overbaked cookies. Likewise, watch out for direct heat when stovetop cooking is involved. Keep it slow and low whatever you are preparing.

Stick To The Basics

Because some know-how is needed with CBD baking or cooking, we suggest that keep it easy by sticking to the basics when you begin. As heat matters so far as the potency and preservation of CBD is concerned, you may like to work on recipes that abstain from heating. CBD tinctures can work as a seasoning on salad dressing or you can bake a cake and use CBD oil for frosting. No-bake cookies are also a way to start CBD in recipes.

Some people prefer the drizzle method while preparing larger batches as they like to control the administration of CBD per serving. Always remember that CBD is fat soluble (the reason why we are emulsifying it in MCT oil), to make your tincture produce optimal results when mixed with different fats. Your body can absorb it in a better way when combined with fats such as coconut oil or avocado.

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Stay Calm As It Works

Do understand that when you take CBD, it takes time to produce an effect. This is due to CBD passing through the digestive tract before accessing your bloodstream. So, stay calm! The sunny side is that it will also remain in your system for a longer duration.

Can I Cook With CBD Oil
Full Spectrum CBD

Closing Thoughts On Can I Cook With CBD Oil

CBD has become a secret ingredient that is added to healthy recipes and is a great grab-and-go option to include in their dosage. There are many who like to include CBD as a palatable option and enjoy CBD-infused breakfast and smoothies. By following the above-listed tips, you can prepare CBD-infused treats by incorporating them into virtually any cuisine.

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