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Potential Health Benefits of CBD Oil

Cannabidiol is a commonly found cannabinoid out of 100 varieties derived from a cannabis plant. There are some of the prevalent benefits of CBD Oil, effective with their interaction with the endocannabinoid system. As per a research study, CBD was added under the Controlled Substances Act and eliminated from Schedule I, determining THC to be under 0.3% or less.

CBD’s chemical elements are present in the Marijuana plant, and thankfully it does not create any psychoactive or ‘high’ effects. A study report states that CBD is nonpsychotropic. It includes the efficient properties of antianxiety, anticonvulsive, anti rheumatoid antipsychotic, arthritic, and anti-nausea.

But, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a highly activated compound, releases psychoactive effects, resulting in high effects. It grants you the privilege of having all the potential health benefits of CBD oil.

CBD is beneficial to offset anxiety issues, treat Epilepsy, cut down PTSD symptoms, pain management, knock off diabetic difficulties, and many more. It is also known for its relieving properties in inflammation, neuroprotective, skin, depression, opioid addiction, vision, etc.

CBD uses oils/tinctures, creams/lotions, capsules/pills, edibles/gummies, and vaping. These forms are available in the full, broad, and isolated spectrum of hemp extract. Many producers blend CBD into their products with unflavored and different delectable flavors and potencies.

Come forward to know about the benefits of CBD Oil. Each benefit talks about what the researchers say and the role of CBD.

Promising Benefits of CBD Oil to Rely Upon

Here are the given benefits of CBD Oil to promote your wellness. Go through all the benefits of CBD oil, to know the health conditions.

Comfort from Anxiety

Anxiety is an issue of the disturbed mind and a  temporary state of being worried and fearful. In many individuals, the problem of anxiety does not wear off but starts to intervene in their routine activities.

Symptoms can make it extremely difficult to do stuff like jobs, complete homework, as well as build connections. Much evidence is given below to exhibit CBDs’ efficiency in treating anxiety. It is suitable for generalized anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, neurological disorders, OCD, social anxiety, and panic disorder. CBD lowers the physical pain related to anxiety.

CBD Oils are easily ingested, portable and convenient to use sublingually. Dropper is helpful to in-take dosage by keeping in the air the tongue for the drops to fall.

cbg oil
ThoughtCloud High CBG Cannabinoid – Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

Read the amount of CBD potency in the oil bottle, and see the number of servings according to which you can decide the quantity of CBD oil. Being a new user, start with a lower CBD oil dosage and increase it accordingly. This way, you can attain the maximum benefits of CBD to advance your state of well-being.

As per a research study, CBD reverses the response of the brain receptors to serotonin, which is a compound for mental state. Pre-existing receptors support transporting messages and assist the cells in being responsive to the different stimuli.

A study report suggests that male subjects took 300mg of CBD dosage 90 minutes earlier than public speaking. Researchers discovered that it reduced their anxiety levels, producing calming effects. Another research study discovered that the CBD dosage of 600 mg potency supports individuals with social anxiety.

Other trusted resources have shown that the benefits of CBD Oil for anxiety would curb the stress, reduce the physiological effects and PTSD, and promote the sleep cycle. In study research, it was stated that CBD is favorable for PTSD clinical signs.

According to another research study, CBD is effective for individuals experiencing SAD. It was found with the 400 mg of CBD dosage given to some participants for the experiment. Later, it was identified that CBD promotes the reduction in anxiety levels.

A research study determines that CBD shows high efficacy and promising results in treating anxiety and anxiety-related disorders. It is a well-tolerated compound with minimal effects. In a given research study, CBD exhibits anti psychoactive behavior for patients with Schizophrenia. Nevertheless, it does not create exhausting conditions or any adverse effects resulting in another problem.

Anti – Seizures

Seizures occur for a short duration when there is an electrical impulse amidst the brain cells or neurons, resulting in the sudden change of an individual’s tone and movement. An individual’s body becomes stiff and starts twitching and limping. There is a transformation in the behavioral patterns,  sensory experiences, or states of awareness.

Seizures can also be referred to as Epilepsy when an individual has repetitive muscle spasms. It is an outcome of chronic consequences, like medication. Focal Onset, Focal Impaired-Awareness, and Focal Aware are the types of Seizures. Explore more about the potential benefits of CBD oil for seizures through the given study reports or research.

In a study report of 2016, an experiment was conducted that resulted in Epilepsy on 214 volunteered subjects. Each subject was given 2 mg – 5 mg CBD dosage daily along with pre-existing medication for seizures. Scientists concluded after observing those subjects for 12 weeks. They performed surveys on the subjects’ side effects and frequency of seizures. The outcome stated that 36.5% of seizures occur every month, and its negative impacts were recorded for 12% of patients.

