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Best CBD Dog Treats For Stress and Anxiety

A change in the behavior of your pet could be due to stress. Just like humans, pets experience aggression, anxiety, and sadness. However, if the emotions persist for long, there may be more profound effects on their behavior and health. You must know that untreated emotional distress can turn into an anxiety disorder. It may lead to a decrease in appetite, diarrhea, vomiting, or colitis. So, when your dog seems to behave reluctantly, observe their behavior for a few weeks. Try the best CBD dog treats to calm your anxious pet. Go through this post to know everything about dog anxiety and efficient treatment plans.

What are the possible causes of dog anxiety?

A recent study on about 14,000 pet dogs shows that three-quarters of the canines expressed anxiety-like behaviors. The result indicates that anxiety can affect all breeds of dogs with some variation. Some of the causes of dog anxiety are as follows:

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is common because only a few dogs like to be left alone. The pet may bark, howl, whine or wreck the furniture and furnishings. Some may even start urinating or defecating in the house when separated from family members.

Fear-Based Anxiety

Many dogs feel uneasy among unfamiliar pets, new people, peculiar objects, loud noises, or strange environments. Some may even fear going to the veterinarian clinic or car rides. Fear-related anxiety happens for a short while. If your pet overreacts to these kinds of stimuli, again and again, there is some problem.

Age-Related Anxiety

As your pet grows old, you will see some changes in its behavior. The normal aging process may cause both physical and psychological problems. It includes lethargy, depression, disinterest, yawning, restlessness, etc.

Illness-Induced Anxiety

Dogs with medical issues like encephalitis, thyrotoxicosis, hearing loss, or pre-diabetes may experience anxiety. The illness may induce a behavioral change in your pet. If you notice something peculiar, consult your veterinarian. The specialist will examine the overall health condition of your pet.


Detecting what triggers the abnormal behavior of pets is necessary. Dog owners should pay attention to the body language of their pets. Some of the signs and symptoms of dog anxiety are:

  • Restlessness
  • Shivering
  • Digging
  • Aggression
  • Excessive barking or howling
  • Destructive behavior
  • Drooling
  • Panting
  • Hiding in the corners
  • Self-harming
  • Pacing
  • Urinating or defecating anywhere

How to treat anxiety in pets?

If you think your pet is feeling anxious, seek expert advice. The professional will diagnose your pet, rule out any other health issues, and help choose the best treatment plan. If it is a severe anxiety disorder, medications or natural therapies may work. Generally, veterinarians prescribe antidepressants to cope with the stress. However, the treatment depends on age, underlying cause, and severity of the disorder.

Some people use CBD products for dog anxiety. CBD is a naturally occurring compound with significant properties vital for pet care. It can help reduce the pain, inflammation, distress, and seizure activities of a pet. However, note that there is currently no scientific data approving the usage of CBD for dogs. Always ask your veterinarian before adding cannabinoids to your pet routine.


Best CBD dog treats

CBD Tincture

There are numerous CBD products available for people and their dogs. And because it is beneficial for many health issues, many CBD brands have risen to the occasion. Some of the top-selling CBD treats are as follows:

ThoughtCloud CBD Dog Treats 

The Dog Treats offered by ThoughtCloud are the healthy snack your pet will love. It helps in alleviating the symptoms of anxiety, the stress in dogs. Enriched with CBD, CBG, CBGV, and CBC, the dog treats help you make your dog feel better.

Honest Paws Calm Soft Chews

This product contains full-spectrum hemp oil, L-Theanine, and Tryptophan. All these ingredients help pets with elevated stress levels. Your dog will enjoy the creamy coconut, peanut butter, or turmeric flavored treats.

HolistaPet CBD Dog Treats

This is a 100% natural and safe hemp product for all dog breeds. The ingredients are organic, vegan, grain-free, and dairy-free. It can help your pet to stay calm in stressful situations including traveling, vet visits, or loud noises.

Well-Loved Calming Dog Treats

This vet-developed product tends to help improve your pet’s quality of life. The unique treat formula is safe for dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes. It offers an effective solution to dog separation anxiety, uncontrollable barking, howling, and hyperactivity.

Hemp Calming Chews

This is a holistic vet- formulated product containing hemp seed, chamomile, and magnesium. The ingredients promote a sense of relaxation and mental alertness without providing drowsiness. It comes in delicious natural flavors and scents that your dog will love.

