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Natural Alternatives For Alopecia In Cats And Dogs

It’s a joy to come home and find your favorite pet curled up asleep, cutely on your favorite jacket. The extent to which we adore them, the same cannot always be mentioned for their stray hairs.

Alopecia constitutes the total or partial loss of hair or inability to grow hair. Pets may be born with alopecia or it can form over time. It can happen in one region, multiple regions, or over the whole body. Alopecia patterns vary from one area of missing hair to multiple irregularly occurring areas to a symmetrical pattern. Most alopecia cases do not lead to discomfort, though they can be symptoms of a bigger underlying problem.

Specific breeds of dogs possess a genetic predisposition to certain types of primary alopecia. Doberman pinschers can possess a disorder termed color dilution alopecia where the regions of their coat that are lighter in pigment shed hair. Bulldogs, boxers, and Airedale terriers can possess a disorder termed seasonal flank alopecia where hair loss happens on the flanks between November and March every year. “Plush” or thick coated breeds like Pomeranians, Keeshonds, chow chows, Samoyeds, Alaskan malamutes, Siberian huskies, and miniature poodles are more susceptible to an adrenal gland sex hormone ailment called alopecia X.

Dermatophytosis, or ringworm, constitutes an infectious ailment as a result of fungi, most popularly seen in young animals. Ringworm tends to manifest as patchy alopecia. Bacterial infections or skin yeast can also emerge as patchy alopecia, together with infections from certain mites.

Psychogenic alopecia can result from anxiety, depression, or stressing cats. This can comprise extreme behaviors like licking or grooming, which might lead to an alopecia flare-up. Further, this could cause a cat to ingest its fur, directly exposing them to still more allergens.

Hormonal ailments like hypothyroidism, hyperadrenocorticism (Cushing’s disease), or a particular kind of tumor termed a Sertoli cell tumor can all possess alopecia as a secondary external sign of disease. With these hormone-led alopecias, the pattern of alopecia is bilaterally symmetrical.

Natural Alternatives To Manage Alopecia

Natural Alternatives To Manage Alopecia in Cats and Dogs

Treating alopecia is challenging – not since it is hard to control – but because there are so many types. Every condition requires to be assessed independently based on the cause.

Most kinds of alopecia are manageable or treatable with natural methods like an alteration in the environment, supportive supplements, an improved diet, and restricting chemical and drug use.

Employing natural parasite and flea control minimizes hair loss from an allergic reaction to bites.

Alopecia caused by a genetic or autoimmune ailment can be minimized by performing healthy food choices and evading toxic chemicals in your dog’s environment.

A few kinds of alopecia are cosmetic and don’t impact your dog’s health. These are some things you can do to assist your dog’s alopecia, irrespective of the cause.


Food is forever the beginning point in enhancing your dog’s health. Particularly if your dog possesses a chronic condition such as alopecia, feed the finest diet you can. This implies offering your dog a fresh, whole food, raw meat diet (or mildly cooked if you can’t give raw) – rather than processed foods that are rich in starches not needed by dogs.


Different veterinary dermatologists will advise melatonin for dogs having alopecia. Studies have discovered melatonin can be employed to combat the effects of hormone disruption that cause hair loss. This is when hair progresses too fast through the growth stage and directly to the hair loss stage. It’s also believed the antioxidant qualities of melatonin can secure hair follicles from the oxidative stress of the environment that can cause hair loss.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids have assured benefits for coat and skin. MM McCusker observed the skin healing advantages of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in a 2010 study.

And a review at different Taiwanese universities posted in 2018 mentioned: “Fish oil and the related actives, such as omega-3 and omega-6 PUFAs, have proved helpful for maintaining skin homeostasis and ameliorating cutaneous abnormalities.”

Though the same researchers also indicated fish oil may not be the best source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Fish oil is unstable and can quickly go stale. Besides, it’s not environmentally sustainable. So, better options exist to offer your dog omega-3s that will promote his skin and coat health. One such alternative is green-lipped mussel oil that’s sustainably manufactured.