Epilepsy patients go through the issue of having frequent seizures, for which CBD acts as an antidote. A study report states that CBD is a non-psychoactive agent recommended by doctors for patients with Dravet and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

Focal Onset is a condition of partial seizures that develop only in the brain area. It starts forming in the small portion of the central nervous system but can negatively affect large segments. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention serves info on seizures.

Focal Impaired-Awareness puts an influence on your consciousness. It reduces the mobility of your body and continues for 2 minutes, affecting the large section of your central nervous system, as stated in a research study. Focal Aware occurs even when you are fully conscious about something happening but can’t be appropriately recognized. Its symptoms rely on the section of the brain from where the seizure takes place.

A research study suggests that CBD can be used to treat severe conditions of Epilepsy. Evidence was found through the clinical trials for the efficacy of CBD treatment in the types of Epilepsy.

The same research study states that CBD exhibits anticonvulsive properties in curbing the recurrence of seizures in patients with Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. It also affirms that CBD, compared to THC, displays high convulsant properties in animal models. CBD is immensely given to children with seizure disorders and regulates sleep and behavior to enhance a patient’s wellness.


CBD exhibits highly effective neuroprotective properties for the brain. CBD Oil for the brain helps to treat many ailments and neurological disorders. As we know, CBD connects with the endocannabinoid receptors present in our system – CB1 and CB2. These are a pair of receptors present in the brain and body.

For being neuroprotective, CBD binds with the CB1 receptor present in the brain. It transmits signals directly into the brain for functioning. As per a research study, CBD Oil for the brain treats Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, and others.

Apart from being neuroprotective, CBD oil benefits exhibit pain management, anxiety relief, and inflammation. Curbing the effect of the inflammation reduces the neurodegenerative symptoms.

Serotonin 1A receptors help stimulate cognitive and stress management too. It releases the hormones for the effects of neuroprotective, severe pain, anxiety, and others. In this condition, CBD also counters serotonin receptors to treat anxiety and obesity. The escalating function of this receptor binds with CBD to deal with depression, neuropathic pain, Schizophrenia, and nausea resulting from chemotherapy.

CBD joins with vanilloid receptor TRPV1 to release its potential effects in regulating the balanced temperature, overseeing inflammation, and pain relief. It contains orphan receptors GPR55 to handle bones’ density, absorption, and pressure.

CBD Oil Counters Symptoms

  • CBD Oil for Parkinson’s disease deals with the symptoms of Tremors, Pain, Stiffness, Muscle Spasms, Impaired balance, and poor sleep quality.
  • CBD Oil for Alzheimer’s disease counters the symptoms of memory loss, lack of grasping power in reading, and writing, mental deterioration, high agitation, and a feeling of restlessness.
  • CBD Oil for Multiple Sclerosis acts on regulating vision, balancing, fatigue, chronic pain, and cognitive functioning.
  • CBD Oil for seizures and Epilepsy helps in reducing the recurrence of seizures, drowsiness, depression, and anxiety.

A research study by The Permanent Journal discusses the role of CBD in neurological disorders. The research gives detailed information regarding the Pharmacology And Therapeutic Aspects In humans for Autism Spectrum Disorder, Epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, and Complex Motor Disorder.

A study report shows that CBD Oil for the Brain restraints the breakdown of Anandamide to promote endocannabinoid levels. A total of 194 studies were discovered, out of which only 17 studies met the criteria for treating neurological disorders with CBD Oil.

A research study suggests CBD in neurological and neoplastic diseases. It shows the potential CBD to treat Alzheimer’s, neurological cancers, multiple sclerosis, and Epilepsy. CBD is widely known for its antioxidant, neuroprotective, and many other properties.

 Pain Relief

Pain or putting stress on a body that brings the feeling of uneasiness. There are three types of pain – Acute, Chronic, and Breakthrough.

  • Acute pain is a typical and occasional response to an injury that signals the body tissues. Since the intensity of this pain differs depending, a need for and specific treatment must have been ascertained on such an individual scale.
  • Chronic pain takes a bit longer than acute pain and therefore is recognized just like any pain in the body that lasts at least 12 weeks. This acute pain could last for extended periods with no apparent improved performance or functionality of the body.
  • Breakthrough pain refers to acute pain events that eventuate whilst also wanting to take analgesic medicine to manage chronic pain. For a shorter amount of time, this type of injury “breaks through” the impact of pain management.
Balm with Full Spectrum CBD and CBG
Balm with Full Spectrum CBD and CBG

The Food and Drug Administration Department has not yet approved the benefits of CBD Oil for pain management in the US. But, for sure, CBD is a suitable and safe choice. It is highly effective for treating arthritis pain, joint pain, knee pain, nerve pain, back pain, and pain from the effect of chemotherapy.