Pet Hemp Company CBD Dog Treats

These all-natural CBD teats for dogs will help nourish your furry friend. It has organic, dairy-free, vegan, and grain-free ingredients. You can use it to alleviate the phobias, stress, and anxiety of your pet.

CBDfx CBD Pet Treats

This is a broad spectrum CBD product having calming extracts of chamomile, passionflower, and valerian root. Every ingredient is vegan, organic, and third-party lab tested for purity. These delicious treats will help keep your pet feel relaxed and content even in stressful situations.

Benefits of using ThoughtCloud CBD dog treats

You can give CBD to your pet through oil or soft chewable products. The oil form has an earthy, grass-like taste that many dogs do not like. On the other hand, CBD treats are delicious, well-tolerable, and easy to administer. Comparatively, using flavorful CBD dog treats for anxiety is a better decision. Let us know more about the benefits of CBD treats.

Best CBD Dog Treats
CBD Dog Treats

Health and wellness

Studies show that CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors in an animal. The interaction boosts the functioning of the central and peripheral nervous systems. So, when your dog consumes the best CBD treats, the product produces a calming effect on the whole body. It helps cure anxiety, pain sensation, and digestive problems also.

Long-lasting effects

Though CBD treats take longer to kick in than oils, their effects are intense and last longer. However, it also depends on the potency and dosage you give to your dog. Generally, a pet will feel the effects within two hours of consumption. And the impact of an ideal dose will last from four to six hours.

Easy to store

CBD treats facilitate ease of storage. You can put them in a zip lock bag and keep them in a cool, dry place. But with CBD oil, you need to be careful as they often come in vials. It can break and make things messy. Eventually, an edible form of CBD offers a more organized way to treat anxiety.

Pooch-approved edibles

Many dogs will not like the taste of CBD oil. If you give it forcefully, they may spit it out. But, with CBD treats, you do not have to worry about wastage. These products are easier to give because dogs associate them with regular food. Best CBD edibles for dogs are soft to chew, flavorful, and toxic-free products.

Multiple flavors

Today, CBD treats come in different tasty flavors that all dogs love to eat. They include chicken, peanut, bacon, apple, cheese, sweet potato, etc. Considering the food preferences of your dog, choose the best one. Make sure the ingredients are organic and healthy for animal consumption.

Tips for buying the best CBD dog treats

Giving your dog the best CBD treat is beneficial to treat anxiety. It is an efficient alternative to most medicines that affect their health adversely. However, research well before buying and make sure the product is compatible with your pet’s needs. Here are a few things to consider during the shopping process.

Pure Cannabidiol

Make sure to buy CBD treats having no THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) content. THC is responsible for causing high sensational feelings. If the product has more than 0.3% THC, it will make your dog feel high. The best thing is to avoid the psychoactive substance. Go for broad-spectrum or pure isolate for maximum CBD benefits while not getting high.

Product Quality

Studies show that CBD, in its pure state, is safe and well-tolerated by animals. Never compromise on the product quality for the health of your pet. Look for a reputable brand to buy the best CBD treats. A reputed firm will sell lab-tested, veterinarian-approved derivatives. Today, numerous CBD-based products are available online also. Make sure to check public reviews and ratings of the shopping site before you place your order.

Natural Ingredients

Buy CBD treats containing vegan and organic ingredients that soothe your pup. Products with chamomile, melatonin, vitamins, and L-Theanine will further boost the positive impacts of CBD. But if it has artificial preservatives, it will harm the animal. Overall, consider CBD concentration, flavor option, brand reputation, and quality of ingredients.

Specific Pet Needs

The formulation of various dog CBD treats available in the market is different. Some products work well for senior dogs, while a few target specific medical issues. For instance, there are soft chewable products for pets having sensitive gums and teeth. Manufacturers understand that all dogs won’t be comfortable with crunchy CBD treats. So, keep in mind your dog’s specific needs while shopping for any cannabis derivative for them.


If your pet is experiencing stress and anxiety, cannabidiol is what it might need. Your dog may deny consuming CBD oils and tinctures, but it will not reject delicious treats. Consult with your veterinarian to determine a suitable CBD dose for your pet. Also, discuss the possible side effects and risks associated with the product. Though CBD treats offered by ThoughtCloud are safe to eat, it is wise to feed your pet with a low quantity for the first few days. Once you see that your dog is responding well, increase the dose to a reasonable level. This way, fulfill what your pet requires, so they live a long and healthy life.

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