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Valentines Day Gift Guide 2019

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2019: Best Gifts for Vegans

The New Year is coming. Some of you might have already made a resolution to lose weight, eat better, get healthier or make this world a more beautiful and kinder place. However, if you want to fulfill each of these goals by following a simple plan, going vegan is the best way to achieve this. Moreover, by going vegan you can enjoy lip-smacking dishes that are satisfying and healthy.

Not only New Year, but the Christmas holidays also are an ideal time to spread the vegan message. Being vegan is a sign of compassion, responsible consumerism, kindness, and generosity towards everyone. The best way to spread the vegan message in the upcoming holidays is to gift impressive vegan gifts to your loved ones. The vegan gifts we have discussed below are so impressive that you might even think of buying them for yourself. Take a look.

The Ideal Holiday Vegan Gift Guide

Buying Christmas presents for the ones around us is not an easy task. Sometimes the choices are too many while at other times there is nothing to choose from. Hence, to make your task easier, we have compiled the best vegan products around the globe below. Decide and choose the best gifts for yourself and your loved ones.

Full Spectrum Beauty Bundle By ThoughtCloud

Nothing helps you to express the happiness of holidays like giving your loved ones the ideal beauty kit to replenish their skin organically. Equipped with vegan ingredients like CBD, CBG, CBDV, Castile, Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Coconut oil, Ozonated Jojoba Oil, and more, the Full Spectrum CBD Beauty Bundle by ThoughtCloud is the perfect combination of the Facial Glaze Serum, Full Spectrum Facial Beauty Bar, and Beauty Mask. Moreover, these products are completely natural and offer multiple benefits like flawless skin, good sleep, stress and anxiety reduction and a lot more. The best vegan gift indeed for the approaching holidays.

Upcycled-Bottle Vegan Candle

One of the most influential vegan-specific brands, Mercy For Animals has amazing Upcycled-Bottle Vegan Candles that spark compassion among your loved ones. Extremely beautiful, these exclusive candles have been created by utilizing recycled bottles and premium vegan soy wax. Moreover, these incredible candles are available in fragrances like fresh green grass or earthy basil-sage. The minimalistic yet adorable designs also make them a thoughtful gift for these holidays. Light a candle this winter and feel comfortable knowing that you’re doing something good.

CBD Bath Bombs 70mg Full Spectrum (multiple scents)

CBD Bath Bombs

The Full Spectrum CBD Bath Bomb by ThoughtCloud has the power to transform even an ablutophobic person into a bath-lover. Moreover, with hot baths becoming the most common relaxation technique for people around the world, you can show love and compassion for your loved ones by further enhancing their bathing experience. Not only are these bath bombs beautiful and infused with high-quality fragrances, but also offer safer ways to remove stress and anxiety, relax the muscles and positively influence your mind and body. The ideal vegan gift undeniably.

Sweet Vegan Popcorn Pack

Another popular vegan product from Mercy For Animals, Sweet Vegan Popcorn Pack is the go-to gift if you are unable to decide what to buy. This is primarily because popcorn is the go-to snack for most of us. Moreover, it is vegan and comes in lip-smacking flavors like kettle corn, chocolate, and peppermint. The best thing about this Sweet Vegan Popcorn Back is that it is a great holiday snack for parties, gifting, and even treating yourself. What’s better is that you can send this to anyone, including your non-vegan friends, and give them a chance to think about what they may be missing.

Good Reads

Books are undoubtedly the best gifts that you can give to anyone you know. Not only are these the least complicated gifts, but they also enable you to express yourself better and attach your emotions to the gifts. Even better, to spread the vegan message you can go for books like The End of Animal Farming by Jacy Reese or Protest Kitchen: Fight Injustice, Save the Planet, and Fuel Your Resistance One Meal at a Time by Dr. Carol J. Adams and Virginia Messina. You can also find other books related to vegan topics easily and gift them to your friends who wonder why being vegan is so good and offer them a better perspective. Go for a book that’s optimistic and makes the ideal gift for people who need a boost to believe that vegan is not only plausible but inevitable in the near future.


ThoughtCloud Activated Charcoal Face Mask 


The ThoughtCloud Charcoal Face Mask includes a relentless mix of activated charcoal, matcha green tea, bentonite clay, 300mg of CBD, and 50mg of CBG. Every ingredient in the charcoal mask is hand-chosen to impart a flawless complexion to the skin. It is one of the best vegan beauty products that you can gift your partner. Activated Charcoal helps in getting rid of dirt, toxins, and other impurities making your skin look clean and clear. 


ThoughtCloud CBD Face Mask – For Regular Skin 

Face Mask - Regular Skin

This ThoughtCloud CBD Face Mask is produced using 100% organic ingredients s to give a home spa experience to people with regular skin. Healing Clays is mixed with antioxidant-rich matcha and isolate CBD for the perfect balance of cleansing. Get the luminous skin with this face mask. The face mask is made from 100%, raw, non-GMO hemp plants. 


ThoughtCloud CBD Energy ShotsCBD Energy Shots


ThoughtCloud CBD Energy Shots helps you fight fatigue,  boost your performance. The energy shot is enriched with vitamins, herbs, and mushrooms to help you perform day-to-day activities with full power. A 100% vegan product is the best gift that you can give to your partner to get rid of restlessness, fatigue, and several other health issues.  

And Much More…

If you did not find the ideal vegan gift in the above list, don’t be disheartened as there are many other options too that you may like. Some of these include simple gifts like CBD Vapes, Cool Vegan Tees, Hoodies or T-shirts, and even a stay at an animal sanctuary or a vegan Bed and Breakfast lodging. If you have better options than these, do suggest them in the comments section below and help us as well as others to get the perfect vegan gift for our loved ones in this holiday season.

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