Apart from this, a research study states that CBD can help people quit smoking. As per a given study report, it allows individuals to withdraw from drug addiction. According to a research study, CBD helps curb anxiety levels to keep your mind calm and peaceful.

CBD helps to reduce the antipsychotic effects and is an aid for the individuals with Schizophrenia dealing with Type 1 Diabetes and Cancer, as mentioned in a study. It is highly effective in lowering the influence of Alzheimer’s disease, as stated in a study.

CBD Oil dosage for pain management remains unapproved. Hence individuals have the liberty to in-take dosage but with more precautions. Consult a doctor before starting with CBD dosing to attain maximum pain relief. But, it is an excellent point to note that FDA approved a drug named Epidiolex to treat Epilepsy.

CBD works for Migraines, but minor research has been conducted on them. Study reports suggest that CBD is more effective in treating Migraine when paired with THC elements. A study report for 2017 shows that CBD + THC together are effective in lowering the chronic pain for the individuals dealing with Migraine problems.

It is a two-phase study in which some volunteer participants ingested a blend of CBD and THC. The ratio was 9% CBD and undetectable THC, but 19% content, ingested orally.

Phase I – Dosage under 100 mg displayed no effect on intense pain, but it gradually started showing 55% less pain when increased to 200 mg strength.

Phase II – with 200 mg strength dosage of combined CBD and THC reduced the recurrence of migraine attacks by 40.4%.

Some participants were having cluster headaches, attaining maximum relief with the help of this combination, but on the condition of early age migraine issues.

Symptoms of Chronic Pain

Carefully look at the given symptoms to identify the chronic pain.

  • Joint pain
  • Headache
  • Backache
  • Frequent stress injuries
  • Muscle strains
  • Overall body pain due to Fibromyalgia
  • Lyme disease
  • Nerve pain
  • Excessive pain is impaired bones
  • Ulcers or acid reflux
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Surgical pain

National Centers for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) states that CBD possesses the high-quality benefits to grant maximum relief from chronic pain.

A study report of 2016, published by the European Journal of Pain, suggests CBD’s potential for pain in arthritis. CBD-infused gels were applied to the affected rats to see the effects on arthritis.

A study in 2017 suggests that CBD assists in chronic neuropathy pain. For this, the researchers observed 11 trials with 1219 subjects. It is the study that determines the analgesic property of CBDs effectiveness in comparison to chronic neuropathic pain.

As per the Cochrane review, the good prerequisites of cannabis-derived medication could suppress the harmful effects. During the research for the same, 16 studies were considered to keep studying 1750 subjects.

As per the research study of 2020, CBD includes many benefits to promote the wellness of an individual. It renders relieving effects for chronic pain, reducing inflammation, regulating the sleep cycle, and many others.

As per a study report, recurrence of pain in muscle spasms could be relieved using CBD Oil. Most of the users experienced the benefits of CBD Oil for lessening the effect of the symptoms. Moreover, much research is needed to evaluate the outcomes.

CBD Oil for Acne treatment

So far, CBD has achieved the trust of many users, be it for pain, anxiety, stress, depression, inflammation, and much more. But, the benefits of CBD oil for skin has left behind somewhere, as minimal research is done on it.

There are very few proven research studies available on the benefits of CBD Oil for Acne conditions. It is a severe skin condition where your facial skin starts heavy sebum production.

CBD Skincare Products

However, sebum is present to defend the skin from infections, but if its production elevates, you get acne on your skin. It is advisable not to touch your skin; else, you may get an infection on your skin.

Many researchers are still trying to find the explanations for various skin conditions, although early research studies have shown promising results.

A research study displays the evaluation of experiments on 20 subjects regarding skin conditions. These common skin conditions were Eczema or Psoriasis, and they might also leave some marks, so better to start their treatment with CBD Oil.

It is also displayed to relieve symptoms of high inflammation resulting in itching, rashes, and burning sensation. Many users observed a decrease in allergic reactions to irritation on the skin.

A study report states that CBD products are becoming a trend in the market for rendering skin benefits. CBD Oil was applied to the skin’s affected areas overnight, as many users observed the positive results for some weeks. It also helped them rejuvenate their skin cells to glow and shine.

Inflammation and Allergies

Allergies are caused by an excessive reaction to the immune system, and inflammation has an essential role in allergic signs. CBD plays a vital role in reducing inflammation and promoting immunity. It slows down histamines to lessen allergy.

Our immune system develops intense inflammation as a defense mechanism from infections or diseases. Nevertheless, other reasons for inflammation as mentioned below:

  • Chronic conditions
  • Fat foods, sugar, carbs
  • Medications
  • Alcohol
  • Exposure to irritants the body is allergic to.

