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New Study Confirms Safety of CBD

A new study validates the safety of CBD, reinforcing the hemp industry’s demand that the FDA regulate cannabidiol products. A new comprehensive study involving over 1,000 participants has proven the safety of orally ingested cannabidiol products and provided data that satisfies the FDA’s concerns regarding CBD’s safety. The two-part study found no link between daily […]

Why is CBD More Affordable?

Many producers are selling CBD products legally and illegally because of high consumer demand. The reason why CBD is more affordable is that it increases the competition among the CBD distributors. It is also essential for a brand to get acceptance by the FDA to sell affordable CBD. Not just one, but more than a […]

Why Is CBD So Popular

What do pet treats, sparkling water, and makeup have in common? Well, you can purchase them infused with CBD with only a quick search on the internet. During the last few years, CBD products have vigorously found their way into a lot of daily food products and personal care items. Despite being comparatively new to […]

Study Finds CBD Capsules Help Treat Neurological Disorders

Curtin University-led researchers have identified a novel approach to boost the absorption rate of medical cannabis when taken orally, which might be used to treat neurological illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and traumatic brain injuries in the future. Published in the journal PLOS ONE and supported by industry accomplice Zelira Therapeutics, the scientists […]