When Pet Shedding Goes Out Of Hand, CBD May Help

Shedding in pets is natural, and, truly, it’s a very useful function. Nonetheless, occasionally, a pet may shed excessively, suggesting that something is wrong. If you’re bothered about your pet’s excessive shedding, it is recommended to speak to your vet and think about employing CBD as a possible treatment alternative.

Buy Full Spectrum CBD for Pets

Lower Stress And Anxiety Triggers

Figure out what is resulting in the stress. If it’s excessive noise decrease your noise levels. If it’s tension with pets, offer your cat their own secure space away or consider rehoming the offenders.

If you can do nothing to lower this stress (as if you reside by a noisy road) there are alternatives. CBD oil for cats can aid in lower anxiety and ease them.

CBD Oil To Lower Inflammation

An advantage of CBD for cats is that it lowers inflammation. Hemp CBD also includes fatty acids that aid promotes skin and coat health.

To regrow your pet’s fur even quicker, turmeric and frankincense are useful also. Loaded with anti-inflammatory features, they are both helpful in improving your cat’s immunity.

Employ CBD Salves

Another means to treat affected regions is to administer a CBD topical salve. CBD is frequently mixed with other calming natural ingredients into a salve. They lower inflammation and support the development of fresh, healthy skin.

CBD For Hair Growth And Stoppage Of Hair Loss In Pets

CBD oil may aid to activate hair growth, and stop hair loss by nourishing and protecting skin and coat. CBD pet tinctures permit higher efficiency and simpler administration with some drops under the tongue. Here’s what you should know concerning CBD capsules and tinctures for pets.

  • Encapsulated CBD oils offer quick and most effective bioavailability.
  • Go for a full-spectrum CBD oil. These may be mixed with CBN, CBG and CBDA to act simultaneously to aid with anxiety and pain, to lessen tumor growth, assist with skin conditions, and to also decrease bacteria in dogs.

CBD oil as a natural supplement includes vitamin E, Omega 3, and 6 fatty acids which perform a major role in fortifying the hair follicles, and supporting hair growth.

Micro-encapsulation of CBD oils constitutes the process where this natural supplement for hair development and health has the power to supply tiny particles of full-spectrum hemp oil in a regulated amount to a certain area as a “hot spot.”

CBD Oil Aids With Dog Hair Loss In Numerous Ways

CBD can relieve many of the conditions that lead to hair loss. If the dog is itching from mites, flea, or an allergy, it can lower the itching and calm the skin. If they possess an infection leading to inflammation, it lowers inflammation. It decreases stress and strengthens the immune system.

It also aids with related symptoms of numerous causes of hair loss like pain and digestive problems like diarrhea, nausea, and absence of appetite

If your dog possesses a food allergy, has been unable to eat, or carries a vitamin deficiency, full-spectrum CBD oil offers both Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, antioxidants, protein, vitamin A, vitamin E, B vitamins, magnesium, zinc, and iron. CBD also supplements their calorie count, based on how much they are administered, so it can aid dogs with nutritional issues to gain weight.

You can try out ThoughtCloud CBD pet products that produce organic, lab-examined CBD oils prepared from hemp plants cultivated on licensed farms in the USA and are of unmatched quality. Their products are reiki infused with positive motives and energy. They offer the purest form of CBD and have the strongest, purest cannabinoids.

Wrapping Up

If your cat won’t halt licking a specific spot on their back or you see that the hair on the rear of their ear has extremely thinned, you might be coping with symptoms of cat hair loss. Baldness in cats can result from plenty of conditions, behavioral issues, and pests, so it’s vital to take your cat to the vet to locate the source. Happily, there are multiple home remedies for cats, hopefully, these hair loss remedies will leave your pet feeling calmed and have their hair appear healthy again.

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