Oral ingestion of CBD is highly effective in treating inflammation, so that you can explore CBD oils from different brands. CBD in the oral form is taken sublingually, placing a dropper over the tongue. Make your food and beverages most exquisite by blending CBD oil into them. CBD oil includes high-quality terpenes appropriate for inflammation, as it possesses anti-inflammatory perks. Terpenes with CBD give an advancing effect, so you must try an oral form of CBD products. Make sure to check in with your doctor beforehand.

CBD for Allergies

Research is minimal on the benefits of CBD oil for allergies. But, CBD displays effective signs of treating allergies. Issues like congestion and skin rashes are the symptoms of allergic reactions. CBD works with ECS producing histamine that activates immune cells. With the reduction in histamine, congestion also decreases. The Endocannabinoid system promotes immunity of the body, and other research studies reflect that it has a role to play in balancing the skin’s health.

According to some study reports, CBD exhibits anti-inflammation properties when used in the oil or topical form. The potential of CBD for inflammation can be seen in interesting shreds of evidence.

In this study report, CBDs’ biological impacts are studied, considering their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It suggests that CBD is capable of curbing the effect of high inflammation on the ECS existing in the body.

In another study report, experiments on rats disclosed the efficiency of CBD in treating Osteoarthritis. Through this study, it was determined that CBD is non procreative in the condition of Osteoarthritis. Also, even if CBD could restrain the escalating osteoarthritis pain.

As per a research study, CBD possesses the potential to be beneficial in lowering acute inflammation, and it is the body’s reaction during an injury. A study review suggests that CBD is a therapeutic remedy having the potential to reduce skin rashes and other skin problems.

CBD for Cancer

A CBD product, Epidiolex, was approved by the FDA authority to be used for treating the forms of Epilepsy but is not permitted for the treatment of cancer to relieve its symptoms. On the other side, Dronabinol is available in capsule (Marinol) and Syndros in tincture form, which are the THC drugs used for treating nausea and vomiting arising from chemotherapy. Nabilone is a cannabinoid that works similarly to THC.

No extensive clinical trials have been performed to examine the use of cannabis for cancer treatment. But, some of the study reviews are given to prove the benefit of CBD for Cancer treatment. Like, the National Cancer Institute performed study reviews on cannabis and cancer, but there were mixed responses.

According to a study review in 2010, CBD helps in reducing the proliferation, invasion, and metastasis of breast cancer cells. This study observed that Id – 1 promotes its metastatic ability for the breast and its associated cancer.

As per the given study report of 2014, Cannabis-related medicines prove valuable for cancer patients. Hence, effects observed that CBD inhibits the proliferation of the colorectal cancer cell with the help of activated ECS receptors.

Another research study published in 2014 revealed that cannabinoid compounds exhibit likely results in treating Gliomas. Many cannabinoids were taken to examine the multiple tumor subjects that displayed antitumor influence in vitro and vivo.

A research study published in 2015 defines the connection between cannabis and bladder cancer in men. Investigated several factors, male subjects using cannabis observed alleviation information of bladder cancer by 45%.

A study review in 2019 revealed that CBD contains the ability to induce cell death and develop glioblastoma cells. These cells are highly responsive to radiation but display no influence on active cells.

As per a study report, cannabinoids might exhibit effective results in treating Pancreatic Cancer. But, the evaluated data for dosing and clinical studies are limited. CBD and THC are the primary compounds identified in the cannabis plant.

Opioid Addiction

Buprenorphine (Subutex), methadone (Methadose), and buprenorphine-naloxone (Suboxone) are some of the medications that help to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms of Opioid. Various research studies associated with human clinical trials and preclinical animal trials convey that CBD efficiently treats people relying on opioids. Learn more about the history of Opioid Use disorder in the given research study.

In a study review, the researchers provided CBD to users having disorders from excessive use of heroin. In 1-2 weeks, subjects observed appetite stimulation, reduction in anxiety, and balanced heart rate, without any adverse effects.

Another research study also indicates the potential of CBD for Opioid Addiction Treatment. Not only this, but it also supports treating the symptoms of insomnia and anxiety and aids in pain management.

 Summing Up

This blog covers the benefits of CBD oil for seizures, pain management, skin treatment, inflammation, and allergies. Other benefits of CBD oil include the treatment of Epilepsy syndromes, PTSD syndromes, Opioid addiction, and relief from ALS symptoms.

However, the researchers have performed experiments to prove the benefits of CBD for treatment of cancer. Epidiolex is a CBD product allowed to be used for various ailments, but is not permitted to relieve symptoms of Cancer.

CBD Oil relieves underlying diabetic conditions, supports neurological disorders, and curbs arthritis pain and nausea. Did you find this blog helpful? We are adamant about knowing and would love to hear back.

We have summed up the benefits of CBD Oil in this blog together with the research studies. CBD includes so many health benefits that an individual can use CBD-infused products. These products incorporate essential MCT oil, terpenes, and natural ingredients.

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