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Body Parts That Need More Cleansing And Care

body parts cleaning

If you are always running short of time, chances are that you may head for the shower to take a fast rinse off. This quick rinse can become a daily showering practice before you dash off to your work, return from the gym, or go out for dinner with your friends.

While such a fast dash is all right, there is also a possibility that some areas of your body may get neglected in this rush. Whereupon, washing your hair daily is not possible, it is also likely that cleaning the back of your ears is something you are also missing out on.  More so, when soap and lather aren’t striking that portion of your body, you can get dirt finely settled there. A super-fast shower persistently, makes you neglect those bacteria-filled spots.

Let’s view those little corners and spaces of the body, that your speedy cleaning routine is making you overlook.

1. Your Navel Is a Bacteria Generating Area

Cleansing And CareThe Bellybutton is an area of our body that suffers great neglect and if left unclean collects grime. It is also a bacterial breeding region that tends to get smelly. Dermatologists believe that the navel creates a moist environment that can breed bacteria and also yeast which results in infection and a stinky odor.

You can clean the inside of your belly button with a swab of cotton. The outer side can be spruced up by using either a sponge, loofah, or fabric. Also, keep in mind to dry your tummy after taking a shower, otherwise, it can also turn into a bacteria-breeding turf.

2. Protect Your Tongue From Absorbing Bacteria

Whatever you eat, gets absorbed by your tongue be it coffee or your favorite cheese sandwiches consumed during lunch. Not indulging in tongue cleaning can lead to pretty stale breath. Our tongue contains crevices and unless removed, bacteria conceals itself in these spaces. They tend to accumulate inside the regions of the tongue housing the taste buds and various tongue structures.
Nowadays, many toothbrushes contain a tongue cleaner on its back. You can also purchase an individual tongue scraper, that scrapes the coated layer from your tongue. On your part, take some seconds more as you brush up your pearly teeth to scrape your tongue too.

3. Care For Your Scalp Also As It Needs Love

Cleansing And CareThough you might be doing your hair washing properly and regularly, yet you may be unaware of ignoring the scalp. So often, as you halt the washing of your hair every day you observe more dry scalp. The next time you cleanse your hair, shower some love on your scalp by massaging Vitamin combinations like that of E plus A to make it flake-free. If you neglect your scalp, you are most likely to have ahead with snowflakes all around that also makes it highly itchy.
Switching to an aloe vera as well as essential oils-based shampoo helps to retain the natural moisture of your hair and also nourishes your scalp.

4. Clean In Between Your Toes

Cleansing And Care
illustration of saltwater treatment on the feet

If you put on boots or sneakers, socks, shoes, or even walk barefoot, creepy stuff deposits quickly between your toes. This part of your foot often goes neglected and your toe jam arises from eczema, thickening of the foot skin or corns, athlete’s foot, and skin infestations like scabies. It has a foul smell, makes you feel terrible, and creates discomfort.

To keep such stuff in check, wash your feet including your toes, and in between using soap plus water. Sprinkling talcum powder or moisture-absorbing cornstarch between the toes keeps it dry and curb infection. The fungus grows in wet spots, which is the reason why such a condition generally befalls athletes, who often sweat inside their sports shoes. Further, the presence of acetic acid inside vinegar also destroys fungus and calms itching which is what is required in athletes foot. Ultimately, you also prefer to keep corns and coarseness smooth and gentle by applying a pumice stone, and trying out a pedicure.

5. Never Ignore Your Back

Cleansing And CareAs you can hardly view it and not think that you can always reach it, your back becomes an overlooked area. Moreover, by not cleaning it perfectly, you can develop back acne.
Similar to your face, your back consists of multiple sebaceous glands that produce the oily substance called sebum. In fact, sebum teaming up with defunct cells of the skin and bacteria accumulates inside the follicles of hair upon your back. This can easily clog them as well as also the glands located in the back.
The fearful back acne also gets triggered when your back is trapped for a longer time in the heat and sweaty clothes that cause a frictional irritation in the skin. Constant use of athletic equipment, clothing that is tight-fitted, or wearing backpacks makes you more susceptible to back acne. To reduce its risks, make it a practice to clean and exfoliate your back. As it is an area that is not so easily accessible, you make use of a scrubber for your back to ensure its hygiene and cleanliness.

6. Don’t Miss Out Your Butt

Cleansing And CareYour butt also requires similar care as your face, though many persons are not caring for their butts. Remember, your butt skin sustains greater stress because we constantly remain perched on it. If at work you remain seated for a long duration, have night sweats, or keep wearing your unchanged sweaty workout outfits, you can experience the feel of butt acne. Though quite obviously, you must be washing it during your shower session, there is a special manner of washing it that lowers your butt ache chances.

Sanitizing your butt with a soap that is antibacterial or the topical medication for tackling breakouts of acne-like benzoyl peroxide. These aid in unblocking your backside follicles and you can prevent pimples upon it by applying a product containing glycolic acid. It is no laughing matter, this actually works.

So to speak, grunge and dirt on our skin surface stick due to its cohesiveness or upon mixing with our skin oils. Medicated shampoos, as well as soaps, are advised for dry or scaly skin, while the rest can choose organic ingredients that promote optimal health. Many odors result from dead skin and so you should consider trying out a scrub that exfoliates or a loofah.

Baths besides cleaning your body also your experience. Certain things like bath bombs can heighten this experience with their healing qualities, fizzing impact, and terrific aromas. The Citric acid and sodium bicarbonate content in bath bombs strengthens your blood vessels, restores, and cleanses your skin. These bath bombs can be made even better by infusing CBD inside them. By supplementing CBD-infused bath bombs into your bathtub you can also make great use of its stress-relieving as well as muscle-calming advantages. Not to speak of its acne curbing, skin rejuvenating, and blemish removing properties.


In brief, we explored that various parts of our body require a different cleaning due to the filth and dirt that settles on us, dead cells of the skin, and also the oils beneath our skin. If you had been showering in this manner throughout your life, then perhaps this habit of yours may not make you squeaky clean. Overall, you can alter such a rinse off by consciously cleansing your body spots that have not received so much attention like in between your toes or back of your ears. Revamp your cleaning for your body parts that till now were grossly neglected and keep yourself free from infection